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What the author said, "The realists out there know that the MONEY made from collegiate athletics is exactly what DRIVES the type of CULTURE Emmert badmouthed on Monday." (emphasis added) "When ... institutions no longer put [money] first, then Emmert can talk about changing the culture."


The primary points I took away from this blog post are, (1) money drives [corrupt] culture, and (2) the NCAA (or at least Emmert) is a two-faced hypocrite because it gets paid by [the corrupt, greedy] athletic programs, and (3) colleges exploit athletes for money. I strongly disagree with the flawed logic of all of these points.


I posit that, "the realists out there know," that conflicts of interest exist everywhere in the real world - in business, in journalism, in sponsored research, and, yes, even in the pure and pristine world of collegiate athletics. There is no Utopia. Money will always be there. Conflicts will always exist. Which is fine so long as it does not inappropriately influence university decision-making, as it egregiously did in the case of PSU.  


I take umbrage with the author not over whether or not it is the NCAA's place to punish PSU (although I think it is), but over the ridiculous and somewhat offensive notion that similar to the culture at PSU, other "big time NCAA institutions" put money ahead of athletes and students. Come on. PSU officials bypassed their own human resources department, kept their trustees in the dark, and violated federal law in order to avoid a damaging story about child abuse. You can't paint every other university with the same brush. John is way out in "left" field on this (pun intended).



2 years, 7 months ago on Emmert Talks About Changing Cultures (Just Pay No Attention To The Cash Behind The Curtain)


The students are not the **target** of the punishment, the institution is. The players (and students and faculty and alumni and fans) are not the target, they are simply collateral damage - wrong place, wrong time, sorry, life happens, find another school if you don't like it. The NCAA seems to have done everything in its power to minimize the impact of the (well deserved) sanctions on the athletes. 


I'm going to lobby for the "Coeds of the SEC" articles again - especially over PSU articles. They would be much more fun and drive just as much traffic.

2 years, 7 months ago on Can We Stop Saying The NCAA Isn't Penalizing Penn State's Players?


OMG, how ridiculous. More demonizing of people making money. 


Most of the adult world (except Obama and Mr. SEC, apparently) is cognizant that the pursuit of money can coexist with integrity, ethics, and virtuous moral standards. There is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with institutions maximizing the value of their sports programs. Period. 

2 years, 7 months ago on Emmert Talks About Changing Cultures (Just Pay No Attention To The Cash Behind The Curtain)


First, I appreciate the site putting out honest opinions, especially when they are contrarian to the prevailing group think. I won't link to the story titled, "Penn State Should Get the Death Penalty" by Ventre, but the relevant quote and *part* of the counterpoint is below:


"I always felt the NCAA should restrict itself to competition-based offenses. But this Penn State calamity IS a competition-based offense. If the worst is true, then Paterno and other officials at Penn State covered up Sandusky’s crimes because they wanted to protect the sanctity of the football program and make sure it continued unfettered, winning games and raking in cash.... that means a conspiracy existed to keep football program running smoothly and without interference. That is a competition-based offense, regardless of the hideous nature of the acts at the center of it all."


A self-governing body like the NCAA should hold the long-term values of its member institutions far and above the short term setbacks sanctions may have on current staff and students. It was an institutional coverup and the institution absolutely deserves the severe punishment of whatever authority the NCAA has.



2 years, 7 months ago on The NCAA Is About To Make A Big Mistake With Penn State


Dear football,


Please start soon.

2 years, 8 months ago on Barkley: "In The SEC, Dude, We Make Sure You're Well Taken Care Of"


 @John at MrSEC John, in light of the site (or comments) going on the history lesson tangent I would like to again lobby for a "Best of the SEC" cheerleading article... or SEC vs. PAC12 vs. Big12... that would be interesting.


-just sayin'



2 years, 8 months ago on SEC Meeting Recap: Slive’s League Dangerously Close To Doing Some Very Stupid Things


 @dchauncey21 I remember the Auburn UF rivalry as a kid. I'd much rather have that back than keep the LSU rivalry. Like the pods too, unless FSU is in one of them.

2 years, 9 months ago on SEC Meeting Recap: Slive’s League Dangerously Close To Doing Some Very Stupid Things


#12 make the comments for this article appear

2 years, 9 months ago on 10 Steps To Better College Football Livin’


#11 Require boy-girl seating at stadiums

2 years, 9 months ago on 10 Steps To Better College Football Livin’


Isn't a league-owned network simply one more reason the ACC $ucks? And one more reason for Free Shoes University to get out of it? 


If it's all about money:

* A confernce championship game that they can't sell out

* No "Champions" bowl affiliation/ ownership

* Inferior TV payout for Tier 1 rights

* Little value/ ability to pool Tier 2 rights

* Recruiting disadvantages because of all of the above


I'm with MrSEC - I hope realignment slows down... not for tradition (or fear of nuclear war), but for fear of FSU (or Miami) getting parity with the Gators.

2 years, 9 months ago on Report: SEC Getting Closer To Starting Its Own Television Network


I kept thinking to myself - where is the SEC dictating what is and is not acceptable? The Big 10 sure is and isn't the SEC the 800 pound gorilla in the room?


A couple of things struck my in your article - (1) "It's strictly business" and (2) "a yin for every yang." If this is just like business, then the insecure party with the weaker hand always pushes terms first while the person with the stronger hand is patient and prudently examines the options before opening his mouth. I sure hope that is what the SEC is doing. 


So what happens if the Big12/SEC can't agree on playoff terms with the PAC12/Big10? Is the SEC contractually obligated to participate in the BCS in some way? How is the BCS governed? Is there a chance these conference realignments take down the BCS itself?


Don't mean to be thick here, but the chances of these guys agreeing on playoff terms seem about as realistic as the Dems and the GOP agreeing on a budget.

2 years, 9 months ago on SEC And Big 12 Agree To New Bowl, But What Else Does It Mean? And For Whom?


That's it. If Obama wins another term or if FSUx gets into the SEC then I'm moving to Canada.

2 years, 9 months ago on Ex-Player, Trustee Brooks Says He Thinks Big 12 Approached FSU (And He Mentions “SEC Talk” Too))


 @louciaccia  @big12source  @MiloMoon 



Dear Gawd,


Please let FSUx into the Big 12 or the Big 10 and please keep them out of the SEC so I don't have to see their logo on every day.





2 years, 9 months ago on Internal FSU Battle Playing Out Externally; More Proof That The Tail's Been Wagging The Dog


 @John at MrSEC If FSU does get in, is it bad taste to post old pictures of "FSU Cowgirl" in your post headers at least?

2 years, 9 months ago on Y'ever Notice That The Media And Those Who Hate The Media Play By Two Different Sets Of Rules?



No offense, LouLou, but seeing that seminole logo in your post on the comments of an SEC site just convinced me to pull for FSU landing in the B12. From the sounds of things the "me, me, me" attitude fits better with Texas anyhow.


Go Noles!

2 years, 9 months ago on Y'ever Notice That The Media And Those Who Hate The Media Play By Two Different Sets Of Rules?


For what it's worth I would read your site even more if you did write about nip slips. Just sayin'.

2 years, 9 months ago on Y'ever Notice That The Media And Those Who Hate The Media Play By Two Different Sets Of Rules?


 @10Vol85  @OldArmy 

Umm,... 10Vol. My sincere apologies. I had no idea that you actually had brain damage or that you fancied squirrel sandwiches when I was trying to add levity to my comments. For what it's worth, you seemed like any other ordinary Tennessee fan to me. Again, I apologize unreservedly and I wish you a full recovery and safe meals.

2 years, 9 months ago on Miles Backs Spurrier: Only Division Games Should Count



nam nam nam: Onomatopoeia (describing the sound) for eating, nibbling, feasting on etc. particularly delicious food or anything else 'edible' that comes to mind.


1. A phrase sometimes heard in TN: Nam nam nam, I had some delicious squirrel sandwiches for lunch. 

2 years, 9 months ago on Miles Backs Spurrier: Only Division Games Should Count


 @10Vol85 nam nam nam, squirrel, nam nam nam 

2 years, 9 months ago on Miles Backs Spurrier: Only Division Games Should Count



Huh? Are we reading the same comments? How is John "emotional" (other than loathing his own site)? Come on. It's retarded. Spurrier is a whiner. Except in the 1996 FSU game when Bowden said they "played to the echo of the whistle." 


SEC games count until Iran becomes a democracy. Why is this even worthy of a debate, much less worthy of the author engaging commenters that have feasted on one too many rabid squirrels?

2 years, 9 months ago on Miles Backs Spurrier: Only Division Games Should Count


@MRsec - great article - nice to see linear thought in commentary. Do you ever feel like Johnny Carson's character, Carnac the Magnificent? 

2 years, 10 months ago on You Do Realize That College Football’s New Playoff Won’t Be Official, Right?


I enjoy analytical articles like this, thanks. I think the outcome is more or less right in a football dominated conference. Alabama is a machine. However, South Carolina (and the mighty Gators and Vandy and others) have been dominant in baseball. Trust me, my South Carolina friends brag about that every chance they get. As a proud Gator, there is a long list of other sports that UF dominates (track, tennis, swimming, golf, volleyball, softball, gymnastics, badminton, and ballroom dancing come to mind). Florida is the only program in the nation to finish among the nation’s top 10 in each of the last 28 national all-sports standings. They also won 9 conference titles last year. I know this wasn't the point of your analysis, but talk about dominant. Go Gators!

2 years, 10 months ago on's Brag-O-Meter: The Best FB/BB Programs Of The Last 4 Years


"Facts, however, are facts" eh, hem - Jenkins' ***opinion*** that he'd still be on Meyer's team is not a fact - it's conjecture. If they guy (Meyer) isn't contending for national championships, I suspect it gets a lot easier to instill discipline (see LSU's handling of QB Jefferson). Thanks for the article.

2 years, 10 months ago on Muschamp Defends Meyer At UF, But We're Not Buying His Argument


Yep - I'm still stinging from the legacy of those two national championships. :)

2 years, 10 months ago on Cartoonist Takes A Shot At Meyer's UF Legacy


Thanks for the article Mr. SEC!


A few thoughts:


* I think Dan Mullen also had a lot to do with Meyer's success.

* Meyer won the first NC with someone else's recruits (cough, cough, plus Tebow, cough, cough).

* What's the big deal if Tebow had a lot to do with the wins? Is Calipari a "bad" coach too because he wins only because he recruits the best talent?

* IF it was the most powerful program, you mean to tell me that Zook was responsible for it?  [snickers] Meyer may have stood on his shoulders, but it was under Meyer that the "program" rose to it's pinnacle.

* The program seemed a little out of control when Spurrier left too.


I don't have any hard feelings at all towards the guy. His heart didn't seem in it his last two years and it was best for all for him to go. But he did a lot for the program during his tenure. While you may disagree with his approach, I think his lack of focus (nervous breakdown?) is responsible for leaving the program in any disarray. .


I'll bet you a viewer guest article that he is a success at OSU - as long as he has a good OC and DC. 


2 years, 10 months ago on The Sporting News Rips Ex-UF Coach Meyer, Furthers Our Belief That Tebow Was The Real Winner In Gainesville


One of the things I like most about this site is that it is fact-based, genuine and written from a fan's perspective. It's peppered with the sarcastic and witty personality of the authors. There are real people behind the articles that obviously have pride and a sense of integrity about what they are doing. They aren't going to sit back and be punching bags for the douche bag trolls you find on other websites, they aren't going to let another website take credit for their work, and they aren't going to let some nerd in his mom's basement flame them or their readers.


...and any dumb ass knows that no respectable SEC fan drinks keystone at a kegger.


Maybe this would make more sense to someone like David R - All Your Bases Are Belong to Us 



2 years, 11 months ago on The SEC Captures The Flag - Again (And Rival Fans Hate You For It)


@John: What?! You're using that POS Rivals rating... again? Do you hate my school or what?! Your bias is soooo transparent...


Just kidding. Couldn't get through the football off season w/o your site. :) 


I must say I'm impressed by Zook's recruiting. Er... I mean Muschamp's. 

3 years ago on SEC Commitment Comparitor - 2/28/12