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I anticipate that ESPN will force the people in Texas to take the LHN if they want to get the new SEC channel.

2 years ago on SEC And ESPN Set To Announce New SEC Network On Tuesday


At this point in time the only winner of forcing this game on Texas and A&M is Oklahoma.  They would love to see one or the other of us beat the tar out of the other so they can regain some of the recruiting advantage they have lost in Texas.  Maybe in the future but even then there are plenty of opportunities for us to meet every 3 to 5 years with the Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, the Play-in games, and the championship game.  Those will be some great leave it on the field games much better than any yearly match up.

2 years, 2 months ago on Texas Lawmaker Pushes For Longhorns, Aggies To Renew Series


There is no "loss" and there is some doubt as to if it is even "money not received" and in either case it does not even amount to a pimple on our butt even if we had to hand them cash today.  Currently there are at least 5 projects on campus that cost over $30m each and that is nothing as a majority are just to fix roads and easements so people can get in.  Go to Google maps and search Texas A&M - we have two airports on our campus (switch to satellite view and check the size of the second campus in town).  We are coming and you better be prepared.

3 years, 1 month ago on Big 12 Exit Fees Set For A&M, Mizzou (And They’re Not That Bad)