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@saf affect  It looks like VIARail serves good food!

11 months ago on Tweet lands writer best workspace ever


Ms Gross - 

I agree with everyone here…what a wonderful idea! And thank you Amtrak!

A few years ago I took a train trip from Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA. My creative writing juices were flowing freely on that trip, allowing the space to delve deeper into the happenings on my journey.

So many ideas are coming to mind - group bookings with a writer in residence, single extended trips, travel writing promoting Amtrak. If only something like this could result in bringing our train system up to speed and promote more business to support our rail system. 

I also think it would be great if VIA Rail in Canada would consider the same. A trip from coast to coast across their landscape would be wonderful for writing inspiration as well.

Again, thank you!

11 months, 1 week ago on Tweet lands writer best workspace ever