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"Danny Cohen, Director of BBC Television added: 'It’s been an outstanding debut series for Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who and I’m very grateful to Peter, Steven Moffat and everyone involved.'"

Alright, sir. You forgot to mention Jenna. And many other people, of course. But you certainly forgot Jenna!

1 week, 2 days ago on BBC Declares Series 8 A Triumph


Thank you very much for taking your time to answer my questions, your comment was very interesting to read, as the other replies that I received.

But I'd like to ask you one thing: you said that the physical link to the cadaver is a trick. So, why was Danny feeling cold?

Perhaps it really is a trick, but so far, I don't really think it has been proved. And that's where the complaints about the episode being too heavy start.

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Death in Heaven – Hints & Teasers (Set #1)


Man, there are some things that this finale needs to explain, such as:

-How was Missy in "Heaven" (the Nethersphere)?

-Why was the Nethersphere previously similar to a garden, and in Dark Water, it was basically a giant city?

-How could Half-Face man go to the Nethersphere?

-Why/How are there other civilizations searching for "The Promised Land", such as in Robots of Sherwood?

-In "Into the Dalek", the girl (I forgot her name) is desintegrated. How and why would she go to "The Promised Land"? Her body isn't useful to the Cybermen, I presume.

Yeah, some pretty big gaps to be filled. I'll be very disappointed if most of these questions are not explained.

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Death in Heaven – Hints & Teasers (Set #1)


Although I know that "Kill the Moon" was a divisive episode, I'm still surprised that it ranks below "Rings", even though i find "Rings" quite better.

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Your Verdict on Forest & Episode Ranking


I think both "Flatline" and "Hide', although exhibited after "Mummy" and "Rings", were written before these 2. So, I don't know which is the best criteria: the chronologic exhibition, or the time that the episode was written.

Anyway, I'll go with Vincent and the Doctor: I've seen some people giving their reasons to why they dislike this episode, and although I respect them, I sincerely don't get them: this episode has such beautiful moments. For a 45 minute episode of a Sci-Fi show (although we all know that DW is more than pure Sci-Fi), the character development and the insight of Vincent's personality and emotional conflicts are so... Perfect. Seriously, there are some magic moments in here. And it is one of the few episodes that brought me to tears in certain moments.  My only complain would be that song that plays in the end. I felt a bit out of place.But still, a great episode.

Honorary mentions to "Amy's Choice" and "Mummy". Both great episodes tightly written and acted.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Face-Off: New Writer Debuts


This episode was great. I was gripped from the start until the end. And it makes me even more exited to next week's episode!

But I'm also anxious: as it is a 2 parter, the final story, obviously, depends on both episodes. So, next weeks better be a good end tho this story!

But what I really find interesting is this: one could easily say that "Dark Water" was the set-up to next weeks episode. Not that the next episode will take a completely different direction, but this one certainly created the "structure" to the next episode: Who Missy is, the Cybermen, the Nightesphere... Yes, there are some things to be explained, and probably a lot to happen, but this one was a slow burner, and I think that, with everything in it's right place now, next week's episode will be have a great flow, probably this will provide a better use of the 60 minutes avaible.

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


This was... perfect.

Seriously, I can barely think of any flaws: the direction/design was stunning, the plot was extremely engaging, the characters (I forgot the name of the boy) were great, I... I just wasn't expecting such a good episode.

I just finished watching it, and  I don't even know how people and critics have received this, but I am genuinely VERY happy. I mean, c'mon. Such an entertaining episode!

If there is one small thing that I didn't really like, it was Missy's iPad. It felt weird, haha

I'd give something between 9 and 10 out of 10, for this episode. =)

1 month, 1 week ago on Rate & Discuss Flatline


I Can already predict: series 8 will have an average score of 8 out of 10.

If this is going to be a pattern, then I really want to watch séries 11...

Out of 10? 11!

1 month, 1 week ago on Flatline Advance Review


@arayej @Gustaff I guess she, previously, didn''t want those 2 worlds of hers to collide: her adventures and her relationship with The Doctor, and her "ordinary" life and relationship with Danny. But now, things have sort of changed: Danny is OK with the whole travelling thing, the Doctor approves her relationship with Danny... And she really likes the Doctor: she doesn't seem to want to give up this opportunity of travelling through space and time with someone who would be a very close friend (The Doctor). I suppose that she just have embraced the idea that those 2 lifes of hers may collide.

Still, I believe there's some kind of "build up" for this series: I think she may have to leave not by choice, if you know what I mean.

Sorry if my comment is a bit confusing, or silly.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Mummy on the Orient Express Review


I had a very improbable theory, which was that, after the events of the 50th, The Doctor finally "discovered" that he actually didn't murder both the Daleks and the Time Lords, so he sort of stopped feeling guilt about it, and consequently, his next incarnation (Twelfth) is more averse towards soldiers.

By that, I mean, during the time that he thought he had actually killed his whole species, it would be harder for him to accuse someone of being a soldier and being involved with violence and even muder. But now that he knows he didn't kill 2 species ( one of them actually being his own species), it is possible that he would feel less hypocrite when disliking someone for being a soldier.

But yeah, I already discarded this theory. I think it is more of a characteristic of this incarnation, and perhaps, part of his fear of not being a good man. Maybe it is even some kind of self-hatred, as the article says.

Anyway, great article!

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Examining the Doctor’s Attitude Towards Soldiers


In my opinion, there was. In that scene in Rupert's room, when all of them have their backs turned to the creature, you see, as the bed spread drops, for a few seconds a creature that doesn't really look's human.

Same thing can be applied in the spaceship in "the end of time": Those noises could be just regular noises of the ship, but due to the context, where The Doctor and Clara were searching for this creature that can hide perfectly, it could have been their imaginations. Although I don't think it was, because 1- these were definetly knockings, and 2- the door opens, probably because something was doing it.

So, from what I've seen, there isn't any moment where the character's really see the creature, and in the end, they (well, Clara) decide that it was all about fear. And thats what is brilliant abou Moffat's script and MacKinnon's direction: us, viewers, know that there was something, but the characters never really get a proper answer!

If that was the episode's intention... Brilliant stuff!

2 months, 1 week ago on Poll: Listen – Was there a Monster or not?


Also, I just read the script, so I'll post excerpt of it here:

[...] "THE DOCTOR (cont'd)

-Don't look round.

Now on RUPERT's face, as he sees it reflected in the glass. He can just see someone behind him, almost completely obscured by his own body. Smallish, child-sized - could be human, might not be.

THE DOCTOR (cont'd)

-Don't look round - don't look at the reflection." [...]

2 months, 1 week ago on Rate & Discuss Listen


If there's something that I found REALLY clever about this episode is, in the end, we, as viewers, know that there was a monster (it is revealed for a few seconds, remeber? Behind Clara?), but every character, including Clara and the Doctor, they do not see the creature.

In Rupert's bedroom, Rupert, Clara and the Doctor are all with their backs turned to the creature, so, in their perspective, it could have been a monster OR just an ordinary kid.

In the spaceship, in "the end of time", Only the Doctor stays outside the TARDIS, and we never know if he saw a creature or if he didn't. And the noises? As much as they sound like someone-s knocking, it could have been just noises from the spaceship, although I don't think it really was.

Finally, just when Clara's underneath the Doctor's bed that there isn't an actual creature. So she decide's that, the whole time, it was just the Doctor being scared and obsessive. But it really wasn't, we know that.How brilliant is that?! I really hope I'm right about this, because, if I am, than that's one of the smartest things that Moffat has ever written!

2 months, 1 week ago on Rate & Discuss Listen


I just noticed something: in that scene with Clara and Half-Face man, the Doctor in behind them the whole scene. Was him holding his breath the whole time? Can the Doctor do this? I genuinely don't know. Because, if he was breathing, I suppose Half-Face man would have noticed, wouldn't him?

3 months ago on Rate & Discuss Deep Breath


@Ollie Walton Harrod I guess 'Rose' didn't have a really high AI because it was watched by a really big audience: it has one of the highest viewing figures of NuWho, and right after it, there was a considerable drop in the audience, simply because a lot of people must have watched it out of curiosity, and in the end, didn't like it. So, perhaps that's what gives this episode a lower 'AI'.

3 months ago on Series Openers… By the Numbers


@dragonsfyre I had the same doubt as you, but I think I can answer that. If anyone who is reading this thinks I'm wrong/has a better explanation, please, reply this post

So, What I think is: Clara, when she walked into the Doctor's timeline, was sort of "fragmented" in many versions of herself, which were sent to different moments of the Doctor's timeline. So, this version, the "original" version of clara, even though she saw the different faces of the Doctor, she never really lost the one she is used to: the Eleventh. There's a bond between them, a strong bond, and when Eleventh turned into twelve, even if she knew there was no way of "undo" this, she was genuinely affected. 

Hope this might have helped you! 

3 months ago on Rate & Discuss Deep Breath


What you said is actually interesting: in the Doctor's New journey to bring back Galifrey, he may actually have to find a solution to bring back his planet without re-starting the time war. But how will he do that? That may be adressed in the following series. Interesting, interesting...

3 months, 1 week ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – The Doctor Trilogy


You're right, BUT, all those aliens only came because of the message. If they changed where the crack is to a place that only The Doctor and Clara know, they wouldn't need to send the message/calling anymore.

3 months, 1 week ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – The Doctor Trilogy


I really, really, REALLY love Name and Day. Both have amazing scrpts, ideas and performances. Also, along with Night and all the references to Classic Who of Series 7 Part 2, we had a great year, even with less episodes than if there was a full season. 

But I do have some problems with Time. Firstly, as many have have said in the comments, it was quite rushed, and should have been a 2 parter. Secondly, there are a few plot points that I found silly, and here is the main one: 

so, the Time Lords are able to listen through the crack, right? It is Clara who talks to them and convinces them to give the Doctor a new set of regenerations. But the same Timelords were able to move the crack, phisically speaking. So, why couldn't the Doctor just tell them to move the crack to an specific location, where it would be safier for them to return to the universe? Or even Clara could do this. She could say something like "Believe me, The Doctor is here, but he is dying. He can't save you now, you can't return now, not here, not at this specific moment. Go to *insert some place here*, and he'll find you." Something similar to this, but of course, better. 

3 months, 1 week ago on New Who: The Story Thus Far – The Doctor Trilogy


... You know what would be incredibly amazing?! If, instead of getting 13 episodes with a 45 minuites lenght, we had 11 episodes with a 45 minutes lenght AND a 90 minutes long FINALE. That would be... 


*brain explodes*

6 months ago on Two-Part Finale for Series 8


@TheCapaldiMasterplan @The_Doctor_  I love how everyone (including me) sees a long and prosper future for Doctor Who! I literally can imagine the show going on for at least more 10 years.

7 months ago on Peter Harness Writing for Series 8?


@Amy the Consulting Key Ring Thank you very much for your reply. But I have to ask you: you're saying that Rory and Amy would be confined to the "space" of NYC, and they wouldn't be able to leave the city? And not only that, but the Doctor wouldn't be able to reach them, or would them be able to travel through time and space with him again? 

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb


I mean, I don't see how Rory and Amy wouldn't be able to phisically leave NYC. But I might be wrong as well.I just think that, maybe, The Doctor could have sent a message to them (as you said, River was able to at least send the book of "Melody Malone"), proposing an encounter outside NY, and then, they would've been brought together again. Just build a fake grave, and that's it.

But, on the other hand, earlier in the episode, we see Rory's grave, so, apparently, he would have died in NY, anyway. I just don't see why he would be confined to the city limits, even with this whole messed-up time-line thing.  

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb


Here’s the thing: I can change the future so long as the future has not already been established as part of my own past. I can’t rescue Amy and Rory because I already know that I didn’t."

I don't think that's convincing. If I've got it right, he wouldn't be able to rescue them because he already has seen their graves. But why woudn't he be able to get them out of NYC, travel arround with them, or even let them have their own life, and in the end of their lives, they would be buried in that cemitery that we had previously seen?  

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat Explains Doctor’s Timey Tomb


@DaftDalek  Although I understand your point, I think what you said in topic 4 is a bit complicated to be done, as Moffat wrote The Day of the Doctor with the intention to change the history: make sure that The (war) Doctor didn't destroy Gallifrey. So, as much as he might have been different from his other incarnations, as he "was made to battle", in the end, he was as good as any other incarnation of the Doctor.

Maybe, John Hurt's Doctor could have been a bit darker in his thoughts and ways, but as the chemistry between both actors and characters in this episode were beyond perfect, I don't think I would change this specific characteristic of the episode.

8 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: The Day of the Doctor


I'd rate it somewhere between 5 and 6, I think. For me, it was kind of a disappointing episode for many reason: there weren't as many classic Daleks as I expected, the Rory and Amy sub-plot felt quite dull and badly written (really, stop to think about it: couldn't they at least discussed this before they broke up?), and although the idea of the asylum was simply FANTASTIC, I don't think it was completely explored

How I'd have done it (this is just my idea of a more interesting plot): as The Doctor keeps travelling throughout the universe, Rory and Amy's life goes on. Suddenly, in some clever way, The Daleks capture them, and put them inside the Asylum. Meanwhile, The Doctor receives a message from The Daleks, showing that Amy and Rory are in Danger, and they give him 2 choices: or he goes inside the Asylum to fix the faults that are occuring in the Asylum's barriers/force field, without his Tardis, or he Goes away and let them die. Of course, he choses the first one, and so, abou 1/3 of the episode is spent inside the Dalek asylum, with both The Doctor and the Ponds separated. As The Doctor tries to find them, he meets and gets the help of Oswin (she could have heard him somehow and communicated with him along the way, sort of helping him, something like that), while the Ponds find thenselves in some very hard situations where they have to get away from many insane Daleks, who tries to kill them at all coast. Between 15 and 10 minutes to the episodes ending, The Doctor and The Ponds are brought togheter *funny, happy moment* The Doctor goes saving Oswin, the whole scene proceeds like in the original episode, Oswin erases The Doctor from the Daleks minds (well, that's an optional) and lower the defenses of the Asylum.


The Doctor then finally activates the sequence of auto-destruction of the Asylum, .with his screwdriver, he brings the Tardis by "remote control" (maybe, something that he would have done previously, and that we didn't see onscreen). They get away before The Asylum explodes, killing all the Daleks inside it, and damaging the Daleks spaceships next to the asylum.

I don't think I would have included the Dalek Puppets, or the scenes outside the Asylum. I'd try to make the episode more "claustrophobic", with more tension, and I would include more scenes with genuinely scarry Daleks.

Those are just some of my ideas   :D

9 months ago on Best of Matt Smith: Asylum of the Daleks


I wonder if Steven Moffat would leave with Capaldi still in the role of The Doctor. I barely have watched the classic era, so I don't know if it already happened of the headwriter change and the same Doctor stay. It hasn't happened yet in modern Who. I wonder if this would interfere too much in the tone and writing of the current Doctor (probably, Capaldi). I genuinely  wouldn't mind Moffat arround the next couple of years. At least right now.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Steven Moffat on his Doctor Who Future