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I like everything in this article and agree with except regeneration. I think we typically need a full story to give the incumbent a proper send off.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat: Big Plans For Future Online Episodes


don't forget Rings of Akheten needed a second part as well.  we spent so much time exploring the culture and such that when it came to the culmination of the episode we got  a couple of long winded, if not inspiring, speeches that had little impact on the outcome anyway.  and they weren't scared to do two parters it was Moffat's idea to be able to cram more stories into the season.  I think he only intended it for that season/series though.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Are Longer Stories Better? Five Classics


I'd like to see a bit of Zagreus come out.   If you don't know who that is, listen to the 8th Doctor's audio dramas from Big Finish titled, "Neverland" and "Zagreus."  Though I'm not sure if the ramifications of those stories ever got readdressed as I have not listened to more past those in the days with Charley.  if they never really revisit it, I think now would be a great time.   That made the doctor truly scary because it was a mythical entity that took form and the doctor took into himself, sort of becoming the terror of legend.  could be worth exploring with 12.

1 year ago on How Could Capaldi’s Doctor Develop?


While it would be great to keep it a secret, it would be impossible.   with Eccleston they hadn't intended to tell people about it, in fact they wanted it a secret right up until it happened.   What happened though was that because he had to open up his availability through his agent, people found out that way that he was being attached to other projects, and it eventually got out that he was moving on, so they went ahead and made the official announcement.  as for recently under Moffat, he's been pretty smart about it.  He knows something will get leaked or people will find out through some strange contact and it'll spread like wildfire.   So instead he plans the leaks and leaks what HE wants so other more important things that must be kept secret don't get leaked.  so while it would be nice if they could not say anything, it's going to happen anyway.  so best to control the circumstances surrounding it and keep people just satisfied enough to not ask too many other questions or dig too deep.

1 year, 2 months ago on Doctor Who’s Biggest Missed Opportunity: A Surprise Regeneration