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 @ginidietrich Hey, @GiniDietrich and @SociallyGenius, I'm a leading edge baby boomer and I'm social!  


Open minded/closed minded, curious/know it all, wanting better ways to communicate, market and learn/set in your ways, etc., etc. - these are the variables that I see in social media interest and use.  I think age is an excuse from those who just don't want to be bothered or from some Gen X, millenials, Gen Z who find it easy to stereotype rather than see underlying texture.  


I've had this conversation face-to-face and on Twitter with Erik Qualman @equalman when he spoke a few months ago at the House of Blues on his "Digital Leader" book tour and took at shot by saying "your parents don't get it."  I threatened to start a "Your Father's on Social Media" blog.  


Some of us do get it...

3 years, 1 month ago on Change Your Culture to Invite Social Media Use