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@joe4 @The MasterDoctor A "25" for Caves, out of 233 isn't bad.  I love "Five Doctors" for the run-around.  It's a wonderful celebration story.  And great for you that you place Caves as "the best Doctor Who story of all time".  A whole lot of people do!

1 week, 6 days ago on Doctor Who In Perspective 1982-1984


While I do enjoy Peter Davison in the role, the 5th Doctor's era sits quite low in my own personal estimations.  The Doctor is surrounded by dull companions, some of whom are played by those whose acting abilities are rather questionable.  The production values are awful pretty much the entire way through his era (and I believe, from knowledge gained in various magazine interviews with him, that Peter Davison would be the first to agree with me on this point.)

Worst of all, for me, was the incredible draining of all things humorous.  Yes, Tom Baker had gone over-the-top in Series 17, and the funny bits had already been cut back in his final series.  However, when Davison took the role, it seemed that there was an ultimatum put into effect by producer John Nathan-Turner that all the "funny" be exorcised from the scripts "or else".  

I'm going to go ahead and take advantage of this article to list my ratings for Davison's era.  (Where else could I do this?)  Of 233 Doctor Who stories which I have seen, here is how Davison's era rates with me:

4. The Five Doctors

23.  Mawdryn Undead

25.  Caves of Androzani

44.  Black Orchid

58.  Enlightenment

62.  King's Demons

93.  The Visitation

126.  The Awakening

159.  Earthshock

162.  Planet of Fire

163.  Castrovalva

164.  Time-Flight

191.  Arc of Infinity

199.  Kinda

211.  Terminus

212.  Snakedance

224.  Frontios

225.  Resurrection of the Daleks

232.  Warriors of the Deep

233.  Four To Doomsday

Yes, Davison's first-filmed story (though second screened) is the bottom of the entire barrel for me.  I'm sure there are others who love it, and great for them.  I find it absolutely tedious.  I did purchase it on DVD and tried my best to get more out of it, but it just didn't happen for me.  As others have said in the comments, it is always enjoyable to listen to Peter Davison on the DVD commentaries.

2 weeks ago on Doctor Who In Perspective 1982-1984


@supermoff is excited for Mathiemoff @TaylorBoone  " please and enthral generation and generation of humanity..."

Why stop at humanity?!

2 weeks ago on Moffat: Revived Who To Last 15 Years Minimum


I'm sure the Dalek deserved it.  Them Daleks...  they's selfish.  Just like Giraffes.

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Doctor Who Future in Doubt After Capaldi ‘Fracas’


Thank you, DWTV for putting the entire list out for us all to take a look at.  Very interesting to compare this list with my own list...  and to see, in many instances, how wrong everyone else is.


Lots of fun!

3 weeks ago on All 117 Episodes of the Revival Ranked By You


Only three of my Bottom 10 make the DWTV Bottom 10.  And because nobody asked, here's my list:

1. The Lazarus Experiment  (Best of the Bottom 10)

2. Waters of Mars

3. Time Heist

4. Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

5. The Beast Below

6. The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

7. Rings of Akhaten

8. Victory of the Daleks

9. Kill The Moon

10. Night Terrors - (Absolute Worst of the Bottom 10.)

3 weeks, 1 day ago on The Bottom 10 TV Stories of the Decade


@Grotnes I also enjoy Doc, Wid, Ward.  Matt Smith absolutely lights up every scene he is in.  The Doctor's introduction of the children to the rooms of the mansion is wonderful.  I also love the thought of opening a Christmas present and falling into the box and into another existence.  Things go a bit off when the Mother meets the Androzani workers and the magic pixy dust of the trees (which makes a comeback in Capaldi's "Forest of the Night") doesn't quite work.  One other strange thing (if I'm remembering the episode correctly - haven't seen it recently) is the way the story ignores the other members of the flight crew on the plane when it arrives at the mansion.  But yes, I like Doc, Wid, Ward.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on The Bottom 10 TV Stories of the Decade


@Mark McCullough Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, Human Nature/Family of Blood, End of Time Parts 1 & 2 and Impossible Planet/Satan Pit should have all been combined into one story (going by how DWTV did it).  So what are your next four in line?  I've got to know.  I've got to know!

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Your Top 20 TV Stories of the Decade


Not that anyone is really going to care, but darn it, I do!  Here are my Top 20 stories of the last decade:

20.  The Pandorica Opens/Big Bang

19.  The Christmas Invasion

18.  The Shakespeare Code

17.  The 11th Hour

16.  The Caretaker

15.  Amy's Choice

14.  Asylum of the Daleks

13.  Mummy on the Orient Express

12.  Name of the Doctor

11.  Flatline

10.  Blink

9.  The Unquiet Dead

8.  Rose

7.  The Snowmen

6.  The Girl in the Fireplace

5.  Dalek

4.  The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

3.  Day of the Doctor

2. School Reunion

1.  Vincent and the Doctor

All this voting over the past number of weeks has been a whole lot of fun.  I've enjoyed reading the thousands of comments.

I would VERY MUCH like to see DWTV readers' entire ratings list of ALL the episodes from the last decade.  Any chance?

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Your Top 20 TV Stories of the Decade


Vincent by light years.

An absolutely brilliant piece of television.  Note that I didn't write "...of Doctor Who".  I wrote "...of television".

Truly, one of the best examples of episodic television ever produced. 

1 month ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #8


In the Forest of the NIght would be the worst of the series had it not been for the awful Kill the Moon.  And I still say that because of the events of "Forest", "Moon" should not have been possible.  Because at the end of "Forest", after the sun had it's way, there should have been one gigantic fried egg orbiting the Earth.

Dark Water has some interesting things going on in it, but it gets dragged down by it's second half, Death in Heaven.  Death in Heaven is an absolute mess of an episode.  It's all over the place and then becomes completely stagnant once CyberDanny shows up.  As for the Cyberbrig?  I would have thought the episode had been written by someone who had never seen even one single previous story featuring the Brigadier.  The manner in which Moffat treats this beloved character is astonishingly disgraceful.

I also have a lot of problems with Last Christmas.  So much of it makes so little sense.  Dream Crabs that allow their victims to dream a way out of being their victims.  Cheap "dream within dream" scenarios.  Shona was great though.

In the Forest of the Night - 4

Dark Water - 5

Death in Heaven - 5

Last Christmas - 6

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 4


@gameguy523 Here's one American who doesn't adore it.  Of 219 Doctor Who stories I've seen, KTM rates in at number 215.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 3


The best thing (I can say) about Kill the Moon is that two wonderful episodes followed it. 

Mummy on the Orient Express was fantastic.  A whole lot of fun.  I thought it was going to be the best episode of the series but then...

...Flatline came along.  An incredible episode.  The special effects were really effective and special.  Really wowed me.  The whole shrinking TARDIS bit was hysterical.  Both Capaldi and Coleman were amazing in this episode.  For me, the best of the 8th series, just slightly edging out Mummy.

Kill the Moon -  3

Mummy on the Orient Express - 9

Flatline - 9

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 3


A very good article and great support for an episode that I myself despise with almost every fiber of my soul.  (The Lanzarote-as-moon effects were wonderful.)

I won't go into my spiel of everything I found wrong with KTM.  I did that when the episode originally aired.  At this point I'm just going to put the episode behind me and get on with loving pretty much everything else about Doctor Who.

And I'll add, that even as awful as I think KTM is, it is still far, far better than a whole lot of the garbage that currently passes as televisual entertainment.  I consider the episode one of the worst of Doctor Who, but I consider Doctor Who one of the absolute best television shows ever.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Why I Love Kill the Moon


Listen - To what the flower people say...  Listen - It's getting louder every day.  I kept expecting the Vervoids to turn up in this episode.  Instead we get some silly trip to the Doctor's days of youth.  No, I didn't mean that.  Very good episode.  I don't consider it a masterpiece (or should that now be "mistresspiece"?  HAH!)  as many others do.  But lots of neat things happen in it.  Oh, and we get a really cool trip to the Doctor's days of youth.

Time Heist - Filled with cliches.  Saying "cliches" are "tributes" doesn't mean that they're not still cliches.  Slow motion entry to the bank - yuck.  Shafts between floors large enough that they could have installed lifts/elevators in them.  The Teller was good though.

The Caretaker - I love this episode.  I seem to be in a bit of a minority that way, but that's just too bad for everyone who doesn't get it.  Peter Capaldi absolutely shines in this episode.  Especially with his enchantment at the thought that Clara is in love with the 11th Doctor look-a-like.  I don't even mind Danny in this episode.  You think Clara is a control freak?  Take another look at Danny.  Though there seems to be a bit of a spark between Clara and Danny in this episode, it never ignites anything.  There is never any chemistry between the two.  But chemistry between the 12th Doctor and Clara?  LOADS OF IT!

Listen - 8

Time Heist - 4

The Caretaker - 9

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 2


It's all so complexly simple.

All of this is so easily explained.  There's been no ret-conning.  No overwriting past events or future events.  Everything that has happened, still has happened.  Everything that has changed what happened has still changed what happened.

It's not the continuity of the television show "Doctor Who" that has been all messed up.  It's the continuity of events that have taken place/will take place within the Doctor's Universe that has been all messed up.

And that's why the Doctor should think not just twice, but three, four - actually, GOOGLE - times before finding/rescuing Gallifrey and the Time Lords.

Because once the Doctor finds/rescues the Time Lords, they are going to have a look around at the Universe and see how freshly SCREWED UP IT IS ! ! !

The Time Lords are going to put all the blame for the messed up Universe(s) squarely on the Doctor, saying it's all because of what he has been up to in their absence.  They might even be so ticked off about it all that they'll erase all the Doctors from existence, hoping that THAT might set things right.

Or the Time Lords might yank the Second Doctor out of his forced regeneration, and send him through-out Space, Time and the Universe(s), correcting everything that the 8th, War, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors did TO MESS EVERYTHING UP!!!

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Wibbly Continuity: Filling in the Cracks of the Moffat Era


Deep - 8

Into - 6

Sherwood - 5

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 1


Asylum - 9

Dinosaurs - 5

Town - 5

Power - 5

Angel's - 5

Snowmen - 10

Bells - 8

Rings - 4

Cold - 8

Hide - 8

Journey - 6

Crimson - 8

Nightmare - 5

Name - 9

Day - 10

Time - 8

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2012-2013 Recap


Asylum of the Daleks - 9

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - 5

A Town Called Mercy - 5

Really enjoyed Asylum, especially all the Oswald scenes and her concluding moments.  Dinosaurs and Town didn't do a whole lot for me. 

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2012 Part 1


The Girl Who Waited - 8

The God Complex - 8

Closing Time - 5

The Wedding of River Song - 5

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe - 8

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2011 Part 3


Rebel/Almost make up one terribly dull story.  It just doesn't hop off the screen for me.  Just sort of sits there.  Even the two Doctors interaction comes off weak (to me.)

A Good Man Goes to War, while pretty much all over the place, is still an episode I enjoy.  Not so appreciative of the Doctor blowing up the Cybership just to prove a point.  The Headless Monks are cool.

Let's Kill Hitler shows Rory at what is probably his best.  Although that's really not all that "best".  (Never cared for the character.)  Some interesting concepts.

Night Terrors is an absolute terror to have to sit through.  An awful episode with awful guest cast.  That kid ranks right up there with the girl from Fear Her.  It's as if Gatiss thought, "Hey, one of the worst episodes of Star Trek:  The Next Generation is titled, "Night Terrors".  I'll try to make my "Night Terrors" just as awful."

The Rebel Flesh - 4

The Almost People - 4

A Good Man Goes to War - 8

Let's Kill Hitler - 8

Night Terrors - 3

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2011 Part 2


The Impossible Astronaut - 8

Day of the Moon - 8

Curse of the Black Spot - 5

The Doctor's Wife - 8

1 month, 3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2011 Part 1


Vincent and the Doctor is absolutely brilliant.  Currently my No. 1 Doctor Who story of all.  (Though Horror of Fang Rock is inching back.)  So much to say about this episode.  So much wonderful.

The Lodger is a lot of fun.  It only pales in that big questions it brings up are never properly answered in future episodes like they should have been.  Matt Smith is boiling with energy in this one.

Pandorica/Bang is a story which has grown on me a whole lot.  The conclusion of Pandorica is amazing and even though Bang doesn't pick up on all that amazing, it does lead off in other directions which are also amazing.

A Christmas Carol is one I have problems with.  To me there's a lot that just doesn't make sense.  Even though the elder Kazran watches his younger self change, he never changes until the end.  The timey-wimeyness doesn't seem to play out correctly.

Vincent and the Doctor - 10

The Lodger - 8

The Pandorica Opens - 9

The Big Bang - 9

A Christmas Carol - 5

1 month, 4 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2010 Part 3


Vampires of Venice was a bit boring to me.  It also brought Rory to the forefront, which to me is a negative.  I find Rory to be one of the most boring "companions" ever in Doctor Who.  While Clara and Danny had no chemistry together whatsoever, to me, Rory and Amy had no chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry or calculus together.  Amy was a fireworks display while Rory was paint drying on a wall.

Amy's Choice was terrific.  The Dream Lord was fantastic and I very much hope to see him again.  But would there be a new version of the Dream Lord to mirror Capaldi's Doctor?

Hungry Earth/Cold Blood was much better when it was the Third Doctor story, Doctor Who and the Silurians.  Much, much better.  

Vampires of Venice - 6

Amy's choice - 9

Hungry Earth - 5

Cold Blood - 5

1 month, 4 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2010 Part 2


The 11th Hour is a wonderful intro for Matt Smith's Doctor as well as Amy Pond.  Lots of fun and very interesting that they have the companion meet the Doctor when she's a child.  The time differential between the Doctor's first and second arrivals is, in a way, heartbreaking.

The Beast Below is a beastly mess way below average.  A whole lot of the story just doesn't make sense or fit.  Characters are introduced and you think you're supposed to feel for them, and then they're not important to the episode.  A bad concept of a basic story.

Victory of the Daleks is pretty much just as bad as the Beast Below.  The new hunchback Daleks are awful.  The robot of love is awful and the fighter planes in space not thought through.

Angels/Flesh has a lot going for it.  River is great in this one and Matt Smith is perfect as the Doctor which could be strange considering that this was his first filmed story.

The 11th Hour - 9

The Beast Below - 4

Victory of the Daleks - 4

Time of Angels - 8

Flesh and Stone - 8

1 month, 4 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2010 Part 1


I have a problem with "Midnight".  There's an obvious way for the Doctor to overcome the "monster".  If you really think about what the monster/creature (whatever) is doing and how it's doing it, then the way out (for the Doctor at least; no other potential victim) is pretty obvious.  Besides that though, if it were the Third Doctor or Fourth Doctor, they'd overcome this creature in no time.  The fellow travelers are all too over-the-top awful to be taken seriously.  Sky, once the creature is within her, is very frightening though.

Turn Left was about as terrific an episode of Doctor Who can be without the Doctor being in it.  (Or hardly in it anyway.)  Donna is great in this as is everyone around her.  And that concluding scene is really shocking.

Stolen Earth is incredible.  Journey's End is terrible.  Together, they make for an average story.  Perhaps slightly above average.  I'll let the incredible-ness of Stolen Earth pull the whole thing out ahead.

The Next Doctor after Tennant, I was convinced was going to be David Morrisey.  He was fantastic as his own version of the Doctor and the mystery of who he actually was, was great.  The appearance of the first nine Doctors certainly helps this episode to elevate.  A whole bunch of the episode doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's a Christmas episode and I don't want to be a grinch about it.

Midnight - 5

Turn Left - 9

Stolen Earth - 6

Journey's End - 6

The Next Doctor - 8

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2008 Part 3


Planet of the Dead just comes across so average.  Average television.  Nothing special.  A quick story, some boring people on a bus, some cool creatures, some silly insect people.  A really irritating guest companion.

Waters of Mars doesn't do anything for me either.  I honestly find the humans in their transformed state to look rather laughable.  (Sorry, I know it's me.)  It's yet another base under seige with a heavy-handed conclusion that is not at all necessary.  I see no reason whatsoever for the Captain (or whatever she was) to commit suicide.  I also don't buy the Doctor going so nutso power mad.  We're talking about a guy who once controlled the Key to Time.  A Time Lord couldn't get much more powerful than that.  (I know, different incarnations.  But at hearts, still the same guy.)

End of Time (parts 1 & 2) I like a lot simply because it (for me) brought the show bouncing back from the two previous weak (my opinion) episodes.  The wait was long and difficult for these two episodes and that plays into the story's success, for me.  A lot of it is mediocre (most of the Master material) but a whole lot is some superior stuff (the Time Lords and Gallifrey appearances.)  The Doctor is back in form in this one.

Planet of the Dead - 5

Waters of Mars - 5

End of Time (Part 1) - 8

End of Time (Part 2) - 8

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2009-10 Specials


The Doctor's Daughter is a tired retread of a whole lot of sci-fi concepts, and it doesn't do any of them very well.  Definitely don't buy that the whole thing has been going on for - what was it? A week?  Where's a cool Genesis Device when you need one?  Oh, right.  And Jenny tumbling through the laser beams?  To me it looks like she goes straight through most of the beams.

Unicorn and the Wasp is an episode that has grown on me.  Didn't care much for it when it first aired, but it has gotten better on repeat views.  Still don't really know why it has the title it has since the Unicorn is such an extremely minor part of the story.  Love the Doctor's unpoisoning scene.

Silence/Forest is excellent and nightmare inducing.  The "ghosting" (was that what it was called?) was horrifying.  "Hey, who turned out the lights?!" and the skull in the space helmet - so incredibly memorable and scary.  Donna's alternative life and it's destruction is so devastating.  The 10th Doctor is so cool in this one!

The Doctor's Daughter - 5

Unicorn and the Wasp - 8

Silence in the Library - 9

Forest of the Dead - 9

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2008 Part 2


Partners in Crime is adorable.  From the Doctor and Donna when they spot one another across the villainess, to the little globs of fat waving bye-bye.  Although the way the fat "just walks away" doesn't make sense.  The fat seems to just come off the body in chunks.  That wouldn't happen.  They should have shown the fat "ooooozing" out of the chubby people's individual pores, then joining together to form the little living globs.  That would have been really gross and really cool.

Fires of Pompeii is terrific fun and also rather heart-wrenching when the family cowers together in fear of the mountain of fire.  The Doctor and Donna are wonderful together.

Planet of the Ood along with Stratagem/Poison all ranked really high with me on initial viewing.  They've faded for me since.  The Sontar-Hah bit sort of irritates me now and the kid really, REALLY gets on my nerves.  The Doctor and Donna still save all three episodes though.

Partners in Crime - 8

Fires of Pompeii - 8

Planet of the Ood - 6

The Sontaran Stratagem - 6

The Poison Sky - 6

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2008 Part 1


@ElyotWren Well now that's a shame.  I don't see it as best vs worst.  I'm having a good time with this.  Part of the fun is writing about how much I despise "Kill the Moon" - ripping it to shreds - and then reading why others love it - cuddling up with it like it's an adorable little puppy.

I do my best to not let any of this go to my brain.  Doctor Who is incredibly fantastic escapism. My most favorite form of it.  I consider forums like this, articles like this, polls like this to be a part of that escapism.  It's all quite silly when you consider it.  And there's nothing wrong with that.

A very wise Time Lord once said, "There's no point in being grown up if you can't act childish sometimes." (Or was it a human television script-writer?) 

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2007 Part 3


Blink is wonderful, but not enough Doctor!

Utopia is really good, but not enough Jacobi Master!

Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords is fair.  Too much horrid little troll Doctor.  Too much lunatic Master.

Voyage of the Damned just didn't do it for me.  The big bad guy is way too over the top and ultimately, the Doctor sentencing Astrid to an existence as a clump of space dust is just as bad as what he did in "Love & Monsters" to the girl in the brick.  Astrid is supposed to be out there in space, floating around, seeing the wonders of the Universe?  Well, by now she may have gotten one hundredth of the way to Venus.  Wow, what wonders.

Blink - 9

Utopia - 8

Sound of Drums - 6

Last of the Time Lords - 6

Voyage of the Damned - 5

2 months ago on Rank the Revival: 2007 Part 3


"Lazarus" was pretty run of the mill.  The scorpion stands as one of the worst special effects ever, and I'm including the first 26 years of DW in with that.

"42" just didn't do it for me.  It was done much better when it was called "Planet of Evil" with Tom Baker's 4th Doctor.  One of my biggest irritations of DW:  The Doctor standing at the little window, watching as Martha and friend drift away toward the sun in the escape pod.  He stands there, at that window, mouthing the words, "I'll save you.  I'll save you."  Meanwhile, the pod keeps getting closer and closer to the sun.  "I'll save you."  The Doctor continues to mouth the words.  "I'll save you."  Kept expecting him to break into sign language as well as writing those words backwards (so Martha can read them from her point of view) on the window in permanent marker.

"Human/Family" are really good episodes, but I've never bought the main reason that everything happens.  Not for a moment do I believe the "family" is worthy of the Doctor arching himself.  I know he does it in hopes that they'll go away so that he doesn't have to destroy them, but frankly, I don't believe that he does have to destroy them.  On a scale of powerful enemies, these four don't come anywhere near the likes of the Daleks, etc.  They're closer to the Zarbi.  I also don't like what the Doctor does to the family in the end.  He's way overboard.  However, the main concepts of the story are wonderful and Tennant is fantastic as John.  The positives of these two episodes greatly outweigh the negatives.

The Lazarus Experiment - 5

42 - - - 5

Human Nature - 8

Family of Blood - 8

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2007 Part 2


Smith and Jones and Gridlock are acceptable episodes.  Nothing spectacular.

Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution are quite dismal.  Horribly cliched characters, one horrendous special effect that stops everything flat and pig men that have no purpose being pigs.  The Dalek that peeks over it's own "shoulder" to see if anyone's listening is probably the brightest highlight, and that's rather sad when you think about it.

The Shakespeare Code was wonderful.  Right from it's opening moments.  Those witches were downright frightening and who knew that Shakespeare was such a cad!  Tenant is great in this one especially when one of his hearts stops.  A terrific story!

Smith and Jones - 6

The Shakespeare Code - 9

Gridlock - 6

Daleks in Manhattan - 4

Evolution of the Daleks - 4

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2007 Part 1


@Browncoat of arms That is actually a really fantastic idea, Browncoat.

2 months, 1 week ago on Weird and Wonderful


@Regenerated Catterson hails CTFxC Only the names of the 8th Doctor's companions are canon.  Not what they look like or any of the BF stories that they're in.  They can certainly be in your (or anyone's) personal canon, but it's not in any so-called "official" canon.  (And there are those who don't even count "Night of the Doctor" as being canon as it didn't air on television.  Who nose?)

2 months, 1 week ago on Weird and Wonderful


So nice to listen to Tom Baker's voice and see him like this.  He looks fantastic.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if Capaldi's Doctor crossed over into a Parallel Universe and encountered the Doctor, still in his Fourth (and aged) incarnation?!  Thanks for putting this up.

2 months, 1 week ago on Weird and Wonderful


Babelcolour's contributions are AMAZING as usual.  The Series 8 tribute is absolutely exhilarating!  Makes me want to watch the entire series again RIGHT NOW!!!  And the Time War Chronicles - The Final Day is so brilliant.  Perhaps Mr. Humphryes can take over as Showrunner when Moffat departs?!

2 months, 1 week ago on Weird and Wonderful


@Malohkeh, not a member of any acronyms @DaftDalek @Supermoff, member of CATS @Evil Switcharoo Not that anyone's asked, but here are how I rate these episodes that are being mentioned here.  Out of 219 Doctor Who stories I've seen (not including the found Troughton's or any of Capaldi's episodes - haven't counted them in yet.)

177. Love & Monsters

189. Twin Dilemma

190. Fear Her

205. The Web Planet

214. Victory of the Daleks

219. Four To Doomsday (Just to get my least favorite mentioned)

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2006 Part 3


Love & Monsters was so-so.  The Jackie scenes give it some oomph.  The concluding scenes are rather bad and I've always thought it absolutely awful what the Doctor does to the poor girl, sentencing her to an abysmal life as a slab of brick.  (He'll do worse at the conclusion of "Voyage of the Damned".)

Fear Her I don't mind as much as many others do.  I LOVE the Scribble Monster and I've been hoping for a return some day.  Perhaps the Great Intelligence can take it over some how!

Army of Ghosts & Doomsday are two powerhouses of fun.  And oh, how the heart sinks when that wall divides the Doctor from his Rose and Rose from her Doctor.  That final moment when Rose lets go and falls into the other Universe...  Soul wrenching.

The Runaway Bride held so much promise when we all got that sneak peek of the TARDIS car chase.  So exciting!  But that was pretty much all the excitement that the episode held.  To weigh it all down, there's a gigantic spider with eight long, creepy legs.  And it goes no where.  Doesn't move an inch.  Just like one of her ancestors (or I guess that should be one of her descendants) in the concluding Third Doctor story, "Planet of the Spiders".  Donna has some spark to her, even though in this episode, those sparks are rather quite loud and annoying.

Love & Monsters - 5

Fear Her - 5

Army of Ghosts - 9

Doomsday - 9

The Runaway Bride - 6

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2006 Part 3


@ElyotWren @The MasterDoctor ElyotWren, first off, of course, everyone is welcome to their own opinion.  And what I wrote above is obviously just my own opinion.  Part of what "sprang" to mind when I needed something to write up above there.  Yes, the woman who played the Wire was ott.  I thought the actor playing the father was over acting and the actor playing the son wasn't acting much at all.  But again, just my op.

You wrote of what you thought of the actors in IP/SP, and I can respect your opinion.  I bought into everyone's performance.  That's just me.

I'm really digging these ratings and what everyone has to say.  You too!

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2006 Part 2


"Rise/Age" never did much for me.  Not terrible, by any means, but not anything special.

"Idiot's Lantern" has way to many idiotic things going on in it.  Like heads with no ability to breathe, but they all stay alive.  Over acting and lack of acting on the part of the guest cast didn't help it any.

"Impossible/Pit" on the other hand was terrific.  What atmosphere.  Toby is nightmare inducing.  The Ood, really frightening.  The Doctor and Rose doing some of their best.  And who could forget the big bad guy?  What a little devil!

Rise of the Cybermen - 6

Age of Steel - 6

The Idiot's Lantern - 5

Impossible Planet - 9

The Satan Pit - 9

2 months, 1 week ago on Rank the Revival: 2006 Part 2


My Sarah Jane!


Oh, what a wonderful episode, "School Reunion" is!  My absolute most favorite 10th Doctor episode. (Coming in at No. 7 of ALL Doctor Who stories.  For me, that is.)

Then there's "The Girl in the Fireplace".  My absolute most second favorite 10th Doctor episode.  (Coming in at No. 14 of ALL Doctor Who stories.  For me, that is, again.)

Not so much for "New, New, New, Na-New-New-New, New, New, New-di-de-New, Nanu-Nanu, New Earth".  Or however many "News" the Doctor gave it.  I do like Tennant's version of Casandra in the Doctor's body, though.  Hysterical!  

Not so much for the irritatingly-irritating Slo-Mo, rotating in mid-air (for no reason) Monks of "Tooth and Claw".  I was not amused.

New Earth - 6

Tooth and Claw - 5

School Reunion - 10

The Girl in the Fireplace - 10

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I thought I was the only one who enjoyed "Boom Town".  The dinner scene between the Doctor and the Slitheen woman (I'm terrible with names) is a favorite 9th Doctor scene for me.

Bad Wolf started silly and actually managed to get sillier before kicking it up a whole bunch of notches.  Parting of the Ways was great, but the silliness of it's predecessor takes the whole two-part story down, if just a little bit.

The Christmas Invasion was terrific but suffered from not enough Doctor.

Boom Town - 8

Bad Wolf - 8

Parting of the Ways - 8

The Christmas Invasion - 9

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Hmmm.  If Gallifrey were hidden in the Doctor, then had Missy said to him, "Go to (such and such) coordinates, and Gallifrey will be there", then she would have been being honest.  Gallifrey would have been at those coordinates because Gallifrey is inside the Doctor.  No matter where the Doctor goes (and no matter what coordinates he ends up at) that's where Gallifrey is.

A really neat theory and idea, but alas, a bit too complicated for all those "casual viewers" that Moffat says the show is really aimed at.

Perhaps Missy was being honest.  She sent him to the correct coordinates, but didn't remind the Doctor that Gallifrey is inside a Pocket Universe - located right there at those coordinates.  So that's why the Doctor didn't see it and started pounding the TARDIS console like an inconsolable brat.  Because he forgot the bit about the Pocket Universe.

How about this?  Perhaps Gallifrey can put itself into a little jewel that then hangs from a little kitty collar that the Doctor can wear around his neck?

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I thought "The Long Game" was the weakest of the entire series.  But it was surrounded by some absolutely excellent material.

Dalek - 10

The Long Game - 5

Father's Day - 8

The Empty Child - 10

The Doctor Dances - 10

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@MikeUK2011 Mike, just curious...  You didn't like "Dalek"?  That was Episode 6, so in the first half of the series.  And no, I won't hate you for saying so.

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Lots of fun here!

Rose - 10

End of the World - 6

The Unquiet Dead - 10

Aliens in London - 6

World War III - 6

All the two-parters will get the same rating from me as I combine them into one.  So that one rating just spreads itself out over both episodes.  (Which I acknowledge hurts "Stolen Earth" as "Journey's End" really drags it down.  But for me, the two-part episodes make up one story.)

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@The_Doctor_ Yes, I also find Listen to be overrated.  A good episode though.  But guess what?  I also find Midnight to be overrated.  Sorry!

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@IrishPenmanship He's a beautiful Curator, probably.

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@Supermoff  @PaddyB @Supermoff Super, showing it on TV at the exact same time would completely and utterly negate the impact - and especially the financial impact - of making the film for the cinema.

If a company is going to put $200 million dollars (or so) into financing a Doctor Who film, they're going to want as many customers as possible to pay for it in their local cinema.  (And pay for it again and again on multiple viewings!)  They're not going to want millions of potential cinema customers seeing the film for free on TV and then have those people not bother with paying to see it in the cinema.

The VAST majority of TV viewers would NEVER go to the cinema to pay for something they can see for free at home.  There goes any chance of profit (and profit is THEE main reason ANY company would ever finance a DW film.)  And then there goes any chance of further DW cinema films.

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