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@Brenda55 I have never been a fan of the socioeconomic climate in Atlanta. What with it located in a "right to work" state where not only can you be fired at any time for no reason at all; but they can also foreclose upon your house for you being only 45 days late on your mortgage payment. And by that I mean your family out on the street foreclose, not just filing paperwork and sending you annoying notices. It's a done deal; they're among the quickest in the nation with foreclosure proceedings. That's financial quicksand.

 You can take any of the lyrics from the theme song of Good Times and find that it applies to daily life in Atlanta, even if you are making 6 or 7 figures a yr. I could actually imagine being happier in Detroit since at least there I did meet some kind and positive people. Atlanta is proudly and heavily segregated on both sides. The majority of white guys that are down with the swirl act liike hoodrats (even this dentist that I dated) and they love to hang out with the bruthas! 

The architecture of Atlanta is ugly and depressing. It is also a very boring place unless your idea of fun is spending a lot of money to go to strip clubs to make it rain like you're either in a rap video or you're an aspiring reality show star. And yes the people there really act like that and worse. And I don't care if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, hotel desk clerk, or a stripper at The Blue Flame you can expect to have to fend for yourself down there in a hellacious hostile working enviroment complete with almost daily threats of all kind that are reinforced with aggressive sexual harassment from both men and women along with mental and emotional abuse if you're not willing to ride or die erry damn day with the acting black crew. 

You can be like I was down there making 45k or over only to realize that the daily circumstances you have to deal with in life there are almost identical to that of an underage beatdown truckstop prostitute ---you're both trapped powerless prey for DBRs. I moved away from there over 3yrs ago and I still get wonderful job leads from there. You can earn a really nice salary there ( not like CA or NYC nice ), but the quality of life there is garbage.

 My ex from the Czech Republic said that when he lived in Russia once that it was better than Atlanta. Oh and BTW BW swirling is heavily frowned upon. I lost one job with a black company because of it. My other girlfriend that also defected from that hellhole used to date a Puerto Rican guy and they had a few experiences in Atlanta where people refused to serve them, wouldn't let them into a club, ignored them, or treated them like they were from outerspace. 

It's just not a prosperous place to be. The only good thing I can say about it financially/ economically is that I was able to discipline myself and save a lot of money by going only to work/ home/apt. gym. Thank God I was strong enough to resist the temptation of buying box wine in bulk at Costco so that I could drink and cry myself to sleep like so many other lonely professional girls I knew there. Lots of money in the bank and a joyless existence.

 I counted the days down like a prisoner on death row until I finally escaped from Atlanta. And also this girl that was a teller at my bank in Atlanta gave out my bank balance info to her aunt who was my former employer. She kept throwing me shade about how she might be paying me too much and I put 2 and 2 together. So be warned, they are real "greasy" down there. You can't gentrify hell.

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Oh and one last thing I forgot to add about how bad Atlanta is. I also had a coworker that bought her husband and son matching bullet-proof vests for Christmas. They were black and designed to look like a men's undershirt. Keep in mind that they didn't even livein the hood. They lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in Stockbridge outside of Atlanta. According to her bullet proof vests are a very common and sought after Christmas gift for your loved ones in Atlanta and that some people even put them on layaway. And did I mention that my father actually hung up, cried, and didn't speak to me for months when I told him I was gonna move to Atlanta. My Mom is so happy I moved away from there. Actually happy is an understatement. She paid for and sent movers to make sure I didn't stay there any damn longer.

2 years, 1 month ago on Suburban Atlanta Communities Seceding from Troubled Inner City Atlanta


Atlanta is the "devil's asshole". It is too be avoided at all costs. Me and all of my close friends fled that Blackistan like folks were fleeing in biblical "pillar of salts" days. The girlfriend that got stuck there is upside down in her mortgage on a mini-mansion off Cascade (the ghetto) that has already been broken into 4 times. She thought she was gonna marry her mortgage broker who she was bamboozled into thinking he was a good brutha that was gonna put a ring on it. *deep weary sigh* But the good news is that she's now swirling full force and is getting the paperwork done to turn that house of horrors into a government sponsored halfway house so that she can move to Palm Beach FL and swirl up and outa there. The indoctrinated Sista Souljahs there strongly discourage other BW to ever even consider leaving Atlanta. The love to pop there neck and suck there teeth and say ignorant shit like "it's bad everywhere / It's gonna get worse before it gets better / You are the common denominator...It's not the place it's you / This too shall pass" It's like the land of the Stepford Negroes there. The all seem to think that there is no place better on earth to live. WTF???!!! Me and my friends were baffled and clueless as to why anyone in there right mind would be so blindly in love with that city especially post recession. And as for the poster ahead of me that told the story about her friends hubby having to carry a gun to GA Tech, that is sooo true. One of my last positions there was as a credit analyst in Smyrna. I had to carry a cell phone taser to work due to all of the office fist fights and muggings in the parking lot. When I decided to move I took a job at a black accounting firm on weekends during tax season, and was told by the owner that I might wanna carry a small firearm in my purse because they getdeath threats from DBRs who are disgruntled about their tax refunds not being big enough. I thank God to this day that I was able to save enough that yr to ride out of NotHotlanta on New Years Day the next year and go on to live somewhere where I could thrive as well as not be afraid to take walks and say hello to people. P.S. Don't let ANYONE move to Atlanta ever and do form a strong supportive prayer circle to help get anyone you love and care for out of there ASAP! #fleeblackistan

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Hmmm. .I wanna make this list into an infographic to help this go viral Can y'all imagine this with pictures and diagrams of Ray Ray and Deqwan vs White Knight Trophy Hubs rescuing his beautiful black "un-distressed" damsel!!! Yes Lawd.

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And that's just another reason why this site is my fave. Chrissy is a due diligence beast. So thorough and she has our best interests at heart. Some of my gay male friends have made some of these same geographical claims... Thanks hunty girl! ;)

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Hello Christalyn! I loved the primer video and your littlest Bella is sooo adorable. I am a longtime lurker/supporter who follows your blog/fb/twitter. Usually I follow you under my black girl hipster blog Sophisticated Hipster's Digest.  I "ride" for BWE and NWNW  all day and every day. And I have so much fun while doing it. The livefyre was an excellent move. It just made an already great site even more accessible to those that already know and love it. I am loving the new videos, healthy lifestyle posts, rants, and of course, the in-depth analysis and problem solving. and thanks for letting us know that we can get our drama fix on as well. BWE doesn't have to be bland,boring gllom, and doom. After hearing you acknowledge our innate need for drama, you've inspired me to come up with a new column for my blog called "Diirty Tricks For Black Girls to Dominate"  { the working title}. Yeah. I think I'm gonna go "there". IMO the stakes are too high to play fair and look for random pats on the head for being a "good skrong black women".--Off Topic -f  All this "Help" BS has really sent me over the edge. So do you think there is room in the BWE arena for a narcissistic pro BW sociopath who will stop at nothing when it comes to revealing all of the dirty low-down covert tactics that "other" women use to ALWAYS get what the want??? I believe in INTEGRITY, ACTION, and SUPERIORITY; but not so much in INSECURITY, FAIRNESS, and EQUALITY. I think that BW overall could become the "status quo serial killers" if we were to put ours and our children's self interests FIRST 24/7


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I live in Miami and I hope that the "dirty little secret" of their racist / sexist grimy bait and switch games get put on FULL BLAST. This is my latest PSA. After I'd fled the BC forever; I was naively astonished to encounter yet another large group of people of color hellbent on their conspiracies to degrade and dehumanize black women.  I do not want to see quality BW getting bamboozled ...again. I am by NO Means referring to ALL Latin men. I'm just noting a certain DBRBM identifying trend with a lot of the lower and working class Latin men here. Be extremely cautious and wary dating down here. I swirled from the first day I arrived here and am now used to all of the hate from BM, Latin men AND Women, WW. The weird thing is that on South Beach I don't get swirl related hate from the majority of the BW I see because at least 8 out of the 10 that I encounter are walking hand in hand with Rainbeaux Men. Besides the gorgeous weather, I find that is the best part of being here. The local BW on the mainland definitely hate though.LoL There is a rigid 3rd world class system here and if you're gonna date ANY race of man; then you must ruthlessly aim for the top because your life depends on it. #notafigureofspeech. This is the reason that me and every single sista girlfriend here swirls exclusively. The ones who married Latin men picked the very high quality ones that don't imitate DBRBM and act like Spanish "wiggers". Because a VERY high percentage of the lower class Latino men here curiously exhibit the almost identical "characterless" traits of DBRBM :

>>1.<<  Pretending to be ballers while not paying household bills. A lot of their mothers and spouses                financially support them, as well. They act as if they are a women's gift from heaven.

>>2.<<  Lots of undercover / down low double dipping lifestyles. You'll see them with their entire family

               while they push the stroller with their shirt off, swim trunks on, lips pursed, and oiled up like a   

              washed up gay porn star.  What's weird is that his wife will be dressed modestly. o_O              

>>3.<<  Psychotic obsession with hip-hop ghetto misogynistic brainless pop culture. Lotsa domestic

               abuse. They strongly discourage their women from dating out, especially with WM. I see lotsa

                man sharing here. The male female/ratio is extreme slim pickings just like the BC.

>>4.<<  They are not only closeted self-hating colorists who are obsessed with only LSLH phenotypes;                    but were raised with  generational ignorant colonialism superstitions which equate  being dark

               w/ being cursed. They share the same view as DBRBM that ALL BW are at "the bottom of the

               totem pole" and only worthy of being sexed and discarded.              

>>5.<<  Like RayRay and DiQuan 'nem they idolize tramps whose self-esteem revolves in the size of their                skripper donks while their self-esteem is tied up in the myth of their Mandingo mojo. *yawn*

>>6.<<  They also are not progressive and definitely have tons of "crabs in a barrel" issues. They also

               blame the WM for "holding them back" as an excuse for mediocrity.

>>7.<<  I'm also noticing that a lot of my future hubs Latino male friends are now dating white    

               (non-hispanic) women exclusively and seem to flaunt this to their race just like "becky

                whispering" brothas do to BW. I wonder if their chicks are seeing the writing on the wall. Hmm.

>>8.<<  And lastly, what really weirds me out is that these Latin men here that do not want us BUT

               act like it is their personal responsibility to get indignant and all "up in arms if they see you

               out with a white / other man or even another Latino man. It's like they are undercover BC mind police

               that act on behalf of DBRBM to stop BW from escaping. They get really possessive and shoot you

               the stank eye with aggressive body language to intimidate us into "knowing our place"; which I

               guess is to remain in the hood having babies by TayTay 'nem, They are confused and disturbed

               because they can't tell what nationality my future hubs is. But they know enough to fix their faces

               in his line of sight, but they look at me like I don't deserve to be treated like a queen by him if I'm a

               BW. I just laugh in their faces and do a Jessica White hair flip and dismiss their ignorant Spanish

               "niggatry" When I'm by myself, I don't even "fart in their direction". I can't understand what their real

               issue is with BW in stable IR unions. I'm baffled.

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