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 @bengundy This was fun to read and enlightening too.  Clearly the O Line needs work.  What scares me is all the people assuming that Donald Thomas returning will solve that position.  Which kind of injured player will he be?  Let's hope it's not the Bob Sanders - great when he's healthy, but he's rarely healthy - kind of player.  I always assume that 50% of injured players won't come back anywhere like they were.

1 year, 2 months ago on CA Charting Project: Offensive Line Season in Review


DHB as a DB.  Crazy and funny.  It would be even funnier if he did it and suddenly started making interceptions.  Nah.  The ball would bounce off his chest, be caught by the receiver, who would then score.

1 year, 2 months ago on Handling their Own: Discussing the Colts' Impending UFAs and Bubble Players

"Richardson will have to ... work on his problem of dropping passes."  Why would we want to draft DHB?  If the guy hasn't learned to catch with his hands by now, skip him.  We don't need to watch another DHB bouncing passes off his pads.

1 year, 2 months ago on CA Draft Position Overviews: Wide Receiver


I always like these sorts of questions as the year closes out.  A lot of opinions are expressed and some of them are even right.  Of course the team is better.  We played a tougher schedule, won a playoff game, beat both Super Bowl contestants, and all with a ton of injuries.

Do we need to improve?  Every team does.  But where?  The answers are easier than people make them out to be.  Suppose we could get Richard Sherman for free.  Would he be the same player we saw in the playoffs?  No.  Why?  Because our defensive line sucks.  Want to find great CBs and Safetys in the league?  Find teams with great defensive lines.  It is one of the reasons why so many free agents in the secondary are a bust.  They realign with a team that has cap space to pay a lot, but then they have a d-line that gives the QB 30 seconds on every play.

The o-line is the same.  While great QBs (Manning, Marino, etc.) can hide a poor o-line, for the most part QBs, RBs, TEs and WRs all suck when the o-line sucks.  Obligatory Brady statement: he sucked when his o-line sucked.  The Pats are smart enough to provide a solid o-line and d-line most years and it serves them well. 

George Allen said it 40+ years ago.  The game is played in the trenches.  Ignore all the off-season moves except the trenches.  Go out and pay for the best Center we can get.  And then let's get another starting guard.  The get some interior d-linemen and ILBs.  Use the draft to get future players including WR. 

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Intriguing.  I would like that wingspan as a defensive end  If nothing else, this guy could be a special teams freak, especially against field goals. 

1 year, 2 months ago on Colts Sign another Intriguing Player you’ve Never Heard of: OT Jack Breckner