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You are stupid just like your article.  You are uninformed and most likely lost a Super Bowl bet.  Doug Baldwin never said that he was better than Carter.  He was upset about some negative comments made by some people who are no longer in the game.  You act like you have never been upset about uniformed comments like the ones you are making right now.  

When Seattle was mostly a losing team people made jokes.  Now that they have been on the winning side people need something else to complain about.  I see and hear so many players on different teams carry on in negative anti social  behavioral way but the only people you self imposed mental analyst complain about are the Seattle Seahawk players.   You must remember that every one has two things that are in common.  An @$$ho!e and an opinion.  Unfortunately  you use the first to form the second.

1 year, 1 month ago on Doug Baldwin (Who?) Thinks He's Better Than Cris Carter