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Great list - you managed to remind me how good a writer Moffat can be.

Though I really think that Kazran Sardick should have been on here somewhere!

2 days, 14 hours ago on The 12 Best Written Moffat Characters


Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Downey Jr on Who Role: “Anything’s possible”


My Gatiss Ranking:

1. The Unquiet Dead

2. Night Terrors

3. Cold War

4. The Idiot's Lantern

5. The Crimson Horror

6. Victory of the Daleks

7. Robot of Sherwood

It only just occurred to me now that The Unquiet Dead is the only episode of his that I actually like. I find the rest of Gatiss' episodes either pretty average or pretty downright awful. Interestingly, I think Mark Gatiss is an excellent writer when it comes to his other work (especially Sherlock and An Adventure in Space and Time), but I think he's yet to do a Doctor Who episode of very high quality.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Robot of Sherwood


In my opinion, this was a very poor episode. Misplaced humour, peculiar editing, and ludicrous moments really ruined this episode for me. One of the most upsetting things for me was Gatiss' depiction of Capaldi's Doctor. In the first two episodes of Series 8, the Doctor has been a sort of slightly insecure and off-the-rails character who needs Clara to guide him. I was okay with the way this was portrayed in the first two episodes but in this one I thought it was executed terribly. The Doctor is shown to be a whiny, immature child and Clara has had her IQ increased by 100 points. Though Capaldi was previously a bit wild, at least he was COMMANDING. In Robot of Sherwood, there is absolutely nothing there to make us respect him, which is ironic considering Moffat has been trying ever so hard for us to like Capaldi.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Robot of Sherwood


@JeffClark3  With much pain, I must agree with you. I wasn't expecting anything great from this episode at all, and even then I was still massively disappointed. The performances were good, but I was shocked to see the standard of the episode plummet before my very eyes.

In regards to it being worse than Love & Monsters, I would also agree with that, but that doesn't really say much seeing as Love & Monsters is one of my favourite episodes.

4 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Robot of Sherwood


@AaronMcGahon  I think you'll find that half the miserable people we see in places like this don't even mean what they're saying; give people a veil, and they will say and do things uncharacteristically.

There will always be negative people, some even relishing in having something to needlessly complain about.

The least we can do is enjoy things for ourselves, and not let others darken our mood.

5 months ago on Rate & Discuss Deep Breath


Excellent article - I especially love your points on Wilf. The End of Time is a truly great story.

Just wondering...has anybody dared to do an article in favour of Love & Monsters yet?

7 months, 3 weeks ago on The End of Time: Why it Needs More Love


Moffat just won't let them die!

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Bring Back… Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter


Thank you kindly for this article, Connor. It may just be the greatest piece of online writing I have ever had the fortune of reading.

I started properly as an 'internet' user about four years ago - pretty much coinciding with the dawn of Matt Smith's era. Due to this, I am not aware of the nature of the online fanbase before Moffat took over, but I know that in the last few years there has been increasingly negative remarks regarding elements of Doctor Who.

There will always be critics, but nowadays it seems that good honest people are turning into monsters when they are given the anonymity of an online persona. Connor, I wholesomely agree with your opening statements regarding the increasing importance of the digital world - but something tells me that even though discussions may get more peaceful, if Doctor Who ever comes to an end it will be at the hands of social media.

Despite this sobering thought, I thank you once again for your final remarks - they comforted me and produced a tiny glimmer of hope that maybe we can be better.

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Dear Whovians…


My Picks for Best Episode Run:


Tooth and Claw

Planet of the Ood

The Girl in the Fireplace

Rise of the Cybermen


Father's Day

The Satan Pit


The God Complex

The Sound of Drums

Journey's End

The Waters of Mars

The Day of the Doctor

My Picks for Worst Episode Run:

Asylum of the Daleks

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The Curse of the Black Spot

The Power of Three

The Rebel Flesh

The Vampires of Venice

The Rings of Akhaten

Let's Kill Hitler


Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Fear Her

Closing Time

The Big Bang

The Runaway Bride

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.

Oh dear...does that make me look like Smith-hater by any chance?

My Series Ranking is





SERIES 4 & Specials



To be honest I think this list is based on watchability.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Complete Recap


@Chris502 You'd better have a punch-line for this...

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 8


Okay, I'm going to attempt to give my ranking:

1. Father's Day     10/10

2. Human Nature     10/10

3. The Impossible Planet     10/10

4. Silence in the Library     9/10

5. The Hungry Earth    8/10

7. Cold War     7.5/10

8. Let's Kill Hitler     6/10

Phew! That was hard.

9 months, 4 weeks ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 8


Oh thank goodness! Capaldi is a terrible actor! I'm still annoyed he's going to be the Master, but oh well. Life goes on.

10 months ago on Capaldi is Not the Doctor!



10 months ago on Series 1-7 Face-Off: Episode 6


Terrible, terrible news. However, when people pass away I don't like to think of it as a star going out, but a new star being created.

R.I.P Both of them

10 months ago on Obituaries: Kate O’Mara, Derek Martinus


My goodness, they both look ridiculously good for their age!

10 months, 3 weeks ago on Happy Birthday, Alex Kingston & John Barrowman


Oh, please tell me I am not the only who did a little dance when they read this article!

11 months ago on Lego Doctor Who One Step Closer


@Strontium @Frank the Bunny I haven't looked at it like that; you make a good point - I guess her character was meant to de-evolve. Pardon me, but I think you may have just changed my entire opinion of River Song in a single comment.

11 months, 1 week ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


Steven Moffat's writing is not sexist. Moffat has explored female characters more than ever before on the show and I thank him for it! The only problem I have with Moffat's writing regarding women is how River has turned from a mysterious and enigmatic character to a wimpy, innuendorhea-stricken psychopath.

11 months, 1 week ago on Is Steven Moffat a Feminist Writer?


It was okay, but in my opinion it was by a fair margin the weakest finale story.

11 months, 1 week ago on Best of Matt Smith: The Wedding of River Song


I just love new directors!!!

11 months, 1 week ago on Another new Director for Series 8


The most I have ever cried in a Doctor Who episode was in The Girl in the Fireplace. The ending truly broke my heart, as The Doctor reads the letter and then dematerialises in the TARDIS; as it fades away, the portrait of Madame de Pompadour hanging right where the TARDIS had been. Finally, we see an exterior shot of the spaceship, and for the first time, see the name ingrained on the side. Such a powerful scene - full of so much sadness and texture. Not only does it finally wrap up the final loose end, but that shot honestly breaks your heart because you realise that The Doctor will never know.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on 10 Most Heartbreaking New Who Moments


The average of my scores for Series 5 was 7.96. I thought a few episodes were outstanding. A couple were average (or below), and the rest was just decent (as Doctor Who is anyway). My Series ranking would probably look something like this:

1. Series 2

2. Series 1

3. Series 3

4. Series 6

5. The Specials

6. Series 4

7. Series 5

8. Series 7

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: A Christmas Carol & Series 5 Recap


Met this great man in 2012; he provided a commentary for his episode. I am all for a return from the amazing Robert Sherman.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Bring Back… Robert Shearman


I think that The Pandorica Opens is an exceptional Doctor Who episode, treading new emotional and fictional ground. It's shocking, thrilling and beautiful, and one of the finest episodes of New Who. Then The Big Bang comes along and destroys the entire story. So, with a heavy heart, I must give this an 8/10.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang


Wait a minute: if we are grading two-parters in one poll, then The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang will be hard for me because I absolutely love The Pandorica Opens but absolutely despise The Big Bang.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: The Time of Angels / Flesh & Stone



Well no I am not a fan. In fact for me it was probably the biggest disappointment of the year, movie-wise.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 8 Will Be Darker, More like Classic Who



There's no way you could be referring to Man of Steel, is there?

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 8 Will Be Darker, More like Classic Who


Ben Wheatley, you are my saviour :)

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Series 8 Will Be Darker, More like Classic Who