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I wouldn't be surprised if the rumors of Capaldi being a one-season Doctor like Eccleston that this guy might turn out to be the 13th Doctor from the future back here with the 12th Doctor for timey-wimey reasons. I keep expecting something like this to happen sooner or later.

1 year ago on Danny Pink: Recurring How?


I see I'm not alone in the wish that Sean could take the part of the Third Doctor for a multi-Doctor story. I think it would be a nice bridge to have him having know young Kate Stewart to get to meet her as an adult. It would be fun to see him play Three perhaps between Liz Shaw and Jo Grant, and perhaps get a boost that he wouldn't be stranded on Earth with UNIT forever.

I am forever disappointed that Courtney was never brought back as The Brigadier in the modern series. I also think it would be a nice thing if they could find an actor that looked like a very young Courtney, maybe in a WWII story perhaps and have Capaldi or future Doctor meet perhaps a young Corporal Lethbridge-Stewart or some such. I'd love a sort of "Oh, we'll meet again, but you'll have the advantage over me then Allister. But you must never mention this to me. Too timey-wimey." It would be cool then for at the end of such a story for The Doctor to tell his companion about one of the best friends he ever had. To me those moments are the very best bits when the Doctor reminisces...

I also think that Troughten's son David, though he's not as physically much like his dad would be great to reprise the Second Doctor in some fashion. I think we could all suspend our disbelief to see him give it a shot. Maybe he could be a version of the Second Doctor from one of those other Universes like Pete Tyler's Universe? That would be fun.

One day I think the Meta-Crisis Doctor and Rose should come back as a reluctant middle-aged couple pressed into helping a future Doctor. I always picture them with children, a boy and a girl. "Daddy, who is that strange man with the blue box?" "An absolute mad-man sweetie." Rose would chime in "You're one to talk!"

So many wonderful possibilities lay in the future.

1 year ago on Sean Pertwee: My father was very fond of Capaldi


I've come to the conclusion that "fans" who dislike River Song or Alex Kingston are fans I really don't want to know or listen to any of their opinions. It really annoys me to no end the haters that want to claim they are 'fans' and all they do is accentuate the negative. Matt was clearly making a joke and the haters jump on it as a further justification to blather how much they hate the character.

If you don't like her, I'm sure there's some sort of VAMPIRE tv show or film or something else you could be watching...

1 year, 2 months ago on Matt Smith Doesn’t Want to see River with Capaldi