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Hey your funny!  The Dodgers have a guy at second who hasn't played and inning at his new position and a jouney man bench jockey with 300 AT BATS LAST SEASON.  A catcher who!s bating average fell to 238 and no back ups in the infield.  Their 5th starter has been hurt so often that he has his own ambulance, their other two starters have won 6 games in three years.  The Giants have 5 starters who average 14 wins per season and a good bullpen. They also have their centerfielder  and leadoff man back which should spark their offense. The Giants 5th Stater was hurt last year but the two previous years won a total of 27 Games and two in the series. He had a hand injury not and arm injury and should be back.

1 year, 2 months ago on The 2014 National League West Deconstructed (Some Assembly Required)