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That's what I get for copying and pasting... a mess of a post =(.

13 hours, 8 minutes ago on Your Top 20 TV Stories of the Decade


1: The God Complex 
2: Vincent and the Doctor/Human Nature and the Family of Blood
3: School Reunion
4: Dalek
5: The Waters of Mars
6: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
7: Turn Left
8: Father's Day
9: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

10: Dark Water/Death in Heaven

11: The Doctor's Wife

12: Midnight

13: Mummy on the Orient Express

14: Planet of the Ood

15: The Fires of Pompeii

16: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit

17: A Christmas Carol

18: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

19: Name/Day/Time of the Doctor

20: Listen

13 hours, 16 minutes ago on Your Top 20 TV Stories of the Decade


A great article to a great Doctor. Every Troughton story I have seen has been great, and his Doctor is just brimming with childlike glee and passion. I see him as the template for the New Series Doctors, as Tennant shares his glee, Smith shares his style and behaviour and Capaldi shares his manipulative nature. It's a shame most of his stories are missing, as I would love to see Power of the Daleks, the Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones and Fury from the Deep restored. My favourite ones I have seen are Enemy of the World, Tomb of the Cybermen and The Invasion (I have yet to see the War Games, something I aim to fix).

1 day, 15 hours ago on Why I Love The Second Doctor


Oh, how predictable. Anyway, I'll go for the Day of the Doctor, as it is a genuinely brilliant story with multiple layers to it, while Blink is a clever yet rather simple story which doesn't work on rewatches as effectively.

Still, my personal three are The God Complex, Vincent and the Doctor and Human Nature/Family of Blood (kudos to Cornell for being the only non-Moffat writer in yesterday's poll, a fantastic story deserves that).

1 day, 16 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: The Grand Final


Seriously, why is the Eleventh Hour THIS popular? I know it's considered a classic but I was expecting The Empty Child to be here, or Listen. Waters of Mars was against Human Nature, so I understand that, but the comments were inclined towards Astronaut yesterday (it's bizarre how the commentators are only a small minority of voters). I love the Eleventh Hour but it really isn't one of the best (all my opinion of course).

Anyway, I went for Human Nature (Blink is going to win though) and the Day of the Doctor. A moment of silence please, as we mourn the fallen:

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Vincent and the Doctor

The Waters of Mars

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances


The Doctor's Wife



Mummy on the Orient Express

Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

And all the others, which are too numerous to name.

And lastly, a personal remembrance for the two stories which suffered the most: School Reunion and the perfection that is the God Complex, sadly not even reaching the finals. I'll vote for you in my heart...

2 days, 16 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Semi-Final #2


@Silent_Angel It's either that or Empty Child vs Listen. Both options would be understandable, seeing how they're all Moffat.

3 days, 16 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Semi-Final #1


Ouch, Vincent got knocked out! At least The Parting of the Ways went with it!

Anywho, the second one is easy. The Impossible Astronaut is the greatest series opener of all time! Simply stunning in every way.

So happy to see Human Nature this far (on the plus side Vincent not being here prevented a fight between it and Human Nature, which would have broken me). As much as I love the Waters of Mars, it'll have to be the greatest RTD era story of all time and joint second best New Who story ever, Human Nature.

I can guarantee tomorrow's poll will be Blink versus The Day of the Doctor.

3 days, 16 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Semi-Final #1


First one's easy: Vincent and the Doctor, no disrespect to the Eleventh Hour.

Second one also easy: Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon. Re watched this yesterday, the dialogue is stunning:

"These are my associates, the Legs, the Nose and Mrs Robinson"

"I hate you"

"No you don't"

Third one: Hmm, tricky. It'll be the Day of the Doctor, despite Listen being superb. All the stories here are worthy of New Who's best, including the ones which were kicked out (even the Big Bang, it is a good story, I just don't enjoy it).

4 days, 14 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Moffat Era Triple


Empty Child, Human Nature and the Waters of Mars. Blink and Midnight are fantastic, but the popularity of the Bad Wolf two parter baffles me. I prefer Dalek, Silence in the Library and Turn Left to their competition, but everything in the finals (minus fairy-magic-dust-ex machina) is amazing and are 10/10 in my eyes.

5 days, 17 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: RTD Era Triple


It's interesting seeing how everyone views Death in Heaven as a disappointment; in my eyes, it's the stronger episode, purely for the emotional payoffs. Dark Water is just setup, albeit perfect setup.

6 days, 16 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #12


Dark Water/Death in Heaven is in my opinion, Moffat's magnum opus. Never before has a finale successfully tied up so many strong themes and combine it with a great story and Cybermen actually being Cybermen! One of my favourite stories, even if Day of the Doctor is the most fan pleasing and epic story of all time. 

6 days, 17 hours ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #12


Oh, tough one! Going to vote for Mummy on the Orient Express, despite Listen being brilliant, it misses out on a few things, namely Gus, Perkins, the gorgeous production and being so old school. This was the tone of the Classic Series combined with the character building from the New Series (not saying the Classic Series had no character, before you have a go at me!).

Capaldi's lines are amazing:

"Old people die all the time. It's practically their job description".

1 week ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #11


Name of the Doctor works mostly as a prequel to the 50th. An absolutely amazing prequel but set up none the less.

Flatline is just superb. Not as good as Mummy, but still brilliant. Matheison is the voice of the Twelfth Doctor, his characterisation is perfect, even stronger than Moffat.

Strange to see a huge jump in terms of story order. I'm getting scared my precious God Complex missed out...

1 week, 1 day ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #10


How awesome is Canton? If he doesn't become a companion, either as Capaldi's or a BF Eleven companion (there's 200 hundred years waiting to be told), then at least a spin off! Maybe an encounter with the Alliance of Shades! The amount of suits and glasses that would have!

Canton: Agent of the FBI. Please BBC/Big Finish, make it happen! He could cross over with Paternoster Row (somehow) and UNIT (somehow) and maybe meet Jack! It makes me giddy just thinking about it...

1 week, 2 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #9


"Guys? Sorry, but you're way out of time. Now, come on, a bit of history for you. Aren't you proud, 'cause you helped! Do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion and that's nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars. You just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them for billions and billions of years and every single one of them, at some point in their lives, will look back at this man taking that very first step and they will never ever forget it. Oh, but they'll forget this bit. Ready?"

"Ready. "

"That's one small step for man..."

 "You should kill us all on sight. You should kill us all on sight."

"You've given the order for your own execution and the whole planet just heard you...."

" giant leap for mankind."

"And one whacking great kick up the backside for the Silence! You just raised an army against yourself! And now, for a thousand generations, you'll be ordering them to destroy you every day. How fast can you run? Because today's the day the human race throw you off their planet. They won't even know they're doing it. I think, quite possibly, the word you're looking for right now is "Oops". Run! Guys, I mean us! Run!"

In case you can't guess, it's the Impossible Astronaut for me. Such a brilliant, brilliant story. The plot, fascinating. The villains, terrifying. The pacing, acting, direction, music, perfect. Good Man is great, but it can't beat this masterpiece of television. Comfortably in my top 15 stories of all time.

1 week, 2 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #9


Let's see...

A powerful, emotional drama with great performances, a fantastic script and the Eleventh Doctor at his best?

Or a powerful, emotional drama with great performances, a fantastic script and the Eleventh Doctor at his best? (No I haven't been possessed by the Midnight entity).

Going to have to give it to Vincent, purely for Tony Curan's magnificent performance, Bill Nighy and being so human

It's no wonder these two are considered to be the Eleventh Doctor's essential stories, both are marvelous.

1 week, 3 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #8


9 and 8 are my favourite. Combine the visuals of 8 and the music of 9 and then VOILA! A perfect title sequence. While there's nothing wrong with the visuals of the official titles, the music is painful! I hope the person behind number 9 has the job of the music next year!

1 week, 3 days ago on Top 10 Fan Title Sequences


Both are two of RTD's best, but Turn Left is simply stunning in every way. Anyone who said that Catherine Tate couldn't act seriously and would bring the show down before Series 4 aired certainly ate their words by this story (thought they should have done at the Fires of Pompeii, wonder if that's made the cut).

Midnight is fantastic too.

Midnight is fantastic too.

No don't, just don't.

No don't just don't.

1 week, 4 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #7


Gatiss, Jane Austen (?), Ice Warriors (?) and scariness? Only in Doctor Who!

1 week, 5 days ago on Mark Gatiss Penning “Scary” Series 9 Episode


Eleventh Hour easily. I feel like the only one who dislikes the Big Bang.Though it is a OK story, my dislike stems mostly from the horrible resolution. How did the Doctor manage to come back and how come the universe wasn't Turn Lefted after the reboot if everything in the old universe happened? No explanation? Oh it doesn't matter, as long as it looks like it's explained, no reasoning is needed!

One of the few times I felt truly let down by Moffat.

1 week, 5 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #6


Both Whithouse and Gatiss are doing scary stories? 0_0!

1 week, 5 days ago on Mark Gatiss Penning “Scary” Series 9 Episode


@Notsosmartguy likes Powers @Rorschach's_Journal_of_Impossible_Things Sarah Jane and Martha have a choice of destroying the world, but they don't. Davros may have stopped them but they made a choice to not do it instantly. Of course since I'm Series 4 bias this is probably over analysising but I like the subtle detail in the script. =D!

1 week, 6 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #5


Never knew the Series 4 finale was so popular! As a fan of both parts this makes me happy. Five reasons why I love this story

1) Wraps up the theme of humanity.

2) Torchwood and SJA in a comic book style crossover!

3) Donna and Wilf being Donna and Wilf.

4) The Dark and Endless Dalek Night. Brrr!

5) The epic scope.

But honestly, when in contest with the PHENOMENAL Human Nature two parter, it can't stand a chance. Why is HN/TFOB so good. Because everything came together in a brilliant script which shows how much Cornell needs to return (even if Russel wrote much of the script, Paul still came up with the ideas and him teaming up with Moffat would be outstanding).

"Oh, I think the explanation might be you've been fooled by a simple olfactory misdirection, a little bit like ventriloquism of the nose. It's an elementary trick in certain parts of the galaxy. But it has gotta be said: I don't like the look of that hydrokinometer. It seems to be indicating you've got energy feeding back all the way through the retro-stabilisers feeding back into the primary heat converter. *gasps*. 'Cause if there's one thing you shouldn't have done, you shouldn't have let me press all those buttons. But, in fairness, I will give you one word of advice: Run!"

 "He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time, and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."

"He never raised his voice. That was the worst thing -- the fury of the Time Lord. And then we discovered why -- why this Doctor, who had fought with gods and demons, why he had run away from us and hidden: he was being kind.He wrapped my father in unbreakable chains forged in the heart of a dwarf star. He tricked my mother into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy to be imprisoned there, forever. He still visits my sister once a year, every year. I wonder if one day he might forgive her, but there she is. Can you see? He trapped her inside a mirror. Every mirror. If ever you look at your reflection and see something move behind you just for a second, that's her. That's always her. As for me, I was suspended in time and the Doctor put me to work standing over the fields of England, as their protector. We wanted to live forever. So The Doctor made sure we did."

1 week, 6 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #5


"What are you a professor of?"

"Archaeology" *zaps Silence*  "I love a tomb!"

1 week, 6 days ago on Top 10 River Song Moments (10-6)


"Don't blink" versus "Hey, who turned out the lights?"

Silence in the Library is definitely my vote. Blink is good (very good) but it relies on jump scares which means it isn't as effective on re-watch and the plot is pretty basic.

Silence in the Library on the other hand is infinitely re-watchable due to its magnificent and complex script, the brilliant performances and the fascinating ideas at play.

2 weeks ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #4


"Captain Jack Harkness"

"Professor River Song!"

"Oh, don't start!"

Love these two so much! Though I prefer Jack as I feel like River was more mystery than person sometimes, both are absolutely amazing! While I think a River return would not be a good move, as her story is done (unless BF does stories with her and Eleven) a Jack return is more than welcome for me!

2 weeks ago on Why We Love Jack & River


Sorry Satan Pit, but Waters of Mars easily beats you.

Both are tightly written, fantastically paced, well characterised and some of the best of RTD's era, but while one has 90 minutes to give a brilliant base under siege story, the other does it in 60, and delivers a dark and scary story about the Doctor's morality.

These polls have been easy so far! There is only Face Off which will break me, but it might not appear, so fingers crossed...

2 weeks, 1 day ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #3


I will watch City of Death in his honour!

"If there's one thing I can't stand, it's being tortured by someone with cold hands."

2 weeks, 1 day ago on Douglas, the Doctor and Everything


Gotta be The Empty Child for me, easily the most entertaining Series One story. 

I find Girl in the Fireplace a bit overrated, but if it helps it is in my top 5 of Series 2 (though there isn't much contest). I prefer School Reunion, though that's an unpopular view I know.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #2


Dalek in every way, shape and form. It's like choosing between a three course buffet and half a carrot (the half comes from the Tardis hologram scene).

2 weeks, 3 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #1





Lol! That was hilarious! Amazing trailer!

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Weird and Wonderful


@The Finn is excited for audio Kate Stewart! @Rorschach's_Journal_of_Impossible_Things Well they didn't serve a purpose apart from to entertain. Sometimes they would be referenced but many stories were never referenced again. Most stories were stand alone. 

It isn't a bad thing but that's the way it was. The joy of the Classic era is that every story has time to breath and every time it is different without having to have most stories have some emotional or story related plot element like now (again, that's a good thing, times change).

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Why More Two-Parters Is A Good Thing


Great article, though I think the whole Classic era was filler. With the exception of the Key to Time, E Space, Black Guardian trilogy and the Trial of a Time Lord, every non regeneration/post regeneration or companion entrance/exit was filler.

That said, I do want more two parters. Stories of that magnitude have the power to be truly complex and in depth, but I think stories like Flatline didn't need a second part.

As long as the stories are worthy of me waiting a week for it to resolve ("coughTheRebelFleshcough*)  or structured well enough to be a continuing story (*coughPartingoftheWayscough*) then I'm fine.

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Why More Two-Parters Is A Good Thing


Superb era, with my favourite Doctor-

Series 5

Best episode: Vincent and the Doctor

Worst: Victory of the Daleks (purely by the fact everything else is so good)

Flame shield up opinion: The Big Bang

Series 6

Best: The God Complex

Worst: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Flame shield up opinion: The Girl Who Waited

Series 7

Best: The Doctor trilogy

Worst: Hide

Flame shield up opinion: Also Hide.

Series 8

Best: Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Worst: In the Forest of the Night

Flame shield up opinion: Not hating Kill the Moon!

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Rank the Revival: Moffat Era Recap


Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Brilliant. Powerful drama at its best. 10/10.

Last Christmas

Ok. Great first half, but the holes emerge in the second half. Moffat's weakest since the Angels take Manhatten, but still entertaining. 6/10.

3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 4


An error on my part was that I forgot trees are living and conscious, so that criticism is unfair. The point I was trying to make is that the trees coming alive and being able to talk with no explanation is stupid, not trees being alive.

Stupid me!

3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 4


Now the question is: rant on Forest or ode to Dark Water?

Let's get the hate out first:

*Ahem*. WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! After four weeks of character driven stories this comes along? A story with no plot, excruticating dialogue ("We're going to phone everyone on Earth, and ask them to leave the trees alone"). The Pertwee years delivered subtle environmental messages, this is about as subtle as a giant tree wearing a "Save the tree" sign comes up to you and shouts "SAVE THE TREES, SAVE THE TREES!" 

The characterisation is awful. After Matheison's pitch perfect portrayal of the Doctor, this is painful to watch (though the Les Mis joke was hilarious). No one learns anything as the characters and story are two separate things.

There's no threat, nothing at stake, no tension, nothing to be invested in. The tree fairies aren't important until the final third, and they are stupid! Fairies?! The trees have conscious?! I again refer you to my analogy.

How much better would this story have been if it was a test by an ancient and powerful race? Imagine if the Eternals, bored of their immortal life, declared themselves gods and seeking to destroy lesser races? They know of the solar flare, so they put the trees up, and watch humanity's reaction. When the humans start destroying them, the Eternals decree that the human race cannot live so they remove the trees and the Earth is under threat, with the Doctor unable to do anything. But, it's thanks to Clara's decision to stay behind rather than continue with the Doctor as the last human which show the Eternals that there is good in humanity, so the flare vanishes?

This is an idea which I literally made up on the spot, and it would have worked better than a script by a professional, award winning writer!

3/10 (for the music and the occasional funny line).

So, thanks to this, Series 8 has one bad story. Thank Moffat for the perfection that is Dark Water/Death in Heaven...

3 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 4


Kill the Moon: Great first half, with amazing performances and a sense of threat. The plot, dilemma and execution are an absolute mess unfortunately, but the ending scene is superb and raises the episode up, but it still is very weak overall. I am not on the hate train however. 5/10.

Mummy on the Orient Express: Superb, perfectly paced and imaginative story. The characterisation is sublime and the dialogue sparkles. The Foretold is genuinely terrifying. 10/10.

Flatline: Matheison impresses again with another script full of intense drama and action. Great villains and great material for both the Doctor and Clara here, with a brilliant speech. The screwdriver ending is a bit rushed, but that doesn't impact the story, just knocks it to a 9/10.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 3


More strong stories!

Listen- What needs to be said? A fascinating character piece with fear as a backdrop to the drama. After multiple re-watches it is still firmly 10/10.

Time Heist- What a unique and fun episode. There are no complex themes here, no intense character subtext or brilliant thought provoking drama, just 45 minutes of great dialogue, an amazing monster and a clever use of time travel. The solar flare being introduced at the climax was way too convenient however, and the "Don't think" business was way too soon after Deep Breath's "Don't breath." 8/10.

The Caretaker- Saw this last night funnily enough! A great character piece, and in that regard it succeeds. However, Gareth Roberts does recycle a few of his ideas, like the Doctor in an awkward situation, and the Blitzer isn't a great villain. While I know the monster isn't the focus of the story, he still could have done a better job with it, like with the Kragfyis or the Reapers. As a piece of drama it's great though. 7/10.

Favourite Capaldi moments in each episode

DB: "Door. Not me." *Flings open window* "ME!"

ITD: Every single line of dialogue!

ROS: "I am the Doctor, and this... is my SPOON!"

Listen: That opening monologue!

TH: "Shut up, shut up, shuttity up up up!"

TC: "Human beings are not otters!". "I know, it'll be even easier!"

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 2


@Malohkeh will sell soul for Big Finish CDs Robot of Sherwood is easily his best script. He certainly has improved since Cold War =D!

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 1


 Robot of Sherwood, a mild analysis and defense

This episode is amazing in my eyes, purely because Gatiss writes his script in a way which means that he can address some complex character issues within the fun banter.

People say that this episode should have had the Eleventh Doctor, and while I feel like that would work, the story would have lost its main core. Capaldi at this point is still unsure who he is, and here he is being presented with a perfect hero, aka, his former self. His annoyance at Robin comes from the fact that the Twelfth Doctor sees himself as flawed and refuses to believe in perfect heroes. He scolds Clara for believing in Robin Hood with some great dialogue-

"When did you start believing in impossible heroes?"

"When did you stop?"

I don't have the actual quote, but it's lines like that which means this episode contains truly personal questions for the characters. And that's why I love it. 

Let's also not mention great guest performances from Tom Reiley and Ben Miller, a plot which is paced perfectly and Capaldi being absolutely hilarious. My only flaw is the ridiculous arrow solution, which was similar to many endings in Series 7B. 


Deep Breath: 8/10. This episode increased slightly in quality after a rewatch. I was unfairly comparing it to the Eleventh Hour, when DB is more character driven and while it doesn't have a Doctor Moment, it works as it is the first development of Twelve's character arc.

Into the Dalek: 8/10. Another increased score. Still slightly rushed with the Dalek threat not being satisfactory, but still a great story with some really black humour.

"Yeah, top layer, if you want a few words."

I love Series 8 so much! I love loving Who!

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2014 Part 1


Surprised City of Death isn't mentioned. Everything about that story is perfect!

"You're a beautiful women, probably."

So glad to see love for the Pirate Planet. A great script with Tom Baker giving a fantastic performance. The conversation with the Captain which you've quoted is one of my all time favourite Four moments. The story is so great I want to watch it again! 'Scuse me...

*100 minutes later*

Yeah, I love Douglas Adams. Not a fan of Logopolis though, with Episode One being one of the strangest things I have ever seen. The regeneration was absolutely marvellous though.

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Tom Baker: The Beginning, End and In-Between (Part 2)


Series 7, Series 7. On the surface most stories are alright, 7A is actually pretty good.

But when you have stories like Cold War (which destroyed the Ice Warriors), Hide (which destroyed everything I love about Who), JTTCOTT (which destroyed any chance of having another story like this) and ruining a would be perfect Cyber two parter, there is a problem.

Add on top of that a Doctor who has forgotten what made him great, a bland and entirely plot focused companion (the Doctor trilogy sorted that out), a mediocre Dalek story, a mediocre Angels story, a series with no narrative thrust other than "Who is Clara?" and no emotional thrust other than "Who is Clara?". Even Series 2 had more focus on the emotions! As a result, despite some great stories, Series 7 is my least favourite series.


1. A Town Called Mercy- 9

2. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship- 9

3. The Snowmen- 9

4. The Power of Three- 7

5. Asylum of the Daleks- 5

6. The Angels take Manhatten- 5


1. The Doctor trilogy- 10

2. The Rings of Akhaten- 9

3. The Crimson Horror- 7

4. The Bells of Saint John- 6

5. Nightmare in Silver- 5


7. Cold War- 2

8. Hide- 0 (voted 1, although it deserves -1).

So after all that, thank Moffat for Series 8. Time to get positive again!

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2012-2013 Recap


I love the Invasion of Time. The final episodes fail as an epic chase in the Tardis is nothing more than running through warehouses, but the first episodes are great. It establishes Baker as an unpredictable force. 

Despite my criticisms of Robert Holmes, I do like the Talons of Weng Chiang, even though like most of his work I fail to see why it is so acclaimed. The Deadly Assassin is a lot better in my eyes.

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Tom Baker: The Beginning, End and In-Between (Part 1)


Oh, and the run from Name of the Doctor to The Caretaker is superb! All high ranking episodes!

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 3


Finally! Good episodes! All perfect 10's. These stories almost make up for the horrible abominations before them. Name is a character driven nostalgia trip, Day is a perfect celebration of the show and Time is a powerful and quietly touching end to Matt's era. I only wish that the final series itself was better.

"Calling the War Council of Gallifrey, this is the Doctor!"

"You might say, I've been doing this all my lives!"
"Good luck"

"Standing by"


"Commencing calculations!"
"Soon be there!"
"Across the boundaries that cross one universe frrrom another!"

"I'll lock onto his coordinates..."

"And for my next trick..."

"I'd never thought I'd be well off! All twelve of them!"
"No sir! All thirteen!"

*Capaldi glares

3 weeks, 5 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 3


@Gustaff @Rorschach's_Journal_of_Impossible_Things The kids suck. The Cybermen should have upgraded them! Like I said, it's not that good.

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 2


*Inhales, raises finger* You know, let's talk positive first.

The Crimson Horror: My favourite stand alone Part 2 story. It actually feels complete, with a fun plot and a Hinchcliffe esque tone. The story makes no sense but I can look past that when an episode is this fun. 8/10.

Nightmare in Silver: Why does everyone hate this? Sure the story and pacing could improve, but there is a great setting and decent Cyber action, with a fantastic Matt performance. But yeah, it isn't THAT good. 5/10.

Bye bye optimism... Hide is coming... help!

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 2


So, let's discuss "that" story-

Cold War, or as I like to call it: Boring Dalek. Where do I begin? First of all, the Doctor. Matt Smith is great as usual, but the writing for him is bland and repetitive. Make jokes? Check. You're better than this speech? Check. Fast paced exposition? Check. It's the beginning of a trend of poorly written Eleven scripts, both in character and story.

And now: Clara. Was she IN this story? She does nothing and we learn nothing about her character. There is something about her being scared but that isn't resolved and isn't a good arc. Most useless use of a companion since the Fifth Doctor era. 

You know what? I'm just going to say it. This is just like Warriors of the Deep, a terrible underwater story with a terribly executed returning foe and being an all around horrible experience. Even the production values are roughly the same!

So right, Cold War. Let's discuss the "Ice Warrior". I say "Ice Warrior" because apart from the name and appearance, this creature is no different from any other Who monster. He's a cyborg, like the Cybermen. He's the "last of his kind", like the Metaltron Dalek. He declares war on the human race, just like every single monster. 

Mark, this isn't an obscure returning foe like the Macra, the Ice Warriors are hugely popular and this simply isn't good enough. And if I watch an Ice Warrior story, I don't expect a lizard which runs around gutters and preaches.

The characters. What characters? When compared to other supporting characters in other base under siege stories, these are terrible. I don't even know their names. The captain is shouty, the old man is unfunny comic relief and anyone else is a massive red shirt. The scene where Clara is talking to the old man could have been poignant like the Rose/Nancy scene in the Empty Child, but instead it's a joke. What a waste.

The logic. THE LOGIC! Why does the red shirt crack open the ice? How does an Ice Warrior look like a mammoth? Why does the other guy attack Skaldak? Why did the Tardis disappear? Because we need a Classic series reference and a contrived way to keep the Tardis away from the characters. And don't get me started on the ending...

So, is there anything I like? Well, the direction was good... and the Ice Warrior suit looked cool... and the music was good... the acting was good... yeah that's about it. 

2/10. But at least the following episodes made up for this and this is just a rare fluke that... HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a joke! I'm not looking forward to tomorrow...

4 weeks ago on Rank the Revival: 2013 Part 1