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I see absolutely no advantages to the SEC for going to nine games.    The rivalry games are a poor argument.   Alabama and Tennessee have only done damage to each other over the years and best to end that rivalry.    The same scenario goes for UGA and Auburn.   You can even add in the Iron Bowl which is also a sick destructive rivalry.   There are many advantages for staying at eight--more revenue, more bowl participants, and a much better chance of an SEC team always making the NC game.    The best move for the SEC is to eliminate the divisions and let the two highest BCS ranked teams play for the NC.    The four plus one playoff is a great move so long as it is simple with four highest BCS ranked teams being the participants.    Better yet would be an eight game playoff as the President has suggested or still better a 16 game playoff.   Sixteen playoff teams should be the final limit and perhaps we should move slowly from four plus one to 8 to 16.   

3 years, 1 month ago on SEC A.D.s Will Discuss 9-Game Schedule; Slive Needs To Push It Past Cowards