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Personally i suspect that Obama did not even wait for the ink to dry on his demonic NDAA signature as he

phoned out the order for all kinds of assass. orders. I wonder how many unsung heros had to die by now,

every day is precious to stop this draconian, illegal order by this illegal walkin president. (clone)

The whole white house administration is one satanic, demonic group of gangsters, a total fictitious corporation

phoney as can be, for a corporation has no human rights, its only fiat paper, incorporated by greedy monsters

who only are out for the money, not govern anything. We do not have a government, but international corporations spreading like an octopus of tyranny & greed, out to suck the last drop of blood from us humans.

It is obvious by now, this is not a human agenda, but clearly reptilian, satanic, evil, vile, insane, shapeshifters

in power, corrupted more than anyone can even imagine. They use 3 letter agencies to do their dirty work of

genocide, wars, extortion & abuse, poisoning our food, water, air & minds.

This has gone on for too long now, centuries, to slowly enslave us & kill us. We all have to be thankful that

we are still alive, thanks to divine intervention. The ETs have stopped so many times the nukes since the 60's

Its all coming to light now finally. We are awaking, but how do we wake up all the tools they employ & blackmail

& corrupt on a daily basis, like CIA, cops, TSA.  Don't they have children, grandkids, what will they tell them,

o, well, i had to feed you somehow?

Now, i must tell you, Iran is truly evil.  They sent 40 missiles (nukes maybe?) to Venezuela to ensure their

safety. Israel has nukes hidden in many countries (including ours) & those countries don't even know it.

But as i said, we got divine intervention from our parents ( the ancient gods of Sumaria)


3 years, 1 month ago on NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote