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 @sasss31  @JamesCanning Also, Iran never said "Wipe Israel off the map." It did say that the Zionist regime should be erased from the pages of time.


It is A-OK for the US and Israel to invade lands and do "Regime Change" but when another country only mentions it, They are some how the enemy.


This still goes back to the continuing problem is Israel's Zionist's who under the Haavara Agreement Hitler tried to move these Jew's from Germany to Palestine.

In doing so, they displaced those who had been there for 1700 years. As Jew's long ago lost that war. As in WWII when all the nations were divided by the big powers (winners) of that war. Until people can sit down and work out arrangements that benefit people instead of religious egos there will be wars. God's people are supposed to be Humble not Warmongers.

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 @jgarbuz I have been away from the computer but at least I'm glad you are willing to talk about world events. One thing I think you should know is that Iran has no problem with the Jewish people, It is the Zionist Regime.. Period. Iran hasn't attacked anyone in 300 years.


The translation of Ahmadinejad was that it was their Government (Jew's) that is the problem as is Israel's complaint of Iran's Government. Or like the US always wanting to remove what it calls Regimes.


CIA Blow back, While Obama sent 1.5 Billion to Morsi (The Election) As they also funded much of the crap about Putin's election. One thing has came of this. Blow Back.  While Morsi says that Cairo will be Egypt's Capitol (Which like here at the DNC, Had they called for a 2 Vote, One for God and then another for Israel's capitol the results would have been seen. For it is not up to any other country to PICK what another countries Capitol is. Israel is a STATE by LAW. However, Since there is the dispute of East Jerusalem and other areas, This is to be decided by Israeli and Palestinians (Not America's Politicians) Back to Egypt. Morsi is a Shill for the Muslim Brotherhood. While he may seem to have captured power he is powerless like Ahmadinejad because the Cleric's control the masses.




Here the Cleric's in front of ten's of thousand's of Egyptians calls not for Cairo to be the Capitol but JERUSALEM. So it would appear that the Cleric's still hold claim to the original land of Palestine and will insert their rights to that land.


This can be summed up in one way. If American Indian's were displaced like the Jew's 500+ years ago and returned to push American's out of what their Great Spirit gave to them like Israel claims God gave to them.. There will be WAR. 1700 years ago the Jew's lost that land in a war. 500+ years ago the Indian's were driven off their lands. Same Principle. To come back now and retake that land and kill who you want in doing so and to place them in camps, control their lives etc is under today's law illegal.

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 @jgarbuz  @John Lammi I was going by the CIA demographics of 2012, The number as stated was down from 100,000 because of Nut'enYahoo. People don't want to have active uranium particles rain down on them when Nut'enYahoo bombs an Active Nuclear Reactor. You'd think after seeing the continuing saga of Fukushima that people would not commit a War Crime nor a crime against humanity by bombing a nuclear reactor. If it happens and he is still alove after Iran's 3800 Missiles, The Peaceful Jew's of Israel should demand War Crimes trials on that idiot.

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 @John Lammi I think personally that it is truly amazing that Peaceful Jew's can live in Iran (40,000) and Syria too. They have no problem with Muslim's. What is sad is watching Israeli Soldiers beat their fellow Jew's for helping Palestinians out. It would appear also that they have become their own enemy.

They are doing exactly what Hitler did to them, To the Palestinian people. Along with breaking International LAW.

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 @coggocog  @jgarbuz 

I as a firm believer in God and who trusts my faith in Jesus as written by God's Word recorded for mankind will still believe the following.

Luke 21:20

"When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.

The Jew's of old rejected the Son of God ordering the release of a Murderer over the Son  of God whom they rejected. Likewise today, Youtube videos show that Zionist's today are not looking for the Messiah to return. Netenyahu is now called and seems to be assuming the title of "King BiBi". So I am not in the fight. What God has sad "Will" come to pass.

This is why the Message went out to the Gentiles of the world.

Or as noted, "We today are all Palestinian's"

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 @JamesCanning Yes, It is a pure Witch Hunt. There are many awesome videos of Iran, the Persian area. The statements from the Iranian's whom have nothing against the US. They cite how Governments cause the most damage to all.


This is like the current sanctions on Iran, Sanctions for doing nothing. This reminds me if Iraq. The People always suffer. "These factors at least partially explain how some millions of Americans could watch a 60 Minutes TV program filmed in late 1995-which portrayed and described the deaths of more than 500,000 children in Iraq caused by U.S.-forced sanctions and then showed UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright saying of those deaths, "Yes, the price is worth it"-without smashing their TV sets and taking to the streets."


Missing from that quote is how the UN only counted children up to 5 years of age and stopped counting all together in 1997. While the US continues to at Israel's request to point out how wicked the "Regimes" of the Middle East are they forget their own War Crimes. Like reading how oppressed the people of Palestine are. It is like watching a John Pilger documentary watching Israeli soldiers breaking the limbs of Palestine peoples arms with rocks while being held down.


It is of no wonder that the US-West is hated while our government says we are hated for our freedoms. This while they arrest a US Soldier and give him a Shrink evaluation for voicing his rights. The very rights he swore an oath to protect only to return home and see the Tyranny in this government as "Our Great Leader" rules by Executive Orders by-passing Congress which if people forgot? Congress is their voice.


Each election we vote these SOB's out of office and the very next Administration brings these evil idiot's back in. Like watching those who fled the banking system only to ride side-saddle to Obama using the same same ones who destroyed this Worlds economy. While listening to how the Banks launder 400,000,000,000 in Drug Monies from Mexico's Cartel's. Not one prosecution.


Then of the US saying Manning gave aid to the enemy while the US in clear violation of the NDAA and other laws Arms and Supports the very ones they tortured a US Soldier on US Soil that they in fact support.


Years ago, Had they prosecuted Oliver North for his shadow Government much of this would have had the buck stop there. Instead, Those like him along with Bush, Cheney and Powell all go on to be top commentators or write books on how they did it and got away with it too.


You can't fix stupid.

Like looking at Palestine and Rwanda. Had either had OIL under their grounds it would had only been then that it would have been in the "National Security" of the US to do anything.

2 years, 8 months ago on Romney advisors disagree on Iran | The Cable


 @sasss31  @Don Bacon I'm only anti-war. Personally while daily subscribing to the news from Japan's Fukushima Reactor #4 and the great dangers that are on the edge of causing 73 times what Chernobyl was...

That it would be a WAR CRIME and a Crime against Humanity for any "Idiot" to not only infect a Nuclear Reactor with a Virus but to then even talk about bombing one. Releasing Uranium Particles all over the Middle East.

I wonder how those Radiated, Including 40,000 Jew's who live Peaceably in Iran would think of Netenyahu as they their families and 73,000,000 Iranian's would feel about the risks of Cancer?

This as the RSOE EDIS daily report's of Nuclear Reactors shutting down in country after country for hazards.

Too bad Netenyahu doesn't live in America. He could be Arrested and thrown into a GITMO for his THOUGHT CRIME let alone his waging a War of Aggression where he illegally threatens Iran and his other sid-kick's give countdowns in WEEKS of when to expect an attack.

This man needs locked up.

As 430,000 Israeli's point to Social injustice citing how Netenyahu spends Millions building into the Occupied Territories. If Israel were to suddenly allow a 2 State peace then think of how peace could slowly come back to the Middle East.

2 years, 8 months ago on Romney advisors disagree on Iran | The Cable


 @sasss31 I have a feeling the old CIA word of BLOW BACK is already placing these WHEELS in motion.

The U.S. egged on by Israel continues to back the Lies of Netenyahu. Iran never said they at any time wanted to wipe Israel off the map, Yet they have said the Zionist Regime should be erased from the pages of time.

The Mossad and CIA clearly stated on March 18th that Iran doesn't have a Nuclear Weapons program. Yet Israel is free to Assassinate, Implant Virus's, Board Ships in International Waters killing 9 of the crew and shooting 30 more.

If anyone mentions FACTS your called anti-Semetic yet they freely throw the word NAZI at you. When you quote from their own News Outlet's they still call you anti-Semetic for pointing that fact out.

Just like the decades of 65 UN Resolutions Israel has been in violation of and had Israel solved the 2 State issue YEARS AGO. The entire Middle East would be at PEACE. The US used to be the Stabilizer in the Middle East. Now WE are the Terrorist's as we fight Proxy Wars which thousands of our boys are murdered and you NEVER hear of an Israeli dying with the American's because they ARE NOT THERE.

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I do have to give Clark credit for one thing.

He has a YouTube video (Ret. General Wesley Clark 7 Countries in 5 years) Which is where he describes the current War Plan given to him by a top Pentagon person.


This Plan seems to be right on track as the aforementioned list's those countries and it should be shocking to know that these Wars from the Great Military Industrial Complex were all set out in advance.


One should think back to Shock and Awe where a bunch of retired prunes from the Military sat on TV and gave a play by play of what the US was going to do in Iraq. Omitting the hundreds of tons of depleted uranium, the near 5,000 dead US Soldiers that weren't greeted as liberators nor were those with 40,000 Head wounds or the 160,000 now disabled. A Cake Walk.


This is like watching Obama promise the world his "Most Transparent Administration", Taking to the BANK the with drawl from Iraq and yes, Had it not been for the SOFA Agreement that Obama can once again blame on Bush the United States would still be there.


In any event, No one should give homage to these War Criminal's.


While the US in clear Violation of the NDAA and Lugar-Obama Act are supplying Terrorist's with Weapons, Communications and Money in Syria while at the same time charging Bradley Manning for giving Aid to what Enemy? As the US Del-list's the Mujaheddin from terrorist's list, Biden said and confirmed by White House that the Taliban aren't enemies of the US as the US secretly releases Taliban leaders from Bagram Prison.


How people can glorify people like this? Like the recent soldier who fought for our Alleged Freedom to now be arrested and forced to undergo mental tests for his posts on Facebook. I guess all the killing he did for our Freedoms was a lie too.

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Sadly what never seems to get mentioned in the Israeli/Iran standoff is information that is really needed.

While Iran is a member of the IAEA and a current signer of the non-proliferation agreement and also wants a nuclear weapon's free Middle East is never mentioned.

The media only picks up where those in Iran make return threats back at Israel as Israel seems to daily issue threats and counter threats Example: Iran's Ahmadinejad never said "wipe Israel off the map". Though he did say that the "Zionist's Regime should be erased from the pages of time."

In 2005, Iran asked the USA (George W. Bush) to supply its needed nuclear reactors fuels. Bush said no!. Lost was a way for all in the West to have a way to not only supply what was needed for the nuclear reactors and medical programs. This is what Politics causes.

While Israel refuses to sign the non-proliferation agreement and Pakistan and India have the same freedoms. Israel has also for decades refused inspections of their WMD programs.


Nobody wants a Nuclear Iran. Yet it is interesting that the above article comes from the Weekly Standard who's Authors are the very same as those that via PNAC lied the US into a War with Iraq costing 5,000 additional lives and 40,000 head wounds and 160,000 disabled.


Yet like the scheduled visit from the UN to Iran later this too draws heat from those in the US and Israel. It would therefore seem that no one wants peace. Watching events in Turkey and its soon to be dismantled state that the seen in unfolding in the entire area for WWIII.


Israel will in someway force the hand of the United States for an attack on Iran as if placing sanctions on Iran for simply doing nothing was not enough. The road to Iran is through Damascus as Israel need that Air-Space for return flights. This is why the US has ramped up its charges against Syria though the US in clear violation of the NDAA and Lugar-Obama Act supplies Weapon's, Communications and Money to Terrorist's Groups.  I sure hope that the US will NAME who Our Enemies are as they have Bradly Manning charged with Aiding the Enemy and for all facts it is the US that is doing the aiding. Not Manning.


One thing is sure. Politics suck. I often wonder how 40,000 Jew's can live at peace in Iran? Don't you?

2 years, 8 months ago on Romney advisors disagree on Iran | The Cable


I might also comment about Fact's in the Life among the HOAX War on Terror. Both Hillary Clinton and the CIA admit it was the U.S. Government via the CIA that Created the Mujaheddin/Al Qaeda in the 1980's. Ronald Reagan dedicated a Shuttle Launch to these "Freedom Fighters" of Afghanistan. Who this Government uses as "Mobile Mercenaries" to change "Regimes" in country after country.

They were NOT in Iraq as Dick Cheney confirmed when on the late Tony Snow show saying of which, "Bin Laden was Innocent of ties to 9/11 (Google - US Drops Charges on Bin Laden) Also that the Al Qaeda was NOT in Iraq.

Suddenly Al Qaeda is in Iraq, Then sent to Libya whereas the "Rebels" Released 600 more Al Qaeda from Prison and were fighting on the Front Lines with the Rebel's/NTC. Then Obama sent ARMS to Libya to Arm the Al Qaeda. Then after that "Regime Change" You can (Google - Al Qaeda Bused to Syria) Sent to meet with U.S. Special Forces on Syria's Borders. Then as you can read, These Mobile Al Qaeda are now causing HELL in Syria to destabilize that "Regime" as the US Covertly overthrows yet Another Government. In MANY CASES, These said "Regimes" Were Democratically Elected.

Now the Bulls-Eye in on Iran for yet another "Regime" Change.

In the mean time, V.P. Biden say's the Taliban are not Enemies of the United States and confirmed by the White House and the Comment was "Welcomed by the Taliban." Of course you still have the families of the Seal Team 6 that would disagree with the US Government Statements.

The "Regime" Change in Egypt was the same as the CIA was there too. However, In all cases The United States was Backing these Changes.

When Obama signed the NDAA... He should had turned himself in for now in "Writing" or US LAW, Obama was giving AID to the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood and also Releasing the Taliban from GITMO. So Obama BROKE his own LAW that he Signed. Period!

Since the Taliban are NOT Enemies, And the Al Qaeda are Mercenary Puppet's of the White House then PFC. Manning and Assange are NOT Guilt of giving AID to an Enemy since the US has not defined WHO the Enemy IS (To Quote Bill Clinton on Word Usage of "IS".

With the NDAA it is clear that it is the American Public i.e. Citizens that "IS" the Enemy now as Janet Napolitano adds more and more Citizen's or US People/Groups to the Domestic Terrorist's List. All this... While the FBI Shop's for Terrorist's in the United States and then after the FBI pay's their BUS Fee's or Travel Expenses, The FBI HANDLER working with the MADE TERRORIST'S is now Given a BOMB.

More Aiding and Abetting, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Treason and the Destruction daily of the U.S. Constitution from a Lawyer from Chicago who was a Constitutional Lawyer... i.e. OBAMA!


Someday, Hopefully Soon, The American John Q. Public will WAKE UP and see this HOAX. The War on Terror is a Fraud, The War on Drugs is a Fraud. While it is Illegal to have Drugs in the USA, Our Soldiers are BUSY in Afghanistan "Growing Heroin and Opium for the Afghan People who are so hooked on their own product and countless BILLIONS of Dollars change hands.

Mean-While, the ATF Scandal of Fast & Furious, Operation Castaway, and now a New One... "WHITE GUN" has come into the Scandal. This while Wells Fargo Laundered 350+ Billion Dollars in Drug Monies. What do these have in common?  NO INDICTMENT'S

While the Government operates like the 21st Century MAFIA, They Criminalize ever American by attacking OUR Constitutional Right's and branding anyone who speaks out as a Terror Suspect.

Police that ONCE were to Protect and Serve now beat the crap out of you and while your down being Kicked in the head and raise your arms to protect your face, They now start screaming... STOP RESISTING and beat you even harder. Trying to criminalize the Recordings of these Officers. While Downloading your Smart Phones, The TSA at Schools, Road Blocks and Transportation Hub's. We are now the Criminals by DEFAULT. As I commented below, If you can't see how Hitler destroyed the Unions, Started Killing his own Citizens as Obama has legalized without Trial or Proof. We are supposed to accept the LIES as Proof like Viet Nam, Iraq and other Countries because wither they are not friends of Israel or they are in the way of American Imperialism. 3 Million killed in Asia, 4.6 Million in Iraq. Show me a Difference in what Hitler was doing and now what the USA is doing and answer the Truth of WHY, Why we are Hated all over the World?

3 years, 1 month ago on NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote


Well, All you Obama supporters should bare this in mind in November.  Also please recall "History" Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler turned on their own citizens too. One can remember 2008 election promises of also protecting Whistle-Blowers to Government Fraud and Law Breaking. It is this reason why WE the American People now all have Target's drawn on our backs today. It is amazing what is done in the name of national security and when we question it... It is all Classified.

Imagine that those whom YOU elect to be Your Voice want to Classify Everything so as to no accountability from anyone in the White House/Congress. You have to ask yourself, Are you tired of having Laws passed that You have to live by yet they exempt themselves from having to comply with? Vote them Out!

3 years, 1 month ago on NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote