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@The Lazy Cat's Soufflé Was too Beautiful to Live Delgado's beard was real.  Ainley's was glued on.  Both look sinister though!

7 hours, 37 minutes ago on Face-Off: The Masters (Classic Era)


Thank you.  Watched it again and this time the words were obvious because of your interpretation.  Funny how once you "know" the words, it becomes so clear.  This happens a lot for me with Doctor Who.  I have trouble understanding an actor's words, then since I'm trying to figure out what was said, I miss the next lines because I'm no longer paying attention.  

Is it just me???

5 days, 8 hours ago on 2014 Christmas Special: Children in Need Clip


@jamesanash101 I'm in America.  In our family we got oranges, apples, walnuts and various candies, cookies and crackers.

Mmmmmm...  Sweet memories, flashing very quickly by!

5 days, 18 hours ago on 2014 Christmas Special: Children in Need Clip


I was worried about this Christmas special when Santa entered the TARDIS during the end credits of "Death in Heaven".  It just didn't have a good feel to it.  Seemed off somehow or another.

This clip has changed all that.  This looks interesting and fun.

Anyone know what the elves say after the Doctor says Happy Easter?  Couldn't make it out.

5 days, 18 hours ago on 2014 Christmas Special: Children in Need Clip


@Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen @Sarahvictoriasmith "...but I'm still as nuts as I've always been..."

The Master did not used to be "nuts".  "Crazed" perhaps, but he did not always act like a lunatic.  The Simm Master was written to be nuts and unfortunately, this has carried over into the Gomez Master/Mistress.  This is even more unfortunate when you consider that in the concluding moments of "End of Time", the Simm Master recovered his sanity and was even heroic in saving both the Doctor and planet Earth from Rassilon and the Time Lords.  (And the Doctor did not "leave (him) for dead".) 

Perhaps the Gomez Master actually precedes the Jacobi and Simm Masters.  She is a time traveler after all.  Maybe she's somewhere after the Eric Roberts Master, whom the Doctor, in a way, did leave for dead.

6 days, 22 hours ago on 2nd Opinion: Death in Heaven


Both the Simm and Gomez Masters are written as lunatics.  The Master was never previously a lunatic.  He was cold, cruel and cunning.  For me, no one tops the original, Roger Delgado.  Derek Jacobi came close, doing more with those 5 minutes or so as the Master than what Simm did in his four episodes.  So for me it's...

Roger Delgado

Derek Jacobi

Pratt/Beevers (the Decayed Master)

Anthony Ainley

Michelle Gomez

Eric Roberts

John Simm

1 week ago on Face-Off: New Who Masters


@Sarahvictoriasmith I've read a couple comments here and there about a "sexual attraction" from the Simm Master for the Doctor.  I haven't watched any of those episodes for sometime, but I know I definitely never picked up on any such attraction when I have watched them either on initial viewing or repeat views. Are you able to pinpoint anything in particular that occurred?

1 week ago on 2nd Opinion: Death in Heaven


Great reviews, both very much in line with my own thinking.  "Death in Heaven" was dreadful.  (But "Flatline" from earlier in the series I thought was terrific.  A very original concept.  Well, it was done 20 years ago on "The Simpsons", but other than that... )

I also didn't see Missy as being the Master.  I don't really have a problem with the gender change.  But I do have a problem with the "sexual attraction" bit.  I don't buy Missy being so enamored with the Doctor.  The way she floats over to him with big bright adoring eyes upon their initial encounter.  The kisses on the nose.  The "he's my boyfriend" bit earlier in the season.

But I'm hoping there's a reason for it that we perhaps will learn in a future episode.  Here's a possible reason for the lovey-dovey bit:

Perhaps when the Master regenerated out of Simm and into Gomez, it was a "now or never" situation.  Meaning, he was forced to take another body, similar to overtaking the body of Tremas in "Keeper of Traken".  Only problem is that this time, his only choice of body was a Time Lady on Gallifrey.  A Time Lady would have a much stronger will than what the Trakenite Tremas had.  Tremas completely disappeared when the Master took him over.  Maybe with taking over a Time Lady, her own will would still be a strong presence within him.

Sort of like the Steve Martin/Lilly Tomlin movie, "All of Me".  Of course, that was a comedy (and if you haven't seen it, you should seek it out.  Steve Martin is phenomenal as a man with a woman within him.)  In the case of "Doctor Who", a forced combination of a male Time Lord and a female Time Lady would make for some great Sci-Fi drama and some great potential material for Michelle Gomez as both the Master and the Time Lady fighting it out within the same body!

Just an idea.

1 week, 1 day ago on 2nd Opinion: Death in Heaven


Already posted here previously that Capaldi is a hit.  Now I'm gonna go ahead and list my Doctor list of "Mostest Absolute Favorite" to "Favorite":

1.  The Doctor Who visited the lighthouse of the dead.

2.  The Doctor Who went for a ride in a wheelchair at breakneck speed.

3.  The Doctor Who investigated Lunch Room Ladies and the dreck they serve.

4.  The Doctor Who almost became the Master (of Fiction).

5.  The Doctor Who talked a Dalek to death.

6.  The Doctor Who enjoyed a Starry Night.

7.  The Doctor Who imitated a Thing when he performed a TARDIS crawl.

8.  The Doctor Who broke a Meddlesome Time Lords TARDIS.

9.  The Doctor Who loved a nice pair of comfy shoes.

10. The Doctor Who once felt a bit peckish for kitty.

11. The Doctor Who couldn't see a gigantic ferris wheel right in front of him.

12. The Doctor Who had an old soldier friend who didn't recognize him.

13. The Doctor Who was looking for the Doctor.

(And if anyone actually took the time to decipher all that up above there and figured out the stories described, you now know my favorite story of each Doctor.  Thanks for playing.)

1 week, 3 days ago on Poll: Capaldi’s Doctor – Hit or Miss?


Capaldi is fantastic as the Doctor.  He just hasn't been handed the best scripts.  I still feel embarrassed for him that he had to speak the line, "It's an egg."  When he has been handed great material ("Mummy", "Flatline", "Caretaker") he's done wonderful things.  While many don't care for "Caretaker" because it's "a soap" circling around Clara and Danny, I myself concentrate my viewing of the episode on Capaldi.  He is amazing as the Caretaker.  The glow on his face when he thinks that Clara is in love with the 11th Doctor-look-a-like is wondrous to behold.

1 week, 4 days ago on Poll: Capaldi’s Doctor – Hit or Miss?


@DalekSupreme1 @The Lazy Cat Needs Her Inhaler @YaelMoise wants Osgood back! When Kate said the Doctor was on the payroll and he asked, "How much?",  he should have, bemused, said, "I should have a bit racked up by now."  To which Kate could have replied, "Your old car, Bessie, has regenerated into a Rolls."

1 week, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss Death in Heaven


@The Lazy Cat Needs Her Inhaler You do realize that Clara is in the Christmas special, don't you?

1 week, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss Death in Heaven


An absolute confused mess.  I didn't think the finale episode could be worse than "Dark Water".  I had high hopes.  Perhaps too high.  And I would venture to guess that Moffat may himself been "high" when he wrote this.  To top it all off, we get Nick Frost as Santa Claus.  Right now I'm seeing it as a bad sign for the Christmas special.  But then, I'm in a rather negative mood after having watched the garbage I just watched.  I'm sure I'll be in a better mood a month and half from now.  However, we'll still have to put up with the "lies" that the Doctor and Clara are living with.  Baggage.  Too much of it.  Time to move on.

1 week, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss Death in Heaven


As for the Eric Roberts version of the Master:  I wrote this in my own list yesterday in the comments to Part 1 of this article.  The Eric Roberts version of the Master is...  A CREEP.  And to me, it's this quality that makes the character work for me.  Eric Roberts is no Roger Delgado, and the Eric Roberts Master is no Roger Delgado Master.  Roberts did his own thing with the character.

Roberts did acknowledge in interviews at the time that he was a fan of Doctor Who.  He knew all about the Master and wanted to do his own thing instead of just following on from Delgado and Anthony Ainley.  He definitely did it his own way. 

So maybe if you watch the movie with that in mind, you might just enjoy this "Creep" version of the Master.  

No way?  Yes way.

2 weeks ago on Ranking the Master Stories (Part 2)


Also meant to say that I am looking forward to part 2 of this article.  Very interesting to read the author's take on these Master stories.

2 weeks ago on Ranking the Master Stories (Part 1)


@Polyphase "Thank-you, Miss Grant.  We'll let you know... "

2 weeks ago on Ranking the Master Stories (Part 1)


Hmmm.  How come you seem to have only 21 Master stories while I have 22, neither of us counting "The Five Doctors"?

Since no one asked, here is my complete list of Master stories, from "Least Best" to "Best Best".

22.  Colony In Space (Yawwwwwwn.  Is it over?  Still four more episodes?  D'oh!)

21.  Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (The Little Gremlin Doctor utterly ruins it.)

20.  Survival (Incredibly cheap production and loads of bad acting.)

19.  Time-Flight (What's with the disguise?)

18.  Castrovalva  (Tedious, though the "Puzzle" city is cool.)

17.  Planet of Fire  (Actually love it that the Master shrank himself.  Idiot.)

16.  Time Monster  (Delgado and Pertwee do their best, but can't save it.)

15.  The Deadly Assassin  (As opposed to the Friendly Assassin.)

14.  Logopolis  (An unfortunate snooze-fest for the 4th Doctor's end.  Oh, and Adrip is in it.)

13.  Frontier In Space (Now we get into some good territory.  Delgado is awesome.)

12.  The Sea Devils  (Pertwee and Delgado are obviously having a blast!)

11.  Keeper of Traken  (Oh my God!  Melkur is the Master's TARDIS!!!  Fantastic!)

10.  Utopia  (With just 5 minutes or so, Jacobi is the 2nd Best Master ever!  -To Delgado-)

9. The Ultimate Foe  (Probably just me, but I love this one.  What a round-up of enemies!)

8.   End of Time (1+2)  (I just didn't want 10 to go.  And the Master gets all heroic!)

7.   The Enemy Within - TV Movie (Eric Roberts made a wondrous creep of a Master.)

6.   Claws of Axos  (Hah!  The Master's a Prisoner of Axos!  Then he teams with the Doc!)

5.   The King's Demons  (Yep, I love it.  The Master's TARDIS?  An Iron Maiden.  Cool!)

4.   Mark of the Rani  (A scarecrow Master and later he stares down a baby dino!)

3.   The Mind of Evil  (Reveals the Master's most horrible nightmare.  Hysterical!)

2.   The Daemons  (The Master hiding behind religion.  Brilliant!)

1.   Terror of the Autons  (The Jack-a-napes introduction.  Delgado kills it!)

(And if I counted it, "The Five Doctors", featuring the Master, would be at the head of the list.  My fourth favorite Doctor Who story of all.)

If you read all that, thanks.  You're a real DW fanatic!

2 weeks ago on Ranking the Master Stories (Part 1)


Darn good response from the BBC.  You go, BBC!

2 weeks, 1 day ago on BBC Defends Dark Water Complaints


@Ari S Gans @The MasterDoctor Yes, SEB is already in the Nethersphere.  But I'm surmising Missy "killing" SEB - either in or out of the Nethersphere - and then him popping back into existence - whatever that is.  (Did that help?)

2 weeks, 1 day ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


@bauerjohnm "...she was within the first 12 hours of her first incarnation..."

BAMM!  There you go, bauerjohnm.  You nailed it.  It's so obvious now that I see it put out there in front of me.  Thank you.

2 weeks, 1 day ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


@bauerjohnm Ooooooh, very interesting, that.  I myself theorized a ways back that Missy was actually one of the Clara echoes, all growed up and ticked off that she never got to encounter and help out "her" Doctor.

Considering your theory, I would still go with Missy being "Miss C." (Miss Clara) and SEB being the real Master.  

This sure is a load of fun, all this conjecturing, ain't it?

2 weeks, 1 day ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


@Minister Grok Think about it.

2 weeks, 1 day ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


@PapaSMurf1 True, but thing is, she didn't regenerate.  Or at least, for some reason, her appearance didn't change even though she had obviously been dead prior to regenerating/coming back to life.  So last we saw, Jenny still looked liked that cute, adorable little self of hers.

What I'm (sort of) saying is:  Since she didn't change appearance, does she actually have that ability?  If so, why didn't she change when "Jenny" died?

Interesting thought though!

2 weeks, 2 days ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


@WhovianJack @Antee991166 @Gallade Zero Official definition:  Rani:  a Hindu queen, either by marriage to a raja or in her own right.

And yes, this had been acknowledged back when the 6th Doctor story, "Mark of the Rani" aired.  Not acknowledged on screen though.  Just by the writer/producer, etc.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


So, going with my idea that when Missy killed Dr. Chang, she (maybe) actually transported him to inside the nethersphere...

Now this thought:

In the photo at the top of this article, we see SEB and Missy.  They're both looking straight into the camera.  But they're probably looking at someone.  Perhaps the Doctor.  I'm looking at the way SEB has his hands up.  It looks like he's Missy's prisoner, about to be executed.  She is holding that device with which she killed(transported?) Dr. Chang.

But is that what is really happening?  Look at that big chesire cat smile on SEB's face.  Maybe something else just happened.

Maybe the Doctor saw Missy "kill" SEB with the device.  But, since "death" here leads to the Nethersphere, then SEB would just pop right back into "existence/whatever".

It sort of looks like that's what has just happened in the picture up there at the top of this article.

SEB had just been "killed" by Missy, but now he's back and all giddy and saying, "Woo-hoo!  Look, it's me, Doctor!  I'm back! Yippee yahoo!"

And Missy, who has just simply demonstrated to the Doctor what her device really does, has just rolled her eyes at SEB's silly behavior and is looking to the Doctor with a "Can you believe this guy is also me?" look on her face.  (Well, that's theorizing that SEB is also the Master.  Though that doesn't really seem that likely.  Or does it?!)

2 weeks, 2 days ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


Hey!  When Missy killed Dr. Chang, did she really only transport him to inside the Nethersphere?  Sorry.  Just sort of struck me.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


Perhaps SEB is also the Master and the Two Masters are working together.  Note that SEB's name on his desk nameplate is in all capital letters.  Makes me think the letters S, E and B stand for something.)  SEB's behavior reminds me a lot of the Simms incarnation of the Master. 

2 weeks, 3 days ago on What Further Secrets do Missy & Seb Hide?


From what I'm seeing online, about 70% of British deceased are cremated.  In the United States, it's around 40%.  I was surprised to read this as I know of a number of deceased who have been cremated.  I had not previously considered what the percentage rate here in the US is.  My Grandmother, Mother, Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law were all cremated and my wife and I plan on cremation as well.

The "Three Words" from "Dark Water" aren't going to dissuade me.  However, I don't think I'll tell my wife about those Three Words.  She's a bit more impressionable.

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Dark Water Review


Just watched the episode again.  So the founder of 3W was someone called Doctor Skorosa.  While I was trying to figure out just who that could be, I saw that the Cyberman in Dr. Chang's office, the one who Clara spins around in her chair and sees standing there at the conclusion of the episode - is labeled, "Doctor Skorosa".  (Gosh, if his name had been Doctor Skoron, we'd be shouting, "It's an anagram of Kronos!  The Master is back and brought Kronos with him!  Who the heck wanted Kronos back??!!")

Also, some are saying that the face reflected in the screen at the very end is the boy who Danny killed.  To me, the face reflected looks like Danny.

SEB seems like he might not be a "real" person.  Maybe a robot or something.  I also wonder if SEB has some relation to GUS (from "Mummy...".)  Both names, when seen on screen, are presented in all capital letters.  Could it mean something?  Who nose?

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Poll: The Missy Reveal


@Gustaff Why did she need to take any of those keys?  All she needed to do was get the one key that the Doctor had on him, then get him outside the TARDIS.  Just to show him that she was serious by throwing the first six keys into the lava?  None of those extra keys mattered at all.  It was only when she was down to the last key.

One would think that if the TARDIS can whip up a new Sonic Screwdriver when the Doctor needs one, it can also whip up a million or two TARDIS keys when they're required.  Thing is, there's no reason to hide the keys on the inside of the TARDIS.  The Doctor would need to hide keys on the outside.  Which he used to do.  We saw it in the Paul McGann movie.  The Doctor kept a key up above the "Police - Public Call - Box" sign.  Too bad Moffat didn't think to show Clara get herself up there and grab a key from there prior to entering the TARDIS.

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Dark Water Review


@jamesanash101 @The MasterDoctor Did they use the entire episode, "The Snowmen" to explain who the Great Intelligence was?  Nope.  So why would they need to "waste an entire episode" explaining the Rani?  They wouldn't.  An intelligent audience would get it. 

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Poll: The Missy Reveal


@Seekles The Master was never "insane" until the Simms incarnation.  The previous incarnations were cold, calculating, suave, cunning and wondrously evil.  Oh, and even in the last moments of "End of Time", the Simms Master regained his sanity.  He even heroically saved the Doctor and planet Earth.  Of course, we've not been privy to what has happened - to the Master - between the end of "End of Time" and the beginning of "Deep Breath".

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Poll: The Missy Reveal


@jamesanash101 "The Great Intelligence was explained thoroughly...  ...I doubt they would have been able to pull the same trick with the Rani."

But that's their job as writers!  Explain it thoroughly to the audience, just as it was explained back in "Mark of the Rani" when the character first appeared.  If they're not able to TEACH a new audience, then they're not very good writers, and quite frankly, the majority of writers on DW are EXCELLENT!

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Poll: The Missy Reveal


I voted "unsure" because at this point I'm hoping the reveal is still some sort of ruse by whoever (or whatever) Missy really is.  It's not the Master becoming female that bothers me.  I just find it boring.

Moffat could have done so much more with the Missy character.  Perhaps we'll see that he does do more in the finale episode.  I've read on many DW forums so many brilliant theories and ideas as to who or what Missy could be.  That Moffat (apparently, at this point) went with the obvious, just dulls the brain.

Missy mentioned in "Dark Water" a name of someone who built and operates the 3W corporation.  She said it wasn't her.  Maybe whoever that person is will be the real big bad guy behind this plan.  Or maybe she was just making all that up.

Who nose?

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Poll: The Missy Reveal


I also found the episode a bit of a letdown. Considering all the marvelous theories and ideas put forth by fans on the multitudes of forums, that Moffat opted for simply making Missy be the Master? Boring. There's absolutely no reason why Moffat couldn't have had "Missy" reveal herself as being The Rani. (Because newer viewers wouldn't know who the Rani is? TEACH THEM! Like RTD did with the Master a few years ago.)

The opening with Clara being so terrible to the Doctor was absolutely 100% out of character. Throwing away the TARDIS keys? Even though it turned out to be a false reality (which was a great way out of that scenario) Clara thought it was real. I can't even for a moment believe that Clara would be that cold-hearted toward the Doctor. I didn't buy that for a moment.

Certainly the Skeletons being revealed to really be the Cybermen looked cool. But why was it necessary? I hope to find out in "Death in Heaven", but honestly, with Moffat's track record, I actually don't expect an answer. (Hope I'm wrong.)

"He's my boyfriend". "I think I'll keep (the Scottish accent)." Why would this so-called "Master" say these things? Will we get an answer to this?

I am looking forward to the finale episode, but after "Dark Water", I'm now not expecting much from it. Hopefully, I'll be happily surprised.

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss Dark Water


@Exalos Missy is the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere.  Continuing with my theory that Missy is the Dream Lord/Valeyard, I could point out that when we last saw the Valeyard, he was disguised as the Keeper of the Matrix (on Gallifrey.)  The Keeper of the Matrix basically watched over the entrance to the Matrix.

Entrance = Gate.  Entrance Keeper = Gatekeeper.  Matrix = Nethersphere?

However, if this has anything to do with the character, then this "version" of the Valeyard is from AFTER "Trial of a Time Lord" and this would not be a "Genesis of the Valeyard" story.  

Who nose?


(Ain't this fun?!)

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Dark Water TV Trailer


@Push_to_88mph @The MasterDoctor Now that I've googled "Dark Water meaning", the one thing that really stood out was "The Shadow Self".  This makes me think of the Dream Lord (from "Amy's Choice".)  And I remember thinking (at the time "Amy's Choice" aired) that the Dream Lord could have been a good forerunner to the Valeyard.  

This is getting exciting.  Well, "even more" exciting!

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Dark Water Clip


My top 5 Matt Smith stories:

1.  Mad Man With A Paint Brush And Another One With A Box

2.  24 Hours Belonging To An Apparent Medical Professional

3.  Frozen Water Guys

4.  Identification of the Guy With the Stethoscope

5.  Locational Home of Mad Metaltrons With Plungers

3 weeks, 2 days ago on The Eleventh Doctor: Five Favourites


I honestly thought she said, "All the grays on Earth are about to be burnt."

Grays?  As in the gray aliens with the big eyes (like at the end of Close Encounters.)

Grays?  As in the Cybermen.  They're actually silver though.  Is there much difference?

But apparently others heard it as "All the graves on Earth are about to give birth."

That's pretty dark.  But where does the water come in?

Miss Hartigan?  River Song?  The Rani?  One of the "split" Claras?  The Master (now Mistress?)  The Doctor's Mummy?  Dodo finally getting her revenge for the 1st Doctor dumping her for Ben and Polly?

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Dark Water Clip


Browncoat of arms:  "What?  Can you translate?"

That's for you to do!  (If you have the patience and absolutely nothing else whatsoever to do at the moment!)

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Your Verdict on Flatline & Episode Ranking


zkotkami:  "6.) Robot of Sherlock - 6.5/10"

Robot of Sherlock.  Now THAT is an interesting idea!

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Your Verdict on Flatline & Episode Ranking


1.  2-D or Not 2-D 9/10

2.  Brendan Fraser Meets Agatha Christie 9/10

3.  Sinister Puddles  9/10

4.  ...And Now Let It Out  7/10

5.  Do You Hear What I Hear?  7/10

6.  What is "An Incredibly Dangerous Place To Go", Alex  5/10

7.  Merry Automatons  4/10

8.  Gump Not of the Day  4/10

9.  The Doctor's Three  3/10

10. The Scriptwriter Had Egg On His Face (Or On His Mind, It Seems)  1/10

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Your Verdict on Flatline & Episode Ranking


@nomad2009 Wow.  Sitting right out there in the open.  I've been going with it not being "Missy" but instead, "Miss C."  As in Miss Clara.  Somehow or another.  But Dark Water/Evil River.  Very intriguing!

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Next Time: Dark Water


In a moment, a question as to why the concluding moments of this episode didn't include a gigantic fried egg hanging up in Earth's night sky.  But first, this:


I think this was the first time I figured out what was going on half an hour before the Doctor did.  Hmmmm...  Trees don't burn.  Big solar flare coming.  Trees that don't burn covering the entire planet.  Big solar flare getting closer.  That fake 1st Doctor robot in "The Chase" could have figured it out faster.


Really surprised at how much I don't give a crap about the Clara/Danny relationship.  These two have absolutely no chemistry together whatsoever. 


As others here have written...  It's London.  WHERE IS EVERYBODY???  Not to mention, WHERE ARE THE BUILDINGS???  And why did Nelson fall over?  And where are all the OTHER wild zoo animals?  Then too, where did the wolves go?  Where did the tiger go?  Wouldn't it have been nifty if while the little girl's Mom was riding her bicycle if the wolves suddenly...  Nah.  It's Doctor Who.


A nod from the Doctor to the Krynoids would have been nice.  Seeds of Doom and angry vegetation and all that.


Did anyone else have trouble understanding what the sparkly fireflies were saying?  I caught maybe a word or two.  And why was the missing sister wrapped up in a bush at the end?  Was that supposed to be signifying something?  Maybe I'll get it on a repeat view.


Not the worst episode this series.  Suns getting all hot and bothered.  Moons cracking open and dragonflies squeezing out new ones. 


Which brings us to the question:  Where was the moon during this episode???  Was IT also protected by a bunch of trees?  It must have been, otherwise there would be a great big fried egg hanging up there in the night sky, wouldn't there???

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Rate & Discuss In the Forest of the Night


I think only one previous commenter mentioned what is a major factor in some child actors coming across as awful.  And that's bad direction.  Although I'm not as negative as most when it comes to "Fear Her", I do feel that the young actress in that episode suffered from lack of direction.  However, it still could have been a combination of bad direction as well as a lack of acting ability.  (Do we know it as fact that the actress gave up on acting due to criticism aimed at her from her DW experience?)

I find it amazing that some are willing to defend Matthew Waterhouse in his role of Adrip.  He was awful.  Awful on a constant basis.  Yes, the character was meant to be "unlikeable".  But then, so was Turlough.  Yet Mark Strickson (a couple years older, true) was able to make the audience care about his character.  I myself was also praising the Cybermen when they disposed of Adrip.

One of Doctor Who's best child actors was Jasmine Breaks as "The Girl" in the 7th Doctor story, "Remembrance of the Daleks".  She was wonderfully vicious and terrific at giving the evil eye. 

I'll also mention Emelia Jones as Merry in "Rings of Akhaten".  She was truly a shining light in what was (to me) one of the most dismal episodes of 21st century Doctor Who.  As for George in "Night Terrors"...  He was just as bad as the entire episode itself was.

Looking forward to (and hoping for) some terrific young actors in "Forest of the Night".  I can't wait!

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Won’t Somebody Think of the Children!?


Wouldn't mind if Gaiman tried his Screenwriter 2000 at a Capaldi script.  "The Doctor's Wife" was an enjoyable little romp.  "In Silver" was a bit of a nightmare, what with those awful little brats running around (and the characters they portrayed were even worse.)

Then there were the Cybermen who one moment are moving across a room in a flash faster than anyone can even say, "Hey, look!  There's a Cyberman over... "  Then later, when approaching Clara and friends, the Cybermen are so slow, they might possibly have been stopping to smell the daffodils.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Neil Gaiman on Hopes for Capaldi Episode


@Master Michael Moon Wow.  You nailed it.

4 weeks ago on Who is the Twelfth Doctor?


@pyroclasticflow @MrRazza has regenerated into Hippy 12 And then Moffat had one of the "Split" Claras came along and made her the one that chose for BOTH the Doctor and the TARDIS.  Boooooo...

4 weeks ago on Neil Gaiman on Hopes for Capaldi Episode


@Sharaz_Jek @Notsosmartguy's got no strings on him While I thought "Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of" was quite awful, I did enjoy "Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky" and initially rated it extremely high.  That was because to me, those episodes seemed like a tribute to the Pertwee/Unit era.  On repeat viewings, it doesn't hold up quite as well, but I still like at very much.  As for Helen Raynor's gender?  Trust me, it's just fine with me!  (Uh...  was that sexist?  Sorry.)

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@ilyootha, a proud member of C.L.A.R.A. @BazHood I like Timelash enough to rate it a 5/10.  The Borad is pretty cool.  Love the blue-faced android.  The 6th Doctor's time-manipulator thingy is neato-keen.  I didn't know who Paul Darrow was when I first saw Timelash, and I thought his character was great.  Also love the Third Doctor/Jo Grant reference.  Out of 219 Doctor Who stories which I've seen (not counting any Capaldi episodes at this point) Timelash, for me, comes in at Number 148.  Twin Dilemma comes in at 189.

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