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I am really confused as to why there is so much going around about doctor who being sexist???  I watched it as a kid and I never got any of that from it. Rose Tyler? Martha Jones? Donna Noble? Amy Pond? Clara? Sally Sparrow? Nancy? Gwen? I don't see any of them being subservient to men or being represented as a lesser human being because they're girls. I see how they're all "strong" women, and apparently that' an overused character trait in women these days, but personally it isn't one I mind. No, I don't mind seeing my gender being represented as strong, opinionated, bad ass, adventurous, and confident rather than submissive, subservient, silent, shy, and weak as they are in other shows/films/books. So Moffat doesn't write female characters of a wide variety, at least he's writing about women in a way that makes them equal to men or at least not lesser than men. So women in the show are often devices to move the plot forward in the doctor's story. well of course they are, men are used like that too! Doctor Who is about the Doctor, primarily, after all he's the titular character, not anyone else however much we like them. Other characters are parts of the doctor's life, people in his life that change him, and there are events that change him and the show shows us how his character changes and what he does. the show is about the Doctor's life and his adventures. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?