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"Threatens to define"....? I don't see how trigger-warnings threaten anyone. They're simply there to stop people form suffering unnecessary stress. Why is that an awful thing?

Has the author had a panic before? One where you have no idea what's going on, when you genuinely feel like you're going to die and nothing you can do will stop it? There are few words to describe them - yet you'd rather people suffered through them so you don't have to simply warn something what you're going to show/discuss could harm them? How selfish are you?

Many people suffer from PTSD, flashbacks and panic attacks. Many people are raped, sexually abused, physically abused etc, many people have eating disorders they try desperately to control, or they self-harm and can relapse at any time. Why do you want to make it harder for people to get better and to cope? This whole idea of "shut up and forget about it" does not work. We can see that by how damaged the previous generations are. 

1 year, 1 month ago on Conversation @


This is ridiculous. Moffat's characters are weak, controlled by the men they're surrounded with, denied their autonomy and they seem to exist for the Doctor to figure out.  Moffat's characters are boring and tired. There's a reason people are tuning out. 

1 year, 1 month ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?