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Great article.

I also love the contradictory nature of Matt Smith's Doctor.

Not only was he great at being old in a youthful body, he could also be dorky/clumsy as well as very dark and serious. I particularly remember A Good Man Goes to War when he changed from being angry at River's late arrival ("You tell me who you are") to suddenly giggly when he found out why.

1 week, 6 days ago on The Eleventh Doctor: The Oldest of Them All


River and Eleven's relationship bypassed so many conventions - age, dependence, strength.

They loved each other despite the apparent age difference, they were equals and did not *need* to travel together.  River's strength, bravery and cleverness was a wonderful match to the Doctor's brilliance and clumsiness. And the flirting and teasing added chemistry to their inherently tragic relationship.

2 weeks, 1 day ago on Top 10 Whoniverse Couples


River and Eleven - Always and completely.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Top 10 Whoniverse Couples


I agree it's fine to include people of all demographics.

I agree it's fine to have interactions that are not about relationships.

I don't think these should become requirements for *every* episode, though.

It would be sad for a creative process to be driven by maths.

3 weeks, 5 days ago on How Often Does Doctor Who Pass The Bechdel Test?


I love River but her Doctor is Eleven. If she could come back in a side story with Eleven, well, that would be wonderful.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on “Jack & River Returns Would Have to be Seismic” – Moffat


I think Smith, if he is the one who made you a fan of the show rather than just a viewer.

3 months, 1 week ago on From 1-12: Who is YOUR Doctor?


I have watched various Doctors and was a viewer of the show (mostly through my partner).

When Matt Smith came along in the Eleventh hour, I was hooked in my own right and now I am a HUGE fan.

Matt Smith is my Doctor.

3 months, 1 week ago on From 1-12: Who is YOUR Doctor?


I don't understand why some people think Moffat should step down based on the quality of individual episodes (that he didn't even write!).

Being showrunner and being a writer are different skills and as long as the show is rating well and viewers are generally happy
then he is a showrunner success.

For individual episodes, maybe some writers are better than others, but giving new writers/directors a
chance (as has been done) is a Good Thing.

As far as I am concerned Moffat is successful as both a showrunner and as a writer for Doctor Who.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat on Series 8 Ratings: There is no drop-off



I am ok with everything you said up to the last sentence.

I don't believe a writer/showrunner should step down because a character is "awful" (and I don't think  that Clara is awful, by the way). Maybe a story calls for a selfish, disrespectful character. I think Clara needed to make those threats because the net result was to cement her relationship with the Doctor.

I take your point about scientific realism, though.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Your Verdict on Dark Water & Episode Ranking


I think Peter Capaldi is an absolute hit!

Initially I had doubts about the success of the new doctor after Matt Smith as Eleven (my Doctor!) and was dubious that the dynamic between Twelve and Clara would work, but now I am convinced. 

I love the grumpy character of Twelve with his alien perspective of things and I like how Clara's character has grown and formed an attachment to Twelve that is a true companionship and not based on romance.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Poll: Capaldi’s Doctor – Hit or Miss?


Hope you had a great birthday, Matt!

You will always be My Doctor.

I hope the Timey-wimey will create an opportunity for Eleven to revisit at some point.

4 months ago on Happy Birthday, Matt Smith!


I think a companion is someone who willingly leaves behind their normal life (for a time) to travel on adventures with the Doctor. Not as a one-off or a job but a planned absence.

Their travels become a journey of discovery; the Doctor has said that they remind him of what it is to *see* the wonders of time and space with a new perspective.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Is Courtney Woods a Companion?


My best guess...

Someone is a Companion if their name appears in the opening credits after the Doctor :-)

River Song is a companion in a different sense - she is his wife!

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Is Courtney Woods a Companion?


It is impossible for me to decide.

This episode highlights the fact that the Doctor is an _alien_ and doesn't interpret situations like others

(each regeneration has been be getting more alien with Eleven being more alien than Ten).

Twelve has consistently misjudged human traits - appearance, feelings, age - and his unpredictable behaviour here fits with that. Although I feel horrified for Clara's predicament, we don't know whether the Doctor would have returned at the last minute and prevented her making a "wrong" decision.

KTM suggests that while humanity wants the Doctor's help it will be on his terms because he is not human.

4 months, 4 weeks ago on Kill the Moon: Clara or the Doctor?


I loved this article. It is really interesting and,for me, does not detract from the episode at all!

As for the spontaneous combustion...I did not think it was supposed to be plausible in the episode; merely a dramatic Victorian newspaper reporting of the "unexplained" fires caused by the droid.

6 months, 1 week ago on Sciencey Wiencey: Deep Breath


THIS. Exactly.

And the fact that we couldn't help but realise, from Twelve's reaction to the phone call, that this is the same Doctor: "I'm not on the phone. I'm right here".

6 months, 1 week ago on Moffat on THAT Deep Breath Cameo


I'm glad we don't know whether it is true yet.

I wish some things were kept secret for longer.

It'd be nice to watch the new series without second-guessing character and/or plot developments based on the real lives of the actors.

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Jenna Coleman Leaving at Christmas?


I don't think it matters why people watch Doctor Who.

Whatever the reason they start watching, they'll stay watching based on characterisation (and plot) rather than looks alone.

Sure Matt and David are attractive but Matt, in particular, was very adept at portraying a mad, old man in a young body, which made for an interesting and unique Doctor. And that's what counts.

I'm sure Capaldi's Twelve will have his own appeal and hopefully attract even more viewers while retaining most of the existing fanbase.

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Colin Baker: Tennant & Smith Brought Female Fans to Doctor Who


I agree entirely that abusive, vindictive comments are poor form.

I also think we should have more faith in the showrunners and writers. Their output is from a creative process and while we may prefer one story over another (or not like some episodes at all!), it is unreasonable to tear apart the writer's creation and itemise everything that was wrong and does not conform to some "ideal".  

Especially when these destructive criticisms are personal/political rather than artistic.

9 months ago on Dear Whovians…


How ironic - this list contains the end and the beginning of River Song (SitL, LKH). Silence in the Library is just a brilliant episode; with the terrifying Vashta Nerada and the puzzle of River's identity. But I must admit, I have an affection for Let's Kill Hitler.

11 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 8


I agree that the Day of the Doctor is a special case and automatically tops any list (I loved it!) but, aside from that, I consider Eleventh Hour to be the real number one for Matt Smith.The odds were against his era being successful with the clean slate for cast/production trying to replace a popular favourite. But as soon as I saw Eleventh Hour - I knew they had succeeded and that this new Doctor would be brilliant!

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: Results (5-1)


The problem I have with voting for these is that, even if I don't like the story so much, I usually want to give 10/10 for Matt Smith's performance alone. He is always brilliant and he really excels in some episodes.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: Results (39-34)


I adore River and like Captain Jack and I think they would have a great rapport but I don't think I would want to see them as a 'couple'. For me, one of the strengths of River's character was the way she could seemingly intimidate the Doctor; she would breeze in like a whirlwind and leave him vaguely flummoxed by her mystery but definitely attracted to her. It would be a different relationship with Jack.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on River Song & Captain Jack: Five Favourites


I don't see how he "falls flat on his attempts". He writes interesting characters that fit into the plot. I don't believe he is unsympathetic to female characters. It is not fair to reduce a character to two attributes ("science-y", "nerd") and then label them a caricature. By that standard the Doctor could be labelled a "science-y nerd". And sometimes a show - particularly a sci-fi adventure - requires a larger-than-life hero or villain, not just a "real person".

1 year ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


What about Ingrid Osgood? She was a shy, clever and very likeable female character.

1 year ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


For those who think Moffat only writes strong, flirty women…how about Ingrid Osgood (from Day of the Doctor)? Sure, she is not a companion, but she is still a Moffat female character. She was clever but rather nervous and insecure.

1 year ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


Great article! I think River is the best example of an empowered female character. How often do you find a character who is not only "mature" but sexy, tough, clever (she is a professor), confident, independent and attractive? She can do most things as well as, sometimes better, than the Doctor - she is basically his equal. How many women would love to be like River? I know I would. And aside from all that, I think her backstory is genius.

1 year ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


I loved this episode - it is a River Song showpiece.
Having seen the tragic end of older River in the library, we now see the marked contrast of her "explosive" beginning and watch the whirlwind effects the revelation has on the Doctor, Amy and Rory.

My favourite scene is where River and the Doctor circle each other, dance-like, when he describes her as "my bespoke psychopath", and the way they anticipate each other during her attempts to kill him - like some bizarre, yet intimate, choreographed battle.

1 year ago on Best of Matt Smith: Let’s Kill Hitler


10/10 from me.

Not only for the River reveal but for Matt Smith's impressive acting ability: from the menacing "You tell me who you are" to River, to the touching "Hello" and "How do I look?" a few minutes later (when he finds out). Love it.

1 year ago on Best of Matt Smith: A Good Man Goes to War


Eleven's reaction in the 'Last Night' mini episode when he sees himself taking River to Darillium. So tragic.

1 year ago on 10 Most Heartbreaking New Who Moments