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Great article. I agree with everything except the part about Reggie Miller. Go ask any 20 year who grew up around Indianapolis who their basketball hero was growing up. Besides the people who say MJ, I guarantee Reggie wins it by a landslide. He was every bit the hero to me that Peyton is/was. Sure he didn't win a championship, but those clutch 3's to win every game he won for us made him transcendent. I am not asking you to agree, but in my mind, Reggie will always be my favorite basketball player ever. And Peyton Manning will always be my favorite football player.


By the way, if you talk to Kravitz, tell him to fix that broken record. You know the one he has that keeps repeating how much Indiana needs to get rid of Peyton. It was old back in September.

3 years, 1 month ago on Stealing the Thorny Crown | February