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Doctor Who is a show with a lonnng shelf life. Personifying the TARDIS would mean changing actors occasionally. Certainly a device could be introduced to deal with this, but wouldn't it just echo regeneration? Also, the TARDIS her/him/itself would have knowledge on par or superior to the Doctor. Both of these issues detract from the uniqueness of the central character and we also lose some of the mystery and mystique of the TARDIS.

5 months, 2 weeks ago on Could the TARDIS Become a Permanent Companion?


A Telltale style game would work, the key would be to play from the companion's perspective. I'd imagine an alien invasion of earth and you are captured and forced to escape on your own and try to figure out whats going on. Meanwhile some shadowy figure is in the background that you keep almost crossing paths with. Finally at the end of chapter one you finally meet up and have to solve the problem together, hence becoming the Doctor's new companion for the rest of the series. Cue THE music. 

It'd be far better to play as the companion because we don't want the Doctor outmatched or outwitted, but the companion? Fine. And when split up there may be times when you have to fight. Opens up the possibilities for some of your decisions to be wrong, we don't expect the Doctor to be wrong often if at all. We also care about the Doctor by default, what better way to be invested in the companion than for it to be us? Even make the avatar completely customizable (as long as its an attractive young human female) :P 

5 months, 3 weeks ago on How a Doctor Who Game CAN Work


@TheOncomingFish @dschram And 11 is part... Ood? 

Seems legit.

6 months, 4 weeks ago on Gillan on saying Goodnight to her Raggedy Man


I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Fear Her

This is the only 11th Doctor story I don't like, and the weakest since the show returned in 2005. Plot was telegraphed right up front, guest characters were annoying and the trite "love saves the day" ending. Only Matt Smith's acting brings the score up at all. 


7 months ago on Best of Matt Smith: Night Terrors


You know, every time this comes up I see people throw Canton into the mix and I'm not entirely sure he should be. He had one line indicating he wanted to marry a man but it is totally within reason this was simply a lie. When the story starts he has left the FBI and is being drug back into it. At the end of the story he is attempting to once again extricate himself from the FBI. Saying he wants to get married and retire isn't enough so the added detail of this person being black is added. When Nixon starts to say he is more liberal than people may think, only then is the man part added. Now, to the viewers this is obviously meant to parallel the civil rights movement of then and the one going on now. And as that relates to this piece it is very relevant, and a nice way to handle the subject, especially in just a few lines. However, I am not entirely sure if Canton himself is a gay character or just saying that, characters are wont to lie to achieve their own ends, and I see nothing wrong with him doing so in this case, as he had no desire to work for Nixon at any point in the story. Now this doesn't mean for sure he isn't gay, but on my first viewing of the episode this is how I interpreted the exchange and nothing really contradicts it. And I suppose whether or not he actually is would be missing the point, Nixon's response is: "I think the Moon is far enough for now, don't you?" Hopefully we've all reached the point that going to the moon seems just a little bit more outrageous.

7 months ago on Doctor Who and Sexuality


Gave it a 6/10. The Doctor saves Earth with a Jammy Dodger! And, when called on it, points out he was promised tea by the Daleks. Overall a good episode, but marred by the dual deus-ex machina ending.

Unlike many I have no problem with the paradigm Daleks. I just didn't care for the rushed gravity bubble device that went from paper to near earth orbit in about 5 minutes and the overly sappy "love defuses a bomb" moment.

Also, I can't give them all nines and tens. :P

7 months, 2 weeks ago on Best of Matt Smith: Victory of the Daleks