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I don't expect them EVERY episode, by the way! Some episodes can be a success without major scares (e.g. The Doctor's Wife, Vincent and the Doctor, The Girl in the Fireplace).

5 days, 18 hours ago on Horror Who Part II: The Hinchcliffe & Holmes Influence


I know Doctor Who is known as a family show (NOT a kids show) but a little extra horror would really spice things up a bit.

Take Dark Water for example. That episode was terrifying. I love the Cybermen in any story but their presence in that episode chilled me to the bone...seeing as the inside of them mainly consisted of bones! It's taking the horrific part of them and doubling it!

It's why I liked Kill the Moon, too. Eerie, tense, and rather frightening. Plus using giant spiders as a monster helped amplify that horror.

I'm not expecting buckets of blood and guts. A little bit wouldn't go amiss, though. Episodes like Voyage of the Damned and Turn Left are amazing episodes in my books because it genuinely feels like all the characters really went through a lot of pain and anguish in them (still surprised VotD only got a PG rating to this day).

But going back to the whole horror side of things. Not expecting strong bloody violence. But I am expecting monsters that really strike fear into the hearts of viewers. Cybermen, the Silence, the Foretold, the Flood. Those sorts of monsters are the monsters that make an episode truly terrifying for me.

5 days, 18 hours ago on Horror Who Part II: The Hinchcliffe & Holmes Influence


Fantastic list. We share the same choice for number 1. There were tears in my eyes when I first heard the music in that scene.

Bloody hell, Murray Gold's a musical magician!

1 week, 1 day ago on Top 21 Tracks of Series 8 (Part 2)


If we're talking 'The Unquiet Dead' scary, I will be a very happy Whovian :D

2 weeks ago on Mark Gatiss Penning “Scary” Series 9 Episode


I loved this episode! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one that did :)

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Why I Love Kill the Moon


I'd like to give an honourable mention to the score in Last Christmas, especially the music in the final few scenes. I've heard some people call the tune that plays when the Doctor and Clara wake up for real 'a Christmas version of 'Owen's Theme' from Torchwood'.

Put simply, that episode had some truly beautiful music.

1 month, 4 weeks ago on Best of 2014 Awards: The Winners (Part 3)


All 3 were an improvement in my books. The Daleks FINALLY killed people again, the Clockwork Droids were creepy as hell, and the Cybermen...well, I'll just go ahead and leave 'Cyber Zombies' here for you all to process...the stuff of nightmares!

However, you can only vote for 1 so I went for the Cybermen. Now they didn't really kill anyone which was a slight disappointment (save for a few people on the plane). But seeing them all rise from their graves in the cemetery was terrifying and amazing at the same time. Plus we actually saw the gruesome side to them on-screen in the form of Cyber-Danny which, in my mind, brought back the fear factor for the Cybermen.

Some may be tired of seeing them but I could watch them march (or fly!) all day long. As long as they continue to be as scary and thrilling as they were in the Series 8 finale, I'm happy :)

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of 2014 Awards #6: Returning Monster


@The Eternal  I'd love to see the Reapers return. I'm not being funny but time's been messed with a fair bit since Series 1...yet no Reapers have popped up at all :P

Love that eyebrows quote, by the way. I can easily see Peter saying that in an episode XD

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Russell T Davies on New Who’s 10th Anniversary


@Osgood 2.0  I may have to abstain, too. Both are amazing actors. While Jenna's speech in 'Listen' brings me to tears every time, Peter's 'The man that stops the monsters' speech in 'Flatline' was pure badass. They're as good as each other :D

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Best of 2014 Awards #1: Lead Actor


60 minutes?! Hope that applies to ALL episodes in the series. 45 minutes is OK but in some cases, it's not enough. 60 minute-long episodes would definitely help each episode's plot to develop significantly :)

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Being Human Director for Series 9


@Browncoat of arms  Wahey! A fellow Firefly fan! :D

That would be an amazing shot in Doctor Who!

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Being Human Director for Series 9


Wahey! Great news! She was great in the finale :D

But next year? A little early, isn't it? I'm all for it but I know some people don't enjoy seeing the same enemies every year (e.g. Daleks, Cybermen, etc.) :P

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Michelle Gomez Reveals Series 9 Return, Rani Trickery


@ExterminateClara Yeah, I tend to do blab on. If there's no paragraphs, I feel like the whole comment's messy and squashed up. At least it's easier to read for everyone XD What points didn't you agree on, may I ask? :)

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Death in Heaven


I just want to get any negatives out of the way first so we can focus on positives...honestly, there's not too many bad things to say about it.

First off, I've heard a couple of people say it was slightly underwhelming. I personally didn't feel like that, but I do understand WHY they thought it was. As powerful as Danny's speech was, the Cybermen simply blowing up and destroying the cloud felt a little...well, easy. Sure, it's straightforward enough. And that's rare for a Moffat story. But even so, I thought there'd be a bit more to it than that. 

Another thing is a few of the resolutions. Granted, they were resolved to MY satisfaction. But, and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, I feel the episode could have been longer. Yes, it was a two-parter. And yes, the second part was close to an hour long. But I still feel a Journey's End length episode would have helped wrap up the storylines with a neat, cool bow(tie). But like I said, I was happy with them so I'm not even that bothered.

Another reason I'm not bothered is...HOLY HELL, DID THIS EPISODE MESS WITH MY FEELINGS! I thought the finale was fantastic. Emotional, action-packed, shocking, intense, and really rather BANANAS!

First off, the amazing cast. I've said for every episode how good Peter is...and I'm not going to stop now. He IS the Doctor. Pure and simple. Funny, powerful, sad, air-punchingly awesome. When he found out Missy had lied to him about Gallifrey, I was hoping he would start lashing out. After seeing the way he's been this series, I actually wanted him to get angry.

Second later, he attacks the TARDIS console! Sometimes, the rage of a Time Lord is almost as scary as the monster he rages about. Never have I felt more sorry for him. Then, when he and Clara lie to each other about Gallifrey and Danny respectively, you see the tears in both their eyes and it broke my heart.

Poor Doctor.

And poor Clara, too. Despite the fact she was numbed by complete grief, anger, and sadness throughout nearly the whole episode, Jenna did yet another fantastic job.

But how brilliant was Michelle Gomez?! She nailed the role. She was evil. She was sneaky. She was bonkers. And she was Masterful...pun intended. The way she killed Osgood so cruelly was just so...Master-y. (WHY DIDN'T THE GUARDS DO ANYTHING, DAMN IT?! IF YOUR PRISONER'S PUTTING ON LIPSTICK, IT'S PROBABLY BEST TO RESTRAIN HER!)

If the Master's really dead, I'll eat my socks. The Moffinator (that little Dalek!) even said killing her off is never going to be straightforward so I'm hoping to see Michelle coming back one day.

Personally, I feel the Cybermen have become scary again. That scene where they're rising from their graves is now one of my personal favourite Cyber scenes. Why has nobody ever come up with the idea of CYBER-ZOMBIES?!.

Speaking of which...Danny. Poor Danny.

Meeting the Doctor tends to end badly for companions. Death is the constant companion of him. And those who become associated with the Doctor will discover that constant companion eventually find it's way to them, too.

In my eyes, Danny is the strongest example of that.

Not only does he die once, he gets (rather disturbingly for Doctor Who) converted into a Cybermen and dies AGAIN.

When he took the face section off and revealed himself, my jaw dropped (not the first time it's done that this series!). I didn't think they'd go that far in terms of detail. All the little cybernetic parts in his skin, the darkness under the eyes, the pale colour of his skin.

That, my friends, is how the Cybermen should be shown to make them scary. Not incredibly powerful robots with super speed and detachable limbs.

Speaking of ANOTHER Cyber-Zombie...the Brigadier. Oh, boy. If a tear didn't form in your eye as the Doctor saluted him, there's something wrong with you. As slightly disturbing as it is, I thought it was beautiful how the Brig, even in death, was still there to back the Doctor up. I'd like to think Nicolas Courtney would have loved what they did there.

And then Father Christmas shows up at the end...

Bloody brilliant! It was some much needed light in this very dark episode. The fact he's says we need to sort out this whole unhappiness with the Doctor and Clara tells me Jenna will more than likely be coming back, something I'm more than happy with. But judging from the looks of that Christmas special trailer, it seems we'll have to go through more horror and darkness first off...oh, joy!

Anyways, this review's gone on for a rather long time so I'll end it here. In my eyes, it's Moffat's best finale yet. With lots of emotion, lots of shocks, and lots of memorable moments, it's rounded off potentially the best series of nu-Who fantastically...if a little depressingly XD

10/10 for me. Some may agree with me, some may not. But we all have opinions at the end of the day which is totally fair enough :)

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Death in Heaven


Yay! I'm actually really pleased it has a 12 rating! I know it's only a small thing but seeing a PG rating on the boxset for one of the darkest series of Doctor Who yet just wouldn't look good in my eyes XD

But I'm honestly really confused as to why OTHER episodes didn't receive a 12 rating. Mummy on the Orient Express? Flatline? Listen? Hell, I even read a couple of comments saying Deep Breath was too scary! And that's not even bearing classic Doctor Who episodes in mind! A U rating for an episode where Cybermen crush someone's hands to the point where they bleed? Yeah. Makes perfect sense...

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Complete Eighth Series DVD Delayed


Pretty certain Fear Her was a PG. Well, according to Volume 5 of Series 2 which has that episode, plus Army of Ghosts and Doomsday. If Fear Her had received a 12 rating, my head would have exploded in sheer confusion XD

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Complete Eighth Series DVD Delayed


Fantastic review! And good job keeping it spoiler-free, yet still so intriguing ;D

One question if you wouldn't mind answering; after seeing her in this episode, how would you rate Michelle Gomez as the Master in this episode compared to his...her...past incarnations? 'Very, very scary' and 'so cruel' makes me think we're in the 8/9 out of 10 territory, perhaps? Maybe even higher than that?

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Death in Heaven Advance Review


@Push_to_88mph I love The Walking Dead. I'm actually having a really hard time choosing between that and Doctor Who :P

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Doctor Who Battling Game of Thrones


@InfernalRain @DrKnockers05 The good kind...fortunately.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Death in Heaven Radio Trailer


In just 40 seconds of dialogue and music, I can tell this episode is going to be the best one yet.

The Cyberman talking gave me goosebumps. I'm hoping they talk a lot more than they have in their last couple of episodes. Their voices always creep me out.

And the last lines between Missy and the Doctor...the epicness level is so high, it's just killed me...oh, wait. Why am I in this office? And why is Chris Addison offering me coffee? ;)

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Death in Heaven Radio Trailer


@seearesea7 Do yourself a favour, buddy; give yourself a high five, seeing as I can't do it myself. Your comment wins the internet! XD

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


@Minister Grok Doctor Skarosa (nice little Skaro link there, by the way ;D) was actually the Cyberman in the tomb where Clara talks to Danny. I noticed his name at the bottom of the chair on my 3rd viewing...yes, I liked the episode that much XD

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


@Clara Bosswald loves Squaddie @SalvatoreAnzalone It was definitely Xylo Jones. As amazing (and rather horrifying) as it would be to have seen Ianto's name, it wasn't him :P

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


Perfect. Absolutely bloody perfect.

Peter, Jenna, and Samuel were on their A-game. Their performances were sterling.

The pre-credits sequence was definitely one of the best of the series. Starts off nice and happy, ended in horror.

Then, Clara in her dream state doing what she did. The emotions were almost solid. In that hellish volcano, Clara and the Doctor have one of their most deepest and most emotional conversations yet.

And then the Doctor goes and does something amazing; even though she thought about betraying him, he's still willing to help her. A beautiful moment, thanks to Peter and Jenna. And let's not forget everything that happens to Danny, portrayed excellently by Samuel.

And gets if it wasn't serious enough!

He's back!...or rather, SHE'S back! A lot of people guessed Missy was the Master (or should that be the Mistress?).

That still didn't stop my jaw from dropping. Michelle was fantastic. In the time she was on-screen, she played the part magnificently.

And not only that, she's working with the Cybermen.

Holy Capaldi Eyebrows. As much as I would have enjoyed a Cyberman-only finale, a Cyberman AND Master finale is freaking amazing. Now if you don't think the Cybermen are scary now after seeing them slowly turn from their...'un-Cyberman form' their true form, I don't know what else they could do to make them scarier in terms of Doctor Who standards.

And ALL of this was in part 1.

Moffat, you've done it again! 12/10!

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


Give me ANY Cybermen story and I'll love it. In my eyes, every episode always has a memorable scene for me. Whether it be the classic Cyber match in front of St Paul's Cathedral in 'The Invasion (a scene that we'll be seeing in a more modern way tonight!), the Cyber-Leader's speech to the human race in the series 2 finale, the 'Cyber Clench' (as I call it) in 'The Pandorica Opens', or the new Cybermen waking from their tombs in 'Nightmare in Silver'.

Regardless, I'll enjoy and all Cybermen stories :)

4 months, 3 weeks ago on The Portrayal of the Cybermen in New Who


Why do I get the feeling we may back flashing back to Listen? After seeing the 'Do as you are told!' and 'Listen...and remember' teasers, that feeling's just become stronger.

...unless they're red herrings? ;)

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Dark Water – Hints & Teasers (Set #2)


This is one tricky poll. All the episodes are great in their own way...well, mostly.

Don't get me wrong. I like them all. And I do mean ALL of them. I just prefer some more than others.

For me, it's between 'Amy's Choice', 'The Doctor's Wife', or 'Mummy on the Orient Express'; my favourite episode of their respective series (actually, 'Mummy's tied with 'Listen' as my favourite of series 8).

4 months, 4 weeks ago on Face-Off: New Writer Debuts


@Malohkeh I will confess that Gaiman made them feel too much like robots when they totally aren't robots. The disconnected head and hand, the constant upgrading, the slightly-too-robotic voice. As cool as they are to see (I still get chills seeing them exiting their tombs), it just isn't them.

I like the look of them. Just make their voice a little more like the Cybus ones (or even like the classic era Cybermen, perhaps with a modern update), less of the robotic stuff, and make us realise why they're so scary in the first place; THEY'RE US! Then, they'll be the perfect Cybermen.

But honestly, whether they be slightly too robotic or slightly too easy to defeat, I'll always love the Cybermen :)

5 months ago on Why I Love… Nightmare in Silver


@Malohkeh I thought the Cybus Cybermen were terrifying. Sure, some people didn't like the whole 'Delete!' mumbo-jumbo and their stomping and I get why they disliked it. But I always found the stomping to be quite intimidating. Each to their own, I suppose :)

I thought Neil Gaiman gave the new Cybermen a good start but they need to be pushed in the right direction...which from the looks of things, the Moff has indeed done.

I also agree that the Cybermen in 'The Pandorica Opens' were amazing. That scene where the Cyber-Leader scrunches his hand into a ball and orders the closing of the Pandorica is tied with my favourite Cyberman scene of the revived series, along with the Cyber-Leader announcing what they are to Jackie in 'Army of Ghosts'. The scenes just feel...right...if you know what I mean...XD

5 months ago on Why I Love… Nightmare in Silver


I haven't seen anyone mention the thing about this episode that's been known for weeks now; the title!

OK, so 'Death in Heaven' is straightforward enough...well, for now it is. We all know how clever Mr Moffat is ;D

But when it comes to 'Dark Water', it's a little more vague. Let's think about how it could relate to the episode;

Oil's a black liquid which could be seen as 'dark water'. Maybe a malfunctioning Cyberman?

Maybe the Doctor falls into an ocean after (apparently, according to the trailer) falling from a plane?

Perhaps it's a metaphor for something? A virus, perhaps? Maybe for Missy, or even the Doctor himself?

Or maybe it's referring to that rarest of liquids seen in Doctor Who...blood.

Now seeing as Cybermen are technically people (with either their brains cut out and put into a suit of armour, or actual people with armour grafted to their body), you'd think there'd be a element of violence in BOTH cases. I'm not expecting to see 'Cyberwoman' levels of blood in Doctor Who (then again, if you cast your minds back to 'Attack of the Cybermen' in the Colin Baker years, I think Lytton would disagree with that!), but in my mind, to truly make the Cybermen scary, there should be a disturbing sense of horror based around the fact that they are us. Hell, maybe a mild gross-out scene here or there could help with that, like the flesh surrounding the emotional inhibitor in 'Age of Steel'. Or even the visible brain in the Cyber-Controller/Cyber-Leader.

Robots are creepy enough. Cybermen are the stuff of nightmares! XD

5 months ago on Next Time: Dark Water


@Disco~Doc Both 'the wobbly walls' and 'two wires' scenes were in 'Into the Dalek' XD

5 months ago on Next Time: Dark Water


@Beasts_a_Snarling is a Tigger... Or Rather Tiger.. Originally, I preferred the Cybus model of Cybermen. I still thought the redesign was good. I just really liked the previous model.

But I must admit the new models are growing on me...not literally, of course. That would be plain disturbing XD

5 months ago on Next Time: Dark Water


@TheTimeOfTheCommenter The music is more than epic in these 30 seconds, especially once we see the Cybermen marching.

I think I've said this a good 507 times now but Murray Gold is freaking amazing.

5 months ago on Next Time: Dark Water


So...scary Cybermen that can fly...a possible evil Clara (saying that, I still think there's more to it than that. They surely wouldn't give away something that big in the NEXT TIME TRAILER...would they?)...the return of Missy...the Doctor being banned from his TARDIS...and seemingly falling out of a plane...and it seems we may be returning to that dark place in the Doctor's timestream...

Yeah, this finale is going to be bloody amazing.

5 months ago on Next Time: Dark Water


A lovely little episode. Not a particularly BIG episode but it worked well as a small filler episode. I felt like it lacked something, though. Only slightly, mind. But it still needed a little bit more to it.

However, the settings were beautiful, the graphics were beautiful, and that scene with the Doctor and Clara was truly beautiful.

Now for next week...WOAH.

5 months ago on Rate & Discuss In the Forest of the Night


Reading this comment just gave me a mental image of Cybermen melting internally...because of a temperature increase...which you can't deny is quite a gruesome portrayal of death...maybe I'm on to something...

Or maybe I'm just slightly crazy XD

5 months ago on Death in Heaven Official Synopsis


@rowan5215 Good on you! That's the way to do it! :D

5 months, 1 week ago on Your Verdict on Mummy & Episode Ranking


Thanks! I don't believe in being super negative when it comes to legendary shows like Doctor Who. In my mind, it just ruins the whole experience for you. Now this doesn't mean some episodes are without fault. It's just I choose not to take much notice of these faults.

Focus on the pros. Ignore the cons. That's the rule I live by when reviewing something :)

5 months, 1 week ago on Your Verdict on Mummy & Episode Ranking


Well said! Personally, I feel the only reason it suffered (slightly!) is because 45 minutes just isn't long enough. It still did a great job in the time it was given. I just think an extra 15 minutes would have been perfect for it :)

5 months, 1 week ago on Your Verdict on Mummy & Episode Ranking


Mummy on the Orient Express was a whopper of an episode.

In fact, every episode's been pretty amazing. I'm hard pressed to rate any of the episodes anything under a 7.

Here's how it goes for me;

1. Listen - 10/10 (Favourite episode of Series 8. Can't even fault this episode. Perfect)

2. Mummy on the Orient Express - 10/10 (Tied with number 1 as my favourite S.8 episode. Just as fun, scary, and riveting as 'Listen')

3. Deep Breath - 9/10 (Exciting, funny, and rather creepy at times. An absolute belter and a great introductory episode for Peter, even with Matt Smith returning for a quick (and totally acceptable) cameo)

4. Flatline - 9/10 (Fantastic visuals, unique story, and a hell of a speech from the Doctor)

5. Kill the Moon - 9/10 (A story which raised the bar for Jenna's acting. Scary for the first half, emotional for the second)

6. Robot of Sherwood - 8.5/10 (One of Gatiss' best. Hilarious, fun, light-hearted, and had a superb cast...even if the solution to defeating the robots was a bit daft) 

7. Into the Dalek - 8/10 (An interesting Dalek story where the Daleks actually kill people! Hooray!)

8. The Caretaker - 8/10 (Nice bit of character interaction, and personally loved the Skovox Blitzer. Plus it had a hell of an ending)

9. Time Heist - 7.5/10 (My least favourite, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. Really liked the Teller, the setting, and the sci-fi/heist genre combo)

So overall, this series is shaping up to be one of the best. And with the rather interesting looking 'Into the Forest of the Night' and the pretty amazing sounding 2 part finale coming up, I may be right in saying it's one of the best ;D

5 months, 1 week ago on Your Verdict on Mummy & Episode Ranking


Great episode. The Boneless were, quite honestly, one of the most terrifying-looking monsters in Doctor Who history. Up there with the likes of the Vashta Nerada, Weeping Angels, the Flood, etc.

Just a damn shame they were only on-screen for about 4 minutes in total. But wow, were they a creepy 4 minutes. Plus you can do a lot in 4 minutes!...did someone say knitting?

Back to the point. Yes, 'Flatline' was an impressive episode. Peter and Jenna nailed it AGAIN for the billionth time. Enjoyed Clara as Doctor Oswald, and particularly enjoyed the Doctor himself getting rid of the Boneless with an epic speech, an epic score, and an epic click of his sonic screwdriver.

The supporting cast, while very small and very fleeting, were pretty good, too.

And of course, the return of Missy who appears to be on a Cyber-ship at the end there...with an iPad...praising her choosing of Clara...and chuckling...uh oh...

5 months, 1 week ago on Rate & Discuss Flatline


Death as depicted in the finale is “shocking, uncompromising, gruesome and surprisingly grown up”.

“I really wanted to do a Cyberman story, and I was quite surprised that one way or another I’d never used them in any of my own scripts, except as supporting characters".

Moffat felt he had started to turn the Cybermen into a bit of a joke at times, so “I wanted to do a proper scary one”.

These quotes are exactly what I wanted to hear regarding the Cybermen and their status in the finale. Gruesome deaths, a shock factor, scary Cybermen that aren't a secondary monster.

Moffat, you're on to a winner my eyes, anyways ;)

5 months, 1 week ago on Details on Episodes 9-12 of Series 8


I can relate to you, my friend. Every song Murray Gold's done for Doctor Who always creates an emotional response from me. Whether it be a grin of confidence when an epic tune plays (e.g. when the Doctor saves Maisie from the Foretold in MotOE), holding my breath in anticipation (when Larry's trying not to blink in front of the Weeping Angel in 'Blink'), and yes, even crying (the aforementioned themes, Vale Decem, Infinite Potential, etc.)...did I mention I'm a 19 year old guy? XD

It's amazing the effect music in TV shows (and films, for that matter) has on audiences watching. Personally, if we didn't have Murray for Doctor Who, it wouldn't be as good. The man is a musical genius.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Who Tunes: Ranking the Lyrical Songs of Doctor Who


I agree 100% with that number 1. Absolutely love 'The Long Song'. Same applies to it's instrumental counterpart; 'Infinite Potential'.

Murray Gold is a genius, in my opinion. He always knows how to get a song stuck in my head, even when a particular song was first heard YEARS ago. Absolute legend of a man.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Who Tunes: Ranking the Lyrical Songs of Doctor Who


A Cybermen-only finale?! Fantastic, in my opinion. I could be wrong in thinking they're the only monster (been desperately trying to avoid spoilers for the last few episodes) but I really hope it IS just them. Bring it on! :D

5 months, 2 weeks ago on DWM #479: Heaven or Hell?


Best episode yet, in my opinion. The monster, the acting, the set, the story. Just fantastic.

Perfect 10/10 :)

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Mummy on the Orient Express


I'm with Clara but not completely. I think it was right for the Doctor to let the humans decide, seeing as it's THEIR planet and THEIR planet's moon as he says in the episode.

However, when he actually left them, I can see why Clara was upset. A certain bowtie-wearing incarnation of the Doctor would have more than likely stayed to lend some support (a possible reason for why the episode was saved for Peter rather than Matt) which is probably what Clara expected him to do. And to me, unless he was up to something important while they were deciding (someone in the comments came up with a good point about 'the woman in the shop' who really wants to keep the Doctor and Clara together. Maybe he was investigating that at the time?), I found that moment to be quite a shock when he did leave.

For the record, I loved this episode. Creepy and intense in the first half, surprising and emotional for the second half. Peter and Jenna were, as ever, incredible. The guest cast was great, Hermione Norris in particular. Even Ellis George did a pretty good job as Courtney. Almost as good as Listen, in my opinion :)

Slightly irrelevant but did anyone notice how fast the Doctor was returning after Clara stopped the bombs from going off? Hardly a second had passed before he burst out of the TARDIS and hurried them all inside...

And 3 uses of 'bloody' in 1 episode! I'm surprised we didn't get any parents complaining to the BBC about that, especially after that whole Vastra/Jenny kiss rubbish XD

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Kill the Moon: Clara or the Doctor?


Wow...that Mummy is bloody terrifying, fair do's! The make-up department have really pulled it out of the bag for this one. See, this is a part of Doctor Who I really love; creatures that have the capacity to freak out 9 year olds AND 19 year olds (like myself) alike XD

Really looking forward to this episode now. After the fantastic 'Kill the Moon' (just as good as 'Listen', in my opinion), it seems we'll be continuing the fantastic streak with this episode.

Also, am I the only one who's really liking the music in this trailer? Another gold star for Murray Gold...that makes what? 5 billion and 23 gold stars so far? ;P

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Next Time: Mummy on the Orient Express


Left = POTUS


Am I the only one who's thinking this teaser may be referencing something from 'Turn Left'? It's a bit of a shot in the dark, I know XD

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Kill the Moon – 12 Hints & Teasers


Listen's definitely at the top of my list with a big ol' 10.

Then, Deep Breath's 2nd with a 9.

3rd is The Caretaker AND Robot of Sherwood which both have 8s.

4th would probably be both Into the Dalek and Time Heist with about a it 7.75 ;D

So overall...fantastic first half to this new series. If these next 6 episodes are as good as they sound, this could easily be the best series yet :D

6 months ago on Your Verdict on Time Heist & Episode Ranking