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I don't really see the point of making a big deal about this. I don't make a big deal when anybody kisses on television. I prefer to keep romance out of anything altogether, although I know I will never get my wish ;) Yeah, it's nice that Doctor Who did this, but why the hell are we making a big deal about it?

5 months ago on Addressing the Deep Breath Kiss


@VortexDan  Yeah, shame on Moffat for writing a female character that sacrifices herself to save the Doctor, at every moment in his life, and the entire universe.

11 months ago on The Speculator’s Guide to… The Next Showrunner


@ahunter8056  I never could bring myself to like Rose during Series 2.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Gillan on Moffat Female Character Criticisms


@TheE_Nigma @John Sully  His coat! Other than that, he was great.

12 months ago on Series 8 Will Be Darker, More like Classic Who