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@Rani Nose @the666thdoctor Did you really need to mention the six months???!!! :P Mumble, grumble.............. I'll go back to my corner and try to wait... ummm.......... patiently? That's what it's called, yes? Patience? Sigh.....  :*/

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@Planet of the Deaf @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 Yes of course it's a bit stronger, but Danny's action was deliberate and repetitive... more light probably reached the tiger's eyes, even if each wasn't as strong.

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@Planet of the Deaf @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 The one in 2nd article was scared away by a motorcycle's headlight...

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@Planet of the Deaf I was sceptical too, so I googled it and actually found some reports online that talk about tigers being frightened away with lights, so it's not really that far fetched.

http :// www. king5. com/story/news/local/pets-and-animals/2014/09/10/solar-lights-for-tigers/15411191/

http :// www. sanctuaryasia. com/sanctuary-blog/Bikers-scare-away-Tiger-in-Sundarbans..html

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Soooooo..... Series average is 8.98/10 - might as well round it up 9! woot! lol :D

Top episodes: Last Christmas, Flatline and Mummy 10/10

Bottom episode: Into the Dalek 7/10

Series ranking

1- Series 8 > 8.98

2- Series 7 > 8.37

3- Series 4 > 8.29

4- Series 6 > 8.28

5- Series 5 > 8.24

6- 2009 specials > 8.18

7- Series 1 > 7.91

8- Series 3 > 6.81

9- Series 2 > 6.53

Basically, the show's been going crescendo - better and better and better... can't wait for series 9! And 10! And 11! And so on, and so forth lol. :D

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- In the Forest of the Night > 8.8 rounded up to 9/10 - I enjoyed the nature theme -  nature protecting us despite us destroying it (and I don't care whether or not trees can actually save us from solar flares the way they did here in reality - reality can take a hike when I'm watching DW) Mother Nature FTW! :P

I enjoyed the fantasy feel (the one thing I loved in the Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe were the trees and their souls leaving the forest)

I enjoyed the kids, all of whom did a pretty good job imo, but especially little Maebh. 

I did feel like it lacked direction, and Danny annoyed the heck out of me more often than not. His refusal to accompany Clara in the Tardis to see the solar flare was the last straw for me lol. But I can easily disregard those things because the magic was lovely. It left me smiling.

Oh and I can totally identify with the girl in maths class who couldn't understand why the teacher asked how to find x :P THAT is totally me! Okay, so I wouldn't actually dare say it out loud to the teacher, but that is so my kind of reasoning lol. :P

The ending scene was a bit weird, but I usually skip it now, so it doesn't matter much in the scheme of things lol.

- Dark Water > 9.8 rounded up to 10/10 - The episode was clever, funny, grim, emotional, thrilling, and and creepy all at once. And the 45 minutes went so fast! I looked at the clock just as the Doctor and Missy were talking about the graves of Earth about giving birth and it was already close to being the end... Wow! And even though I don't care about the Cybermen either way (I don't hate them but I don't love them either) I still had goosebumps when they came out of the water tombs. The music that played at the same time was awesome too.

Jenna and Peter were in top form for sure (so was Michelle Gomez for that matter, I think she was brilliant too). And I loved the scene with Clara and the Doctor at the beginning! Still not sure why some are surprised that the Doctor helped Clara even knowing what she had planned on doing to him... She's grieving... He might not understand humans all that well but he understands grief, having gone through it countless times himself. And he cares, whether he shows it or not. :) He gave her the benefit of the doubt because it was out of character for her to do that and, unless he'd misjudged her all along, there had to be a reason for her to act that way. He stopped the dream state act as soon as he understood what was happening. He's been there... a few times. ^^; I quite liked his little jab about having a lot of internalised anger when the psychic paper filled with swearing lol. He was cross with her for not coming to him for help instead of threatening, but he still forgave her coz she's his friend and she was hurting and if he could help then he would. I loved that whole scene. I watched it in a loop that night, it was that perfect lol.

Oh, and Seb was great too. :D

- Death in Heaven > 8.1 rounded down to 8/10 - As much as I loved Dark Water, I found Death in Heaven a bit anticlimactic. The episode ended and I sat there disoriented and trying to figure out what had just happened, lol. I get Missy's reasons for wanting to give the Doctor an army...but to have gone to all that trouble, building up the finale, and end up with a sudden drop in the build up? Well, that left me with a weird feeling. Even now, after I've seen it many times and I should know better... It sorta left me with a taste of unfinished business that will not go away.

I didn't mind the Cybermen flying... it made sense in context. And they were a different branch of Cybermen anyway, it's not like all Cybermen are always going to be flying from now on. I don't think. Not that it matters to me, I'm just trying to be logical lol.

Loved UNIT's entrance! And I'm gonna turn Moffat into a toad for killing Osgood! :P Poor Osgood! I feel more sad for her than for Danny (sorry!) Glad Kate made it out alive though. We need a Lethbridge-Steward at UNIT! :D And Missy was so unhinged and unpredictable, going from provocative to mockingly flirtatious to dangerous to just plain bananas, she was truly frightening.

The Cybermen, might not have been not all that scary in themselves (they were scarier in Dark Water, imo), but the fact that they found a way to convert the dead definitely was. You can't run away, you can't hide, you just can't escape them. Like Missy said "the dead outnumber the living" and if all the graves of planet earth, from its beginning, gave birth to Cybermen, that's a pretty scary concept in itself. It's like a zombie invasion but a lot deadlier lol. Cybermen reawakening dead people with an upgraded body and a newly updated consciousness was brilliantly terrifying. Though it would have worked just fine with a new monster, the fact that they were Cybermen was a bit incidental...

So a good episode, but not a perfect ending to a 2-parter imo.

- Last Christmas > 10/10 - My fave episode of the series! Really loved the episode. Freaky, creepy, surreal and funny. A great mix for Christmas! Yeah... completely surreal! Loved that a lot. But I also loved that it was light-hearted despite the dangers, the twists, the freakishness and the emotional moments. It made for a really good atmosphere.

The sleigh ride was a bit over the top but hey, it's Christmas so I guess it was compulsory. :P We laughed a lot, that's all that matters lol. I loved Santa's toys entrance, loved the dream crab too (yeah I know it was similar to alien's monster, but I've never watched alien, so to me it's nice and different lol) it's probably the only DW monster to ever creep me out. The scene with Clara hiding under the table while it crept closer and finally dropped down on her made my throat tightening up and me jumping out of my skin lol. :P

The dream sequence with Clara and Danny was really good. Not so much for the syrupy, Christmassy bits, but mostly for the parts after the Doctor arrives... and how Clara deals with her grief. It was really touching. I found it quite interesting to see how she dealt with letting go, too. The things she had Danny say...  The 5 minutes a day idea, basically allowing herself to move on and accepting that things can't stay the way they are. She had to hear it from him, even if it was just a dream and she was imagining him saying that, because she couldn't give herself permission to do so on her own. In her mind, he died because of her so, real or not, he has to be the one speaking the words. It was important to her subconscious. And the "every xmas is last xmas" line and all of this being extra time they were lucky to get even if it was just a dream, a bit like a booster to get her mind to let go and wake up.

Shona has grown on me too. No, I still do not want her as the next companion, lol, but I now don't mind her much at least. :P

Now... when you wake up from a nightmare and find yourself safe in your bed, are you really awake or are you just dreaming that the nightmare is over while the nightmare is real and your brain is being devoured? Food for thoughts... Goodnight! :P

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@Gustaff @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 @TheCyberDoctor Upgraded Yeah, true. And we often get the download, so it's not even £30 - My husband says he might pre-order it for his birthday lol.

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@Gustaff @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 @TheCyberDoctor Upgraded Oh... fingers crossed then! UNIT alone is not really my favourite type of story setting, but I might give it a try. I like Kate and Jemma's gonna be doing the actual voice so it'll at least be familiar to me. It might help, I mean. It depends mostly on the stories... Although... my husband would like it, I think, so there you go! Now we just need to find the money tree lol. :D

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@Gustaff @TheCyberDoctor Upgraded Did Big Finish get the rights to modern who stuff too? Or is it just modern UNIT stuff they're allowed to use? I know they're going to be releasing a whole new set of modern UNIT stories, but I didn't hear if they had expanded the license completely.

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Yeah, I don't count the strangling as it was post regeneration craze that made him do it. And yup he got hanged drawn and quartered for it.

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Or in a black hole lol.

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@TheCyberDoctor Hates Moonites @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 I was, however, happy to see that the Doctor finally called her out on it! He should have done that ages ago! Lol :P 

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@TheCyberDoctor Hates Moonites @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 See, the thing I didn't mind the slap in Last Christmas. It sorta made sense there. Even for me, lol. And an empty threat made in anger is just that, an empty threat made because you're angry... something you don't really mean but it comes out anyway because you just can't bottle it down. But I'm not a fan of the slapping in general. I feel it's cheap.

I think I'm more sensitive to it because of my past, so it really isn't funny to me. I was listening to the Into the Dalek commentary and just hearing the writer and director laughing as if that slap in the episode was the funniest thing ever just didn't go down well with me lol. 

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@Alleigh member of P.O.N.D.S Exactly. I pointed that out a few times. If it was the Doctor slapping his companion, there would be an uproar... Someone once even outright told me that he did... Huh?! And when I asked him to tell me where and when, I never got an answer lol. Pfffff!!! I think the guy was just pulling my leg or maybe thinking I was stupid or something lol. 

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@TheCyberDoctor Hates Moonites Jackie thought he had kidnapped her daughter, that's not quite the same. I don't remember Donna slapping him, so I can't say. Francine? That's Martha's mum, right? From what I remember, she told him to stay away from her daughter after the person working for Saxon spoke to her, so I'm guessing they told her some lies about how bad the Doctor was and she believed him. Not really a reason to outright slap him, if you ask me, but I guess a mum will do what she thinks is right to protect her kids. Amy thought he was breaking into her house, and I guess she ahd nothing else to defend herself with. Rory, well... Rory had just lost Amy and the Doctor taunted him into a reaction and he got what he'd been looking for.

Funnily enough, Clara threatening to slap him so hard he'd regenerate didn't really bother me, nor would I call it abuse. It was an empty threat, nothing more. I guess she forgot what she told the Half Face Man in Deep Breath "threats don'"t work, unless you deliver" She's lucky he humoured her, lol. I do feel she needs anger management at times though... Her slap in Into the Dalek still makes me want to slap her back to see how she likes it... 

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- Kill the Moon > 7.6 rounded up to 8/10 - I enjoyed it, even if I use to enjoy it more than I do now... it's lost some of its original appeal for some reason, not sure why... I think part of it is Clara's outburst at the end making me uncomfortable - I don't like it when people fight, I tend to shy away from that, so I think that's part of it... but that can't be the only reason lol. Or maybe it is, I don't know... It's not the science thing coz I don't care whether the science is wrong or not... I had a problem with Clara from the beginning of the episode, it started with her insisting that the Doctor told Courtney she was special, and looking at him pointedly waiting for him to obey... Now, Clara's my 2nd favourtie companion, after Romana, but there was something in her that rubbed me the wrong way in Kill the Moon. She felt out of character most of the time. Maybe that's my biggest problem with it. The progression of that throughout the episode makes me feel less compassion for her outburst at the end. Anyway, I still like the episode but it's my 2nd least favourite episode of the series. 

- Mummy > 10/10 - Great engaging plot, brilliant acting, really good intro and ending scenes, good supporting cast, atmosphere tense and funny at the same time, with some really nice dialogues and interactions... spooky mummy and great effects. I liked the countdown - I felt it added to the tension. And it's really hard to explain but this is the episode where I got chills and in which I felt the Doctor came into his own - mostly during the scene on the beach... beautiful scene, that. ^^; This is the episode when I finally felt like he was completely there, if that makes sense lol. Maybe because he was really in control and doing typical Doctor things all the way thru this time? Maybe it was just me finally getting used to having a new Doctor, though I was enjoying him just fine until then, so I don't think so. Whatever the reason, it really clicked for me then. His very presence spelled Doctor. I mean, he's the same as he was in the previous episodes, but I felt he was whole - as if all the different bits we'd seen so far had coalesced.

- Flatline > 10/10Loved it! Great fun! It was innovative, creepy, well paced and the effects were brilliant. It's also interesting to see how the Doctor reacts to seeing Clara think and act like him. Like a mirror and he's not necessarily liking it. Loved the team work Doctor/Clara and how Clara pulled herself together when she ended up going it alone... quick thinking and obviously learned the Doctor's tactics well. Maybe too well? Loved the Doctor throughout too. Even though he wasn't in the action per say, he was still really active and pretty much directing the investigation from the Tardis. Until he had to activate siege mode, that is. But his return was epic. "Could you not just let me enjoy this moment of not knowing something. I mean, it happens so rarely." Hehehe. :D

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@Jara1 @supermoff Seeing as he's old enough to be my dad, I'm trying to be good... but....... heck yeah! lol :D He's got a great smile too.

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@TardisBoy! Well....... not lies as such... time is relative. :P

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@Esterath Keyboard cowards... the anonymity that being behind a computer screen brings causes some idiots to think it's okay to spew venom at whatever and whoever they feel like...

I stopped reading comments on the Doctor Who official facebook posts coz it always saddens me and it makes my temper flare, so much so that I have to bite my tongue (or keep my fingers in check in this case, lol) not to give a piece of my mind to the idiots calling for blood over and over and over like a broken record...

It gets to me and I'm not the one they're attacking.... I can't even imagine how he must be feeling if he sees any of it. 

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@Mark McCullough well.... 2049 was the time zone they ended up in, but she's not from that time zone, so she still became the first woman to walk on the moon, as of 2014/2015 local time. 

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@4sure the fluorescent pudding brain bit still makes me giggle like a silly goose every time i watch flatline though :D

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@SonicTheHedgehogRules @The Dreamer... dreaming about series 9 No, not where they lived, how they lived etc.. They could live wherever they pleased, the Doctor still could not visit them. Fixed time started with Amy's choice to be zapped. A whole life where the Doctor could not go. From the moment she was zapped, they would not see each other again. I don't know... it makes sense to me at any rate lol. If he tried to see them again, the reapers might have come back or something, lol. :P

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Ooooh,someone else who likes Courtney! Yay glad to see I'm not the only one. I was starting to feel really alone lol.

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I meant, even if he didn't forget, he didn't see ALL of her childhood.

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It was 900+ years ago, he might very well have forgotten. But even if he didn't see ALL of her childhood when he owed into it, she might have been sent to a children's home at some point in her life if there were a problems in her family. Children's homes aren't only for orphans...

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- Listen > 9.7 rounded up to 10/10Great script, intriguing plot, some really brilliant dialogues, great pacing, great acting, very good lighting and atmosphere and perfect execution. I loved how it flowed and twined and came full circle. And I liked how they left us wondering if the things under the bed are real or not. I really enjoyed it. Never got bored and was glued to my seat from beginning to end, eyes riveted to the screen. The atmosphere was nice and a bit eerie, with some nice angles and shots.

Not scary or anything... I went to bed and slept just fine after watching it, though. Maybe it helps that there is no space under my bed, just drawers lol. Though I suppose whatever's under the bed could very well be in the drawers lol. :D No, when I was little, I wasn't afraid of things under the bed but instead I was dead frightened of things in the closet coz there were always noises in my closet. I solved the problem by hiding under the covers, head included, telling myself that if I was completely covered whatever was in there would never find me lol. :P

- Time Heist >  9.5 rounded up to 10/10 - Fun episode, I enjoyed if very much. Imaginative story, good plot, some really nice visuals, good music that fit the scenes well, interesting characters I wouldn't mind seeing again (just a bit more fleshed out next time since, here, they were only fleshed out as much as the story needed them to be lol), brilliant monster and I found that the fast pace helped establish the urgency of the situation, especially in the first half. The memory wipe scene was really cleverly done... it threw me right in and caused me to feel as confused and disorientated as the group as they found themselves in the room without knowing what they were doing there lol. It was a fantastic way of starting an episode. And the ending was lovely. Saving a species from extinction as the Doctor's reward - very Doctor-like. Not a dull moment.

- The Caretaker > 9/10 - When I first watched it, I didn't care for it and it ended up at the bottom of my list with Into the Dalek, with a 7/10... But it got better after a rewatch and it's grown on me to the point that it is now one of my fave episodes of the series lol. The ending scene left me feeling meh and got a low(ish) score, but everything else was very good. I just ignore the daft flip over the Skovox lol. :P

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@YaelMoise No worries. :) I don't always get a notification when people reply to my comments, so I hope I haven't offended anyone either! It's been happening a lot, despite my having the box ticked to get email notifications... Yeah, things have been wobbly lol. 

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- Deep Breath > 8.8 rounded up to 9/10 - Loved the intro scene and the dinosaur scenes, loved the bedroom scene, quite enjoyed the scene with the Doctor and the tramp even though I thought the "I'm Scottish" part was a bit drawn out, loved the restaurant scene when the Doctor and Clara meet for lunch, loved the scene with Clara facing down the Half Face Man, loved the Half Face Man, had a good laugh at Strax falling down instead of unrolling like Vastra and Jenny though I didn't care for the rest of the fight scene much, loved the face off between the Half face Man and the Doctor, liked the moment Clara got back to the Tardis when the Doctor finally came back for her and the whole scene inside... for some reason I wasn't a fan of the Eleven cameo, despite Eleven being my Doctor, mind! Go figure lol. I don't know why exactly... it just felt out of place to me... I mean, it was nice to see him again, don't get me wrong... and I understand why Clara was having a hard time getting over losing him and panicking a bit, etc... I just started shaking my head at the length the poor Doctor had to go to get accepted and be given a chance to show her who he was lol. I did love his words at the end though "You can't see me, can you? You look at me and you can't see me. I'm not on the phone, I'm right here standing in front of you." I really felt bad for him lol.

- Into the Dalek > 7/10 - My least favourite episode of the series! :P I don't know... the idea was clever, but for some reason it didn't really come together all that well for me. I loved the scene when the Doctor makes Journey say please! :P I liked the moment he meets the Dalek, and also the moment he brings Clara back with him and the "she's my carer, she cares so I don't have to" bit... I liked seeing the inside of the Dalek. I liked seeing Twelve's more pragmatic side, like his handling of Ross' fate when the antibodies came. I liked the end scene. I hated the slap. Seriously hated it. Still hate it lol. As much as I can understand the one in Last Christmas (that one didn't bother me at all, in fact, as it had a reason to be) the one in Into the Dalek felt pointless and cheap to me. It just made me think Clara needed anger management sessions... It achieved nothing coz the Doctor only started thinking about a solution AFTER she asked him the questions that triggered his reasoning - questions she could have started with, instead of slapping him... Better move on before I get cross with her all over again LOL. :P I liked Journey and Gretchen, but just wished Journey didn't shout all the time. The rest just felt a bit flat. So while it wasn't a bad episode (there were no bad episodes in series 8, as far as I'm concerned), it still had some moments I didn't appreciate much and it's still my least favourite...

- Robot of Sherwood > 8.2 rounded down to 8/10 - A lovely, fun, entertaining episode. Some really hilarious moments. I loved the spoon scene, lol. The opening scene was great too. I laughed from beginning to end, just about, and enjoyed the banter and light-hearted atmosphere. Mark Gatiss' best episode so far, for me. Frankly, I didn't even care if the golden arrow ending was weird... it was just a fun romp of an episode, and the rest didn't matter to me lol. And OMG the resemblance between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Anthony Ainley was just astonishing!

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@Conall McCormick @supermoff, lover of Series 8 Exactly. The Time Lords weren't only saving the Doctor, they were saving themselves. I think they waited for him to help them through all that time (maybe they didn't know how long it was, if they're frozen in time) but he never did so, when they realised he was finally dying, they had no choice but to send him more regenerations. 

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Not gonna type all my reviews here again, it'd take too much space and make you guys scroll way too much! Don't want you getting carpal tunnel... Say thank you, LOL. :P 

- Day of the Doctor > 9.9

- The Snowmen > 9.9

- The Bells of St John > 9.9

- Name of the Doctor > 9.8

- Time of the Doctor > 9

- Asylum of the Daleks > 8.9

- Rings of Akhaten > 9.7

- Hide > 9.7

- Journey to the Center of the TARDIS > 8.5

- The Angels Take Manhattan > 8.4

- A Town Called Mercy > 8

- Dinosaurs on a Spaceship > 7.6

- Nightmare in Silver > 7.2

- The Crimson Horror > 7.1

- The Power of Three > 6.6

- Cold War > 6.3

Series 7 average 8.4/10

7A average 7.9

7B average 8.8 

Series ranking

- series 7 > 8.37 (Fave: Day, Snowmen & Bells of St John 9.9/10 - Least fave: Cold War 6.3/10)

- series 4 > 8.29 (Fave: Midnight & Silence/Forest 10/10 - Least fave: Next Doctor 6.6/10)

- series 6 > 8.28 (Fave: God Complex 10/10 - Least fave: Night Terrors & Girl Who Waited 6.6/10)

- series 5 > 8.24 (Fave: Pandorica/Big Bang 10/10 - Least Fave: Vampires of Venice 5.2/10)

- 2009 specials > 8.18 (Fave: Waters of Mars 10/10 - Least Fave: Planet of the Dead 6.3/10)

- series 1 > 7.91 (Fave: Empty Child/Doctor Dances 8.8/10 - Least Fave: WW3 6/10)

- series 3 > 6.81 (Fave: Blink 9.6/10 - Least Fave: Lazarus Experiment 5.1/10)

- series 2 > 6.53 (Fave: Girl in Fireplace 8.3/10 - Least Fave: Love & Monsters 3/10)

And onto series 8, which is my fave series of them all. Bring it on! :D

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I think he was just trying to show why Elizabeth I was cross enough with Ten to want his head at the end of the Shakespeare episode.

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Oh I was so excited, I kept saying "OMG! Wow! Look! It's the 8th Doctor! Wow... Wow !" to my husband... To the point that he had to shush me so he could hear what was going on on the screen lol. We must have watched it dozens of time... It was 9 minutes of awesome.

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- Name > 9.72 rounded up to 10/10 - Another fave. Great episode with a perfect cliffhanger going into the 50th. Perfect lighting and angles - made the atmosphere on Trenzalore eerie. Excellent acting. The whispermen were creepy. Loved the scene where Strax receives the telegram. And when Clara reads the letter Vastra sent her - loved Clara's eyes crossing when she drops there, lol. Still want to know how Vastra delayed the delivery of the letter until the exact day, lol, but that scene was just great nonetheless. :D The close-up scene in the low space under the console floor, the voices, the expressions, the eyes... it all made it feel really secret and intense, too. Loved the scene in the Tardis when Clara's memories were re-awakening too! The great acting, the flashbacks, the setup, the blurring off and on... it made that scene quite powerful.

Love the idea of the timestream too. That was clever. Things seemed to slow down at that point, while they spoke, no one had time to try and stop the GI... I'm assuming, it was meant to be faster than it looked, between the moment the Doctor said "someone stop him" and the moment the GI stepped in the light. So the pace went a bit wobbly there... The one  thing I felt was out of place was Strax's "should I destroy it?" when they were talking about the Timestream light in the dying Tardis.

River's goodbye scene was very moving. Perfect performance from Alex and Matt. And the music was haunting. "You are always here to me. And I always listen, and I can always see you." I'll admit I shed a few tears when she said goodbye sweetie and the Doctor stared at the empty space she'd been, after she vanished.

- Day > 9.9 rounded up to 10/10 - I didn't think the Queen was very queenly, which knocked off half a point in acting and character scores, hence the 9.9 lol... but, other than that, I think it was perfect. I loved all the little details, which were too numerous to name here. Superb acting. Great dialogues. Flawless production. Loved how the past and present merged, for both the show's history and the flashbacks to the Doctor's timelines. And the future too.

Loved the way Matt and David bounced off each other, and John Hurt... Jenna was great too. And so was Billie. Loved how the fez served to link all 3 before they met. Loved all the humour and how the script poked fun at the screwdriver, and at each other, etc... :D Loved how they made Billie's role the Moment. Loved the Zygons and hope we see them again. And that last scene, speech and image... priceless too. The whole episode flowed well from scene to scene - not a dull moment.

And when the Doctor takes Clara's hand as everything he's been trying to forget comes back and he finally says out loud what he's been avoiding to even think about. That admission was haunting. And the jump from the present to that memory of his past as he finished talking was perfect timing. It gave it even more depth, I think. The scenes with the 3 Doctors in the Tower of London cell were perfect too. Some good character study there, with 10 and 11's positions and how the Doctor changed overtime.

Time > 9/10 - Mostly loved it. Just had a bit of a problem with the pace... I know they only had an hour but they crammed so much into it that it felt rushed and the way it jumped around left me reeling lol. Some really great moments, really good humour and nice character moments too... But there's a little something, and I'm not even sure what it is, that keeps it from being perfect in my eyes. Still good though! And the whole tone of the regeneration was great. All in all, I'm happy with the way my Doctor went. :D

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"You are creating fixed time. I will never be able to see you again."

Fixed points are set in stone. By choosing to let the Angel zap her back to Rory, she created a fixed point in time. If the Doctor ever tried to get around it or alter it, it would have caused a paradox and something worse would probably have happened. That's how I see it anyway.

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- Hide > 9.72 rounded up to 10/10 - Another fave! I loved the atmosphere! Great script, brilliant acting and perfect lighting. Loved the setting. Some spooky parts that actually had me jumping out of my skin the first time I saw it. Liked the Doctor's entrance. How to destabilise the other side so you can get inside without them asking questions or throwing you back out? Show them you know everything about them that's supposed to be secret and let them think they know who you are. And keep talking, of course, lol. :P

I'm still having a hard time grasping Clara's perspective, when she was upset that they witnessed Earth's life cycle from birth to death... People have explained it, several times even, and I do understand what she was saying, but I don't understand why it suddenly bothered her. Not that it affected my enjoyment of the episode, or anything... I guess I just have a Time Lord perspective lol. I was as puzzled as the Doctor. Even the cheat sheet didn't help me lol. :P And I might be in the minority, but I quite enjoyed the fact that it turned out that the "monster" wasn't a monster at all... A good lesson to be learned there - just because something looks ugly and you feel frightened, doesn't mean it's a big bad monster. :P

- Journey > 8.5 rounded up to 9/10Loved the concept and it was nice to see more of the inside of the Tardis. Could they have shown more? Of course, but then they'd have needed 2 parts in order to fit more stuff in. Plus I doubt adding more rooms would have added anything to the plot itself. We saw enough to see what the Tardis looks like inside, understand how it's alive and how it can have a mind of its own (the Doctor's little lines "I can feel a Tardis tantrum coming on", "she won't relinquish it, her basic genetic material", "the Tardis will get huffy is you mess", "it's found others ways of controlling you" peppering the dialogues were a good way of showing it), and what makes up its core... etc... And I loved what we did see! I think the rooms we saw were well thought out and designed. So I was satisfied with what we saw. And showing us the interior of the Tardis wasn't the only purpose of the story, anyway...

We saw more character study and some crucial Clara/Doctor interactions. Their confrontation before jumping over the chasm to the engine room was intense. Some nice dialogues, and as usual Jenna and Matt were in top form. More brilliant acting on their part. And my eyes actually stung when they got to the engine room and found out it had already exploded, and the Doctor was so distressed about not being able to save the Tardis. I loved the zombie creatures idea. Nice timey wimey stuff. And it was interesting to see that the Doctor can see things others don't - he knew who the creatures were as soon as he saw one.

The fake countdown was a good way of showing the manipulative and bluffing sides of the Doctor. Plus it was funny to see it backfire on the Doctor, with the engine overload. :P

And to be honest, the big friendly button did not bother me one bit... Sure it was an easy way to end the threat, but it's not like we ever thought they were going to die there anyway (if Clara was another one of the 'echo-Claras', they would have killed her in the first episode, like they did Oswyn in Asylum and Victorian Clara in the Snowmen... If this Clara stayed until episode 11, there was a good chance that she would be there at least until her whole arc was revealed). I thought the big friendly button was a humorous way of ending it.

- The Crimson Horror > 7.1 rounded down to 7/10 - Not a fave, but an entertaining episode nonetheless. Loved the Gang and how they were fleshed out. Disgusting monster (the repulsive red leech - and goodness was that leech repulsive! Brrrrrrr...And when Ada made it go splat, it was even worse, lol)

A good title, a good plot too, good pace (everything flowed really well), some funny moments, good acting AND Mrs Gilliflower was great! I mean... I hated her, lol, which was the point, right? Diana Rigg really did a great job portraying her. And Ada was really well portrayed as well... scarred, dutiful, victimised, but strong enough to break the bonds and assert herself once she finds out she had been betrayed.

And "you know what these are? The wrong hands" has got to be one of the best comebacks of all time, lol. :P

- Nightmare in Silver > 7.2 rounded down to 7/10 - Not a fave, either, but I liked the episode... and I liked the cybermen too. Are they too powerful? Maybe... but that doesn't mean they're the ones the Doctor will meet every time he encounters the cybermen... depends where in time he meets them again. And I don't think there's anything wrong with hard to beat villains. Just makes it more challenging. Both for the Doctor and for the writers, to come up with ways to defeat them. The idea of them upgrading and changing to become better and stronger and more efficient seems like a logical thing to do in my mind, for a cyberman. I actually find it more creepy to have cybermites take control of people to incorporate them. Never found the cybermen really scary, to be honest.

Anyway, I think the kids were fine. Angie's a teenage girl, and she's lost her mother... She seemed to be a bit on the rebellious side when it came to Clara's authority. Artie is a typical boy... though quieter than I'm used to lol. I think the one thing I would have done differently, as their nanny (and I am a nanny myself), would have been to take them to the Tardis instead of leaving them on Wibley's sofa... and told them to stay put. Of course, kids will be kids and think they know better anyway, so they would have gone out anyway (or at least Angie would have... Artie seemed content to stay put)

Loved the Doctor/Cyberplanner scenes. 

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Well... To be fair to 900 years have passed for him. He probably deleted the information at some point. Or he just forgot... I can't remember things from a decade ago, I can't imagine remembering everything from 900 years passed...

6 days, 22 hours ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 1


@The Lazy Cat Returns! So then did Missy have her henchmen kidnap Clara to draw the Doctor into a trap? Could explain why he isn't around... 

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@supermoff, defender of Akhaten @TardisBoy! Only 63 days!?!? Oh dear... this is going way too slow.......... I think I'll join TardisBoys in the corner! I'll pull up a rocking chair though... much more comfortable lol. o.O

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@TardisBoy! Yeah it's sure is a LONG time away!!! But at least we're finally getting some filming titbits to keep us going until Autumn lol. 

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- Bells of St John > 9.9 rounded up to 10/10 - I love that episode. It got easier to understand why the Doctor was in that monastery meditating or whatever, after watching the prequel, though, lol. But I really, really enjoy the whole episode. Great opening scene, strong plot, some nice humour, great introduction to modern Clara... And I loved Clara's intro to the Tardis lol. You, me, box now! :D 

- Rings of Akhaten > 9.7 rounded up to 10/10 - Another episode I love. I don't usually like singing in episodes, but here it was magical. The little girl did very well. And the Doctor's speeches, both of them, were just brilliant too. The intro scene, with Clara's parents and her growing up, was a bit rushed and just kinda flat to me, but other than that, the episode was just awesome.

- Cold War > 6.3 rounded down to 6/10 - My least favourite episode of the series. A submarine setting doesn't appeal to me. The plot didn't do much for me either. I did like the Ice Warrior, though, and felt it looked good (yeah, I read that a lot of people didn't and felt they should have kept the old design, but I personally like the new one) And Clara being out of her depth was well done.

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I've asked myself the same question over and over, and the only reason I can think of that would make sense is that, when Amy created the fixed point in time by choosing to be zapped back in time, she created a fixed point such that it would cause a massive paradox if they were to meet again. If the fixed point was focused on them and not the area or time zone, it makes more sense. The Doctor might be able to try and visit them outside of New York, but the paradox would destroy whatever place they met at if he did. The way I see it, the end of their relationship was the fixed point.

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Two is one of my faves too. Yes it is really a shame so many of his episodes are lost.... :(

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My Doctor is Eleven. And he is my fave also. But I like all of them, even if there are a couple I haven't warmed up to as much. And even though Matt was my Doctor and I loved his Doctor to bits, I wasn't even upset when Time ended and we changed Doctor. It was my first "live" regeneration and I thought it would be harder but I moved on easily enough, lol. Don't get me wrong, he still is my favourite... but now Peter is the Doctor and, to be honest, I can't imagine him not being the Doctor. So much so that I hear his voice now, when I dream of the Doctor and such (yes, I do have dreams where Daleks, Cybermen, Doctor and companion sometimes make an appearance lol :P ) He's not reached top of my list. Yet... But he climbed up quite quickly and he's close.

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Looks like hooded or hats to me. Is it windy there? Or cold? I can't see very well but it looks like most people have their heads covered. Those 2 are brighter and more noticeable but they seem to be wearing the same sort of clothes as everyone else around. I don't know... Hard for me to see much, so maybe you're right...

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With Shona.... not Sony. Darn auto correct.......

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Yes that was my point.

Magician is just some sort of inside joke from the Doctor's comment in Time Heist. The Doctor said it first, then they reused it with Sony and Santa. And they're reusing it for a title. Shona just happened to be the one to reuse it. It could've been any of the others, but she's the one he was talking to at the time.

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- Power of 3 > 6.63 rounded up to 7/10 - This one left me a bit indifferent. With the exception of the Doctor and Amy's little chat outside, which I loved. Oh and Brian too. And Kate of course! Kate's always great. I felt the rest was a bit flat. The monster was okay, but nothing I'd write home about. And the ending felt rushed... as if they suddenly ran out of time and had to do something quantum fast to wrap up lol. So, while it wasn't that bad, I didn't think it was great either.

- Angels Take Manhattan > 8.45 rounded down to 8/10 - Good for the most part. If they were trying to pull at my heart strings, they succeeded, for the most part. Though why River slapped the Doctor and why his healing her daughter's wrist made Amy cross with him is a thing I don't think I'll ever really understand lol. And I think I understand why the Doctor would not be able to meet Amy and Rory again, but I'm still not sure. Yeah, they were sent back in time where they lived out their natural lives. Yeah, he saw their names on the gravestone, so it was going to happen, no way around it. Yeah, 1938 NY and the surrounding areas were too badly fractured for the Tardis to ever travel back there again. But why couldn't they meet somewhere else and/or later in their time lines? I'm guessing it has something to do with what the Doctor told Amy about her creating fixed point and that said fixed point would prevent from being able to see them ever again, but it just seems a bit far-fetched to me... But hey, fixed point it is... :/

- The Snowmen > 9.9 rounded up to 10/10 - A fave of mine. Victorian Clara was a bit too Mary Poppins-ish for my taste, but that didn't keep me from enjoying the episode. A lot. It was magical. I loved the GI, and the Snowmen and the Ice Lady and the Gang. Great plot, great performances, great scenery and effects, great music, great atmosphere... It's probably the one Xmas episode I have watched the most, although maybe it's tied with Last Christmas lol.

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Yeah, series 8 has certainly been rich in characterisation. So many good supporting characters. :)

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@caedus84 Well... Santa called the Doctor a magician too. Maybe Santa will return too. :P

1 week, 1 day ago on Why Shona McCullough Should Return