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Unbiased opinions (i.e. not everything is 8/10+ simply because it's Who) where 0/10 is TOWIE level and 10/10 is the Ozymandias episode of Breaking Bad...

Deep Breath 7/10 GOOD

Into the Dalek 6/10 ABOVE AVERAGE

Robot of Sherwood 6/10 ABOVE AVERAGE

Listen 8/10 VERY GOOD

Time Heist 8/10 VERY GOOD

The Caretaker 8/10 GOOD

Kill The Moon 5/10 AVERAGE (Take off the last 15-20 minutes and this is a solid 9)

Mummy on the Orient Express 9/10 GREAT

Flatline 8/10 VERY GOOD

In The Forest of the Night 5/10 AVERAGE

Really struggled with this episode. Pseudo-fantasy ruins Who. Dissolving trees and a silly speech about humanity "forgetting" - that's a poor, poor resolution. Some of the child acting was quite good, but at no point through the episode did I feel any stakes whatsoever. Listen had no direct antagonist but there was at least stakes and a climax. This just meandered the whole time. I waited and waited for something to happen, suddenly realising 30 minutes have passed with absolutely no plot. The whole thing was unclear anyway - did the girl summon the forest or not? Why did she actually seek out The Doctor? Was her sister merely "missing" then, and magically returned by the forest?

The layout frustrated me. You see the odd lampost, but where's all the traffic, the endless queues of London traffic? That's 24-hour, it doesn't stop overnight and allow a forest to grow; taxis, buses and cars would be THICK through the middle of that. And why would the government be starting fires in the middle of the city? It's a ridiculous jump of logic in a city with 8 million residents and the fire could easily spin out of control.

Still, themes and character moments were occasionally poignant, so this episode gets by as an "average" episode of tv, but by general Doctor Who standards, quite poor. 5/10.

4 days, 17 hours ago on Rate & Discuss In the Forest of the Night


Speaking of demonising Twelve for changing rather than praising his actions on Trenzalore... that reminds me of arguably my biggest gripe of Series 8. Not Clara's role, or The Doctor's, or the scripts, or the Danny sub-plot...

The Doctor runs. We know this: he goes through time and space, has adventures and saves the day. THAT is the status quo of the show.

Time of The Doctor broke the status quo. Due to the rushed time constraints, we hardly saw anything of those 900+ years spent on Trenzalore - the time in which The Doctor stopped. Sure, now he's regenerated he's back to the status quo, but I'm seriously disappointed that such a major part of his life has been ignored. Aside from the phonecall from 11, I think we've hardly had a reference to his time there. I know he (and Moffat) like to look forward, but when that's half of his life (going by the NuWho ages, at least), surely it would have had a substantial impact on him and the way he looks at the adventures going on around him?

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To be honest, Jenna sometimes garbles through conversations with such speed that I just don't believe her acting half of the time. Sometimes it's bad scripting, but sometimes it's just, a bit rigid. A really good example is the last scene in Mummy, when she rushes through that - Had a wobble, let's go, planets speech. I find it very very unrealistic that anyone would talk that way, and for me, I feel it happens too often. In general I've never warmed to her any more than any other companions though she does have her attributes. But I feel like a new Doctor's debut series should focus on The Doctor first, and the companion second. Companion-focus is something better left when we understand the incumbent Doctor better.

1 week, 5 days ago on ‘Doctor Who’ or ‘Clara Who?’


@Antee991166 or of course, the painting that inspired the Fourth Doctor's look!

1 week, 6 days ago on The Girl Who Painted: Artistic Themes in Doctor Who


@VictorWong1 @Andrew_Swallow @EvilZygonRabbit audio and book spin-offs, my friend! 

Returned to N-space and Gallifrey a while back, became president, signed a treaty with the Daleks, that got blown out of the way, numerous adventures in Gallifreyan politics with Leela, regenerated into her third incarnation for The Second War in Heaven, Gallifrey wiped and restored by the Eighth Doctor... before finally the Time War kicked off and Rassilon was revived, prompting the Time Lords to depose her in favour of him.

We know she was on Gallifrey through at least some of the Time War, but we don't know any more than that..!

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Doctor Who Experience “Gallifrey” Teaser Video


An episode like this is never a 10/10 because it doesn't have the stakes, villain or unique memorable moment in it that some special, special, stand-out episodes have. However, going by what was expected, based on similar-styled episodes such as School Reunion and The Lodger - with some similar thematic material to Vampire in Venice - it was a really impressive episode. 8/10 for me; really enjoyable watch once again.

The only down side for me is The Doctor's aversion to soldiers. I can understand why and I love the contrast and storyline it has developed, however, as many have said, The Doctor used to work with UNIT and The Brig was arguably his greatest friend. I would like to at least see some indication towards that in future episodes.

1 month ago on Rate & Discuss The Caretaker


@Rani Nose @ClaireAbraham @KingoftheOod4450 To be fair, I find her to be so much of a Mary Sue that a cardboard cut out of her would still be able to do cartwheels through the bank without anyone blinking an eyelid.

1 month, 1 week ago on Time Heist Review


100% disagree with your opinions on Clara, I'm afraid. The whole point of a companion is to be a stock companion - be our eyes to The Doctor's world, one of us normal folk. Sure, they have moments where they save The Doctor and do heroic/brave/wonderful things, but that's part and parcel too. And Series 8 has seen Clara have an overwhelming number of those moments already. In one episode she is written at basic level, allowing The Doctor to take charge and stand out (for the first time this series) and you've chosen to highlight it as a bad thing. A value of a great series is one where characters can be brought forward and interchanged, allowing them each plenty of time to shine.

1 month, 1 week ago on Time Heist Review


@GalaxyEyes It's positive stuff, but I'd contest your last sentence. I find more often that not that things look less impressive over time - i.e. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End and The End of Time.

1 month, 1 week ago on Your Verdict on Listen & Episode Ranking


I want some clever references to not just An Unearthly Child, but also Remembrance of the Daleks. "Fifty years ago some looney girl with a baseball hat smashed up the science lab! And then there was this bloke yelling about unlimited rice pudding!"

1 month, 1 week ago on Next Time: The Caretaker


Very good for different reasons. Blink edges it because of the brilliance of the DVD discussion before the climax, absolutely inch perfect. Not quite a stand-out scene in Listen to balance - the Clara/Young Doctor speech isn't really part of the episode, but rather a reflection of the program over all, I feel - and I'm not as blown away/infuriated by it as many are.

1 month, 1 week ago on Face-Off: Blink vs Listen


@stargazer0118 I think I know what you mean. For me, the jumping into the timestream to save The Doctor felt too far for someone that had only been with him for seven episodes - I know there's gaps behind the scenes, but they hadn't really been through anything seriously powerful together, in my opinion, to make that leap justified. And from then on its seems like we have to take her as perfect and correct all the time, which I find difficult. I'm happy with the expansion on her life with regards to dating and the Danny storyline, but I feel as a general companion, yeah, she overshadows The Doctor far too much.

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Discussion: Is There More to Clara Than We Think?


Though I'm fairly pro-Moffat, this whole arc reeks of story-topping on his behalf. I really disliked the fact that it HAD to be Clara that made War, 10 and 11 see the alternative to The Moment. It's like the companion - or certainly, Clara - can't be wrong, and it's becoming very frustrating.

1 month, 1 week ago on Open Discussion: Is There More to Clara Than We Think?


@Amy says Peter Davison is the Thirteenth Doctor! He did, but if we go by the understanding that there are two timelines - one where he uses the moment and carries on as the 9th Doctor, and another where all 13 incarnations come to aid him with the Statis Cubes, then in the first timeline, he used the moment in that barn and survived, meaning that it couldn't have been on Gallifrey.

1 month, 1 week ago on Making Sense of Listen’s Gallifreyan Gallivant


I'm going to go with another planet. Surely if The Doctor used The Moment to destroy Gallifrey whilst on it, he'd die too, which doesn't make sense. I'm going for another planet in the constellation of Kasterborous.

1 month, 1 week ago on Making Sense of Listen’s Gallifreyan Gallivant


I'm going to go with yes. 

This episode was arc-free (not referring to Danny's ongoing storyline, but rather, the Missy/Heaven/Promised Land one). I have a feeling that this will be addressed at the end of the series as a small point - not necessarily a massive one - but something that ties back in. Such as the reveal in The Time of The Doctor that in his "room" in The God Complex was a crack, or the future Doctor coming back to talk to Amy in the Byzantium. 

Nothing major, but something arc-relevant - like a spy on young Rupert/Danny to procure information on The Doctor or something strange like that.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Poll: Listen – Was there a Monster or not?


@Possible Girl My understanding was that it was a nearby planet to Gallifrey. After all, the planet the War Doctor took the Moment to (which is implied to be the same one) didn't really look like Gallifrey. I'm assuming it was a part of the Gallifreyan Empire.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Listen


Danny Pink was handled really well. I loved the direction in the episode, felt vibrant and fresh. Not too sure about the concept on the whole but it made for a good episode, which is what I feel is the opposite of Series 7 - great ideas but poor execution. Most importantly - again, in contrast with Series 7 - the pacing felt superb. Nothing was too rushed and nothing felt like it dragged either.

A bit more exposition was perhaps needed for the rebel base Aristotle and no, the Daleks weren't any more menacing than usual, but on the whole, a very good stand-alone episode that bodes well if future stories have a similar approach.

2 months ago on Rate & Discuss Into the Dalek


@allons_ywibblywobbly @XanderH nail on the head right here

2 months ago on Addressing the Deep Breath Kiss


@VictorWong1 @KingoftheOod4450 Fair point, but logically, consider what creatures in the Whoniverse can encompass the TARDIS - some right nasty ones, I'll bet. Might be better to let them die in the vortex than risk unleashing them on some other part of the universe.

2 months ago on Sciencey Wiencey: Deep Breath


More importantly, if the dinosaur travelled through time by having the TARDIS in its mouth, it should have by all accounts have been ripped apart by the time vortex.

2 months ago on Sciencey Wiencey: Deep Breath


If true, 'longest ever' would be way wide of the mark. about 25 episodes, 1 and a half seasons or 2 and a bit years. Not the longest in any sense, so that "source" has a very weird comment.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Jenna Coleman Leaving at Christmas?


@supermoff  @ Notsosmartguy is superior again!!!!!!!!! I'd love a mini-series one day where a Doctor has done some terrible things and had a partial mind-wipe so he can forget. But his memory keeps breaking through, so he keeps a Silent as "the companion he can never remember" by his side throughout a short arc that's very dim. No idea what the plot would be but I think it would both be a fascinating take on the show and also please those who crave an alien companion!

2 months, 3 weeks ago on When Doctor Who Addresses Its Past


Thing with this - as with most of Colin Baker's (and in my opinion, Davison's) era, is that it's filled with brilliant ideas. There's the standard Doctor Who tropes with added zest. Here, Daleks have been split into factions and behind a very mysterious facility - a massive change from the repetitive The Daleks/Planet of the Daleks/Death to the Daleks format which was a dull use of the machines. The problem is that a great scene/sequence will be followed by a poor one.

For example, the Doctor's death monument is a great idea, but doesn't really service the plot (and looks flimsy when it tries to crush him). The DJ is a great idea, but the execution is really poor. Dalek's don't believe Davros when he points out the Doctor just because he looks different? Come on.

But for me, Season 22 was an experimental success. Though 23 had some highlights, 22 was better overall, and certainly better than 24. If the strangling thing had never happened and Michael Grade wasn't a plonker, Colin Baker may well have had his desired 7 years in the role, because he's superb, especially here. It's just a shame that around him, a lot of the acting is inconsistent. That being said, this is a very dark serial that covers plenty of serious material, which might have left a few of the actors out of depth.

Still, a highlight of the Colin Baker era, no doubt. You can't watch this without getting goosebumps as "The Great Healer" gets teased in Part One.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on On First View: Revelation of the Daleks


Moffat isn't intentionally sexist, but I can see why some people have seen his work on Doctor Who as such. He does have strong female characters, but the characterisation between Amy, River and Clara has been blurred (not even going to mention Tasha Lem). And though they're not doting or dependant on men, River and Amy's main storylines on the show have revolved around their romantic/sexual developments. But the same could be argued of other characters.

On the other hand, though it's a great show, I think sexism is very apparent in Sherlock. Again, I don't believe Moffat has done it intentionally, but his treatment of Irene Adler in particular is shocking, and some of his subsequent comments about her hardly help. I'll give him some leeway, especially as he says in that other recent article about putting his foot in his mouth, but it can be seen as extremely sexist.

5 months ago on Sexism and Doctor Who: The Truth


Not knocking any of the guest stars announced so far at all, I'm sure they're all great, but I feel like some are being announced as though they have a massive "WOW they got them?!" factor, when I have to admit I'm not well informed about any of them. Then again, it's probably announced more professionally nowadays due to twitter and spoilers and everything. I just meant, thinking of Series 5 when there were names like Bill Nighy, Toby Jones and Michael Gambon!

5 months ago on Foxes Cast in Series 8


At the time, in 1975, we'd had a duff run of Dalek episodes. The original story, The Daleks, had been repeated almost identically in "Planet of the Daleks". Day of the Daleks was the first real timey-wimey story, but the ending was such a joke (as was 22nd century Earth). Death to the Daleks had been another wasted affair. The Daleks had become dull, repetitive and boring.

This changed everything.

Daleks weren't really featured in this story at all. They were kept as background figures. The synergy was wonderful - as a viewer, you remember what they are capable of. The Doctor, when captured, even recollects it - his first meeting, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, all of his past encounters... without showing them do anything, you remember how horrible they are.

The setting is also wonderful. Dark, hostile, brooding and desperate. Both armies running low on resources, resorting to brutal tactics. Davros at the centre, playing everyone like a chessmaster. I really wish to hear I, Davros sometime soon, because his psychotic nature is so intriguing here, and you wonder so much more about him. Its no wonder every classic Dalek story after this also featured him.

There are a few flaws, of course. The clams, for one. It's also pretty easy to get from one side of the war to the other and back, considering these are the two last bases left on the planet - bit weird they're so close to each other. And the end of episode 5 is all wrong. That mutant attack shouldn't have been the cliffhanger. "Do I have the right?" should have been the cliffhanger, leaving the viewer a week to mull it over in real shock. If made today, that would have shifted, because I feel emotional cliffhangers have grown in resonance since the 70's.

Anyway, this wasn't a review so much as a ramble of thoughts. If you've never given it a go, please do. But afterwards, don't go about with heights set too high, Revenge of the Cybermen follows and it's a horrid mess.

5 months, 1 week ago on On First View: Genesis of the Daleks


I haven't watched Cold War since it first aired, much like the rest of Series 7. Simply enough, it was dull and had no impact. When a story grabs me, I rewatch it. I've rewatched Dalek plenty of times.

5 months, 1 week ago on Dalek or Cold War?


@ahunter8056 @Notsosmartguy the Superior VenomI felt that way, until I started watching it. There's something about it right from the off that catches you in, even if it does seem a little comic and ropey for the first few episodes. But I'd highly recommend it, and despite being introduced to it last year, I'd now say I find it much better than Doctor Who (please don't hurt me)

5 months, 2 weeks ago on 2014 BAFTA Television Awards: Day Triumphs!


Good article, but I have to completely disagree with the unique ideas things. Daleks+Humans has happened before - as recently as Series 1's Dalek, just two years prior -  and is the most predictable story going. It literally has one outcome. Dalek's get humanised and change but something will stop them from become pacifists. The Sontaran 2-parter was better but the clone storyline etc was hardly original or a new take on things. Even the social commentary of ATMOS reeked of RTD's style - i.e. Adipose/obesity, Gridlock/traffic, Cassandra/Plastic surgery and so on.

And memorable characters? Luke Rattigan was quite good, as was Mace. Solomon wasn't half bad but the rest were very bland. Pretty much every accent in the Dalek 2-parter was infuriating. In fact, given how we saw next to nothing of the more fortunate of New York, I never really connected with the suffering of those in Hooverville anyway.

Still, despite all that, I did like her work in Torchwood, even if both episodes were a little predictable. I wouldn't be against her returning in the future.

5 months, 3 weeks ago on Bring Back… Helen Raynor


To be honest, I've only listened to two dozen audios and I think I like them better than the revival. They tend to be a little more coherent in their story-telling, and generally manage to negate plotholes through dialogue without making it a drag. Obviously there's the odd contradiction as there is in the rest of the who universe, but there also seems to be a lot less in terms of 'love saved the day' and 'deus ex machina' resolutions. I don't know why, but I always find resolutions to be a fundamentally important part of the story for me.

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Beyond the TV Series: Audio Arcs


The Waters of Mars.

Christmas Invasion is okay but a little mundane in hindsight.

The Runaway Bride is a good plot but the Racnoss is the worst villain in Who history. Shout and shout and shout and never actually do anything.

Voyage of the Damned is a fun romp but the angels thing was a bit weary at this point. Just one massive chase, but still quite exciting.

The Next Doctor was a good idea, but the Cybermen were used poorly. Still, they've been used worse in the Moffat era and I still think of this as their last 'proper' appearance.

The End of Time was great as a swansong, and had amazing moments of emotion, but looking back, its an unashamed mess. You might as well stop at the blooming 'Potions of Life'... and then the 'anti-potions-of-life-which-actually-don't-do-anything'.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: RTD Specials


There's only one episode here where the episode/story/series is resolved in a clever way. Just one. The Big Bang.

So clever, in fact, that it's clever in two ways:

The problems - the Pandorica and the exploding TARDIS - are used as the solution. Genius.

Then tying the wedding saying in with the TARDIS, and linking it wonderfully back to the first night Amy met her imaginary friend... powerful, powerful stuff.

ON the flip side:

TPOTW: Rose super-powers plot convinience.

D: Nothing too bad with it actually, but not a particuarly astounding resolution to the villains.

TLOTL: I'm not even going to go there.

JE: A couple of buttons that undo and control everything? Found in the BASEMENT of the Dalek Crucible? Moving the Earth like a pick-up truck... no words.

TWORS: The letdown to the most ambitious and exciting series. A re-hash of TBB in many ways. Unfortunately, unlike the Pandorica resolution, the Teselecta was a total cop-out.

TNOTD: Loved it on first viewing (perhaps because unlike the rest of Series 7 it seemed to have a point) but since then gone down massively in my views. Jenny's double-death, the underuse of the Whispermen... and let's face it, without finding a single spoiler I predicted this outcome from the moment we found Victorian Clara.

Only one winner, and what a clear winner it is. Though I've been fairly condemning, I do always enjoy the finales. You know that you're going to get some high stakes and good drama, and to be fair to them, they all have that. But most of them lack the balance shown in The Big Bang.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 13


Hello... Pandorica Opens... bye bye...

Though I must actually add, The Sound of Drums is second. Brilliant episode, the way Martha's life is ripped apart. Of course, let down by the worst episode in Who history that followed, but as an episode 12, it was exceptionally brilliant.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 12


Utopia. By blurb, sounds like a mundane affair. Simm's Master was a bit of a mess in Last of the Time Lords, but his introduction here was superb. The conversations between Yana, Jack, Martha and The Doctor are reference-heavy, and you have this feeling that they are all leading somewhere. Then - BANG. Suddenly, the most intense moment in the three years of the revival occurs as we recognise the fob-watch. All the Strange Strange Creatures is on form here as the stakes suddenly blow out of all proportion. Excellent viewing.

6 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 11


The Impossible Planet, Human Nature and Silence in the Library are all wonderful. These 'second' 2-parters of their respective series are what give the RTD a big point versus the Moffat one (The Hungry Earth and The Rebel Flesh are just not the same level of intrigue or interest - both predictable romps with done-before plots).

Between those 3, Silence in the Library is the most wonderful, if I'm honest, just edging the other two. Mainly for the unique setting, the initial mystery of the girl, River and what had happened. Human Nature is similar with the intrigue, but the foe takes much more of a back seat as we get to know John Smith. The Impossible Planet is the peak of Series 2, but I think I'm just going to have to go for Silence in the Library.

Toughest one so far.

7 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 8


Matt Smith is utterly fantastic in both, but his tonal shifts in A Good Man Goes to War just edge out Amy's Choice.

The major flaw with AGMGTW is the fact that the 'revelation/fall' of The Doctor is that the universe fears him - he's become too big. River was the completely wrong person to deliver that speech. She is a major hypocrite here, and it completely blew any impact of the speech as it came from her.

7 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 7


Venice isn't bad and Lazarus is underrated but this is the easiest pick so far. Dalek by a country mile.

7 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 6


I agree with almost everything, but 2 big drawbacks overlooked (though they do actually epitomise the Smith era). Tasha Lem as the duplicate River Song is an obvious biggie. The second point is the cop-out of having the regeneration cycle being passed through a crack to The Doctor after the ruthless Time Lords hear a weedy plea from Clara. At least The Doctor noted beforehand he would 'talk, hope something good happens and take the credit'.... I think something a little bigger could have been done to give him an extended regeneration cycle... and the fact that is passed through the sky towards him was pure, unexplainable magic...

7 months ago on Why “Time” was the Perfect Summary of Smith’s Era


Flesh and Stone - a cybernetic forest inside a ship inside a tomb on an alien planet... yes, I was very impressed. Teased the arc, not too heavily, but massively shifted the tone from Part 1. Very much trapped inside the ship, very very tense. Exciting climax too.

7 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 5


Had to go with The Doctor's Wife, as it is overall, the best story. We all know why we love it, but it is visually incredible as well, which goes for all of Series 6 and 7 (despite the flaws). 10/10

Aliens in London was revolutionary at the time, building on the snippets of Ace's development and giving Rose big ramifications for going off with The Doctor. Though the enemy was a bit ...pants... the storyline was tense. For me, the Big Ben crash was the moment that the revival announced itself. The mystery of the aliens within Downing Street was well done. Shame that Part 2 of this wasn't as strong. 7/10

Not going to go into Daleks in Manhatten much. Caught the struggle of the everyman well, but otherwise, a waste. Daleks isolated, alone = good, but the rest was predictable and uninspiring. 5/10

And the exact opposite can be said for Girl in the Fireplace. You always know The Doctor and the TARDIS will be reunited, but when he smashed through the mirror my jaw dropped. Possibly the best villains in Who history as well, even if their motives are a bit convulted. The romance did feel a little forced though, if I'm honest, especially coming after School Reunion where The Doctor makes a point about not getting overly invested in the lives of the fleeting. But the chemistry was clearly sparkling so I'll let that pass. One of those endings that really sticks with you for a long, long time. 9/10

The Sontaran Strategem actually gets better on repeat views. Again, the 2nd part wasn't very good, but it's a lot better than I first thought. Donna's role is perfectly played and Martha is set up well until she is wasted next episode. The premise is also good, though after a while The Doctor gets far too shouty and the quirpy humour starts to feel very bombastic. Still, Mace was a likeable general and every scene with Wilf was golden. 7/10

Time of Angels was brilliant as well. The weeping angels were used as well as you could possibly expect in their first appearance since Blink, mixing things up and being a direct threat to The Doctor this time. The TV scene was breathtaking. As was the twist. Again, the Angels were let down by moving (and taking a back seat to the Time Field) in the next episode. Not quite as good as some of the others, but a thrilling, dark, almost classic-Who romp for the most part. 8/10

And then, The Power of Three. A new stance, a question that had never been asked of the companions before. But as Amy asked The Doctor why he kept coming back, I felt I had to agree. I just didn't buy that their connection was so much stronger than any other companions', and it reminded me how redundant the Ponds were in 7A. Brian was a big plus, but I'm still mild on Kate and the Moffat-era of UNIT. The plot was also intruiging, but heck, we all know the faults... 3/10 (would be a 1 but for Matt's acting and Brian)

7 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 4


Agree with others, 2 episodes from him this series would feel too much. We all know his style, and he'd probably nail a Jane Austin story. If that's all he does, I'd be happy. Unless (very unlikely) it's a 2-parter..

7 months, 1 week ago on Gatiss Confirms Two Capaldi Eps, Hints at Jane Austen Story


Much tighter than yesterdays! Will unfortunately rule out Dinosaurs straight away, and The Beast Below was just a little bit too unbelievable in various ways for me to take it as a good Doctor Who story.

But beyond that, it's tight. Day of the Moon should, by rights, be the front-runner. Massive opening with everyone being hunted down - and then that STUPENDOUS moment where The Doctor, with a beard, tells them that his secret weapon is the foot of Neil Armstrong. Right up there with the most ambitious moments in Who history. And then there was that brilliant cliffhanger. I've said before that people sometimes give this 2-parter a little less credit than it deserves because of its association with the messy ongoing arc... but taken alone, it's absolutely mesmeric. Full marks.

Tooth and Claw and The Shakespeare Code were both typical RTD-era stories - slightly stereotypical monsters in a pseudo-historical setting that typically made for a good romp. Both cases had great moments of characterisation but nothing that really sets either aside from the rest of the field. Both a solid 7/10.

The End of the World is of course similar in contrast, and now, looking back, a little heavy on the metaphors it was making about society, but nonetheless a good story. It managed to hit home very well, with the revelation that The Doctor was alone, that the world span on for everyone else... perhaps the 'whodunnit' was a little too obvious. 8/10.

Which leaves Pompeii. Something about this episode didn't really stand out to me at first, and I generally don't class it as one of my favourites. But again, the characterisation is brilliant. Some of the foreshadowings of the sisterhood seemed a little unneccesary, and the whole Pyrovile plot was a bit of a dull affair. However, the final act, with The Doctor's decision and Donna's plea, was very well handled - and without that sequence, The Waters of Mars would have probably fallen flat on its face. Going to give it another 8/10 as I found the overall plot a little uninteresting.

So I'd better go back up to the top and vote for Day of the Moon!

7 months, 1 week ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 2


Been slowly working my way through the audios and they are brilliant. I think I prefer them to New Who to be honest - in a way, they're more grown-up. Less meandering towards 'love' solutions and more of a focus on complicated time-travel based stories with wonderful arcs that bring every inch of the whoniverse together (within legal restirctions). So far I absolutely love Evelyn, Erinem and Charley in particular, though I'm sure I'll be wowed by the rest in due course!

7 months, 1 week ago on Beyond the TV Series: Audio Companions


5 or 6, 5 or 6, 5 or 6....

7 months, 1 week ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 1


I'm not surprised Series 7 is above Series 6, but let's face it, it was awful. The Day of The Doctor and Matt Smith being the only saving graces.

7 months, 1 week ago on Best of Matt Smith: Results Series 5-7


Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon should be higher. Most explosive season opener ever. No fear, shocking opening, big cliffhanger, then a big story jump. Great effects, great acting, clever twists and a very smart resolution with the command to kill themselves. I think sometimes people associate this with the general Silence arc and the weaker Series 6B. As a standalone 2-parter, this is in the top 3 or 4 stories of the era.

7 months, 1 week ago on Best of Matt Smith: Results (12-06)


Fair enough except for A Christmas Carol. That plus the 2-parter at the end of Series 5 and the 2-parter at the start of Series 6... 5 episodes on the grandest scale. The strongest 5 consecutive episodes in New Who for sure, probably in all of Who. Moffat has never quite got back to those heights. I suppose it probably loses a few points for being a 'special' rather than a normal story though... but it truly was as Moffat described - the most Christmasssy Christmas Special ever!

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@SonicTheHedgehogRules I don't know about that. The Doctor ends up too flawless in the episode and it ended up feeling a bit farcical.

I personally feel a better ending would be that The Doctor had rigged the ship on his first visit, so that the password has changed. The Doctor causes Jex to die. Then, without purpose, the Gunslinger reprimands The Doctor for taking his revenge. Amy and Rory are shocked at The Doctor's actions and it hits home to him a lot more than it did midway through the episode when Amy has a mini-rant at him for not being merciful. Then it more or less ends the same.

I think if events had been that way around it would have been far more dramatic, interesting and believable ending.

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Best caption ever!

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