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The problems with a Doctor Who movie?

1. It permanently ups the production values for the franchise. If they build a spanking-new Tardis set for the movie, the producers will be expected to maintain that set for the next series -- and if the set is built in Vancouver, guess what that means for Wales.

2. The series is written mainly for a British audience, with the worldwide audience a secondary consideration. A movie would reverse that -- and that puts limits on future series production. You know how excised fans get about Doc's "half-human" status? Imagine the uproar if the movie people got it into their heads that the Doctor has the hots for a character to be played by Anne Hathaway.

3. What story could you tell that would require the visual impact of a movie screen? It won't be the return of Gallifrey because that would effectively end the show, like Sam Beckett finally leaping home or Gilligan permanently coming off the island.

4. You'd have to pay the Terry Nation estate more oodles of cash if you want the Daleks in a movie. Ditto any other monster previously created.

2 days ago on Leaked Sony Emails Reveals Doctor Who Movie Plans


Actually I applaude Eccleston's decision. After all, if an incarnation of the Doctor can speak with a Northern accent, then a future version can speak with an American one.

4 days, 22 hours ago on Eccleston: I Have No Ill Feeling Towards Doctor Who


Sorry, but have to go with Twelve. As flawed (or "in development") as he is, the Capaldi version is more in line with the personae of Classic Doctors than Eccleston's.

5 days, 21 hours ago on Doctor of the Decade: Face-Off #1


Considering Clara's reaction: "Head" knowledge is not the same as "experienced" knowledge.

"Day of the Doctor" hints that Clara may have integrated some of the experience her splintered selves had with Doc's past incarnations, but the assimilation wasn't perfect and is probably fading. So it's not particularly surprising that she should react badly to the rebirth of the Doctor as an older man, visibly *not* of her generation.

Also bear in mind that this particular regeneration is anomalous in that it represents a change from a younger Doctor to a visibly older one. Regenerations in the past have tended to go either from older to younger, or (if changing to an older actor) no more than five years older, or essentially the same generation.

If I had to level a big criticism of Deep Breath, it's that a lot of the humour within is constructed rather than organic. I get that the Doc's memory would be swiss-cheesed, but not so badly that he would confuse Sontaran and short human, or refer to people as "thingies," and then within the same day (story-wise) start rubbishing about English and Scots accents. Individually the gags are silly enough, but taken cumulatively it looks like Moffat was trying out superficial gags for a quick giggle.

6 days, 23 hours ago on A Divided Opinion: Deep Breath (Part 1)


The thing about a talent like Moffat is, he'd need a big personal project of his own to launch before the BBC would consider letting him leave Doctor Who. Sherlock, as nice as it is, isn't really big enough.

1 week ago on Should Series 9 Be Moffat’s Last?


I give him a 6. I get that he's supposed to be prickly and an unpleasant contrast to Smith, and thank heavens he's better behaved than C. Baker, but I'm finding the "humour" inherent in this character to be forced or constructed rather than organic.

1 week ago on Doctor of the Decade: Rate the Twelfth Doctor


Thing to remember: whenever a new actor is cast for the Doctor, people tend to judge the decision by that actor's best known past work. People expected Peter Davison to be Tristan from All Creatures Great and Small; fans thought David Tennant would be Casanova as the Doctor. (ahem)

And of course a lot of people expected the Capaldi Doctor to be the sweary Malcolm Tucker in a blue box.

All of the actors, of course, evolved the Doctor, not just from his previous incarnation, but from their own past work.

This is one of the reasons why I'm not as quick as I used to be to dismiss the idea of a female Doctor. I still think it's a bad idea because of the high potential for stunt or novelty casting, but I will concede that there are actors like Jennifer Saunders who could capture Doc's core personality traits.

1 week, 2 days ago on Series 8: The Long Regeneration


What Eleven is, is the beginning of the Retrovolution. Nine gave us the Doctor of the 21st Century, Ten showed us how far that could go.

But with Eleven, Steven Moffat essentially began devolving the Doctor back towards the Classic portrayals. Less hipster, more boffin. Less romantic lead, more clever man-child. Very heavily influenced by Patrick Troughton, but with a lot more enthusiasm.

From the moment he bellowed "GERONIMOOOOO!" this was a Doctor you absolutely had to follow, because you knew you were in for one heck of a ride.

I like a Doctor who likes to have fun, and Matt Smith definitely had fun with this role, more than his predecessors.

1 week, 2 days ago on Doctor of the Decade: Rate the Eleventh Doctor


The thing is, Craig is essentially an Hearth-based Companion. He's not the type to go in the Tardis for adventure, but is willing to help Doc out with any situation in the here and now. 

That *does* mean that any story involving aliens making mischief on modern-day Earth on a small scale would be a natural for an appearance by Craig. A Zygon babysitter, for example.

The real problem, though, is whether there'd be chemistry between Capaldi and Corden, as there was between Smith and Corden. (The fact that Smith and Corden are closer to being contemporaries helped in their acting together, a factor that won't be in play with Capaldi's more acerbic Doctor.)

1 week, 4 days ago on Bring Back Craig Owens


Honestly? CE did what the show needed. He showed us a Doctor for the 21st century.

Significant, because this could easily have become at best a pastiche of Classic Doctor portrayals, and that would not have helped get the revival past the first series.

Even his departure, in story, was what the show needed. It was necessary to establish that the Doctor could still regenerate into a new body, like the Doctors of old, and that it happened in the first season was a bonus.

1 week, 4 days ago on Doctor of the Decade: Rate the Ninth Doctor


Not sure about this. Knowing the BBC, they'll want someone with more production experience than Gatiss to work on Who. Like the people who do The Musketeers, or Poldark, or Banished. An outsider would bring a fresher perspective.

1 week, 5 days ago on Mark Gatiss on Whether He’d Be Up for Next Showrunner


There is, of course, the possibility of JC playing not only the Doctor's Clara but one of her "echoes" (see Name of the Doctor), who was captured by Missy. Because if Clara had been scattered throughout the Doctor's timeline, then it would also include the post-Smith future (including Capaldi) as well as his pasts.

1 week, 5 days ago on The Magician, the Witch and the Impossible Girl


@The Finn is excited for audio Kate Stewart! @VictorWong1 "Memories aren't perfect." You could recreate that scene with Jude Law in a platinum blonde wig talking with Carey Milligan as the technician with slightly altered dialogue, and people would recognize it as an homage without necessarily denouncing it.

1 week, 5 days ago on Capaldi: A Doctor Who Movie Would Be Great


Frankly, there is only one story worth the movie treatment:

"Doctor Who: The First Adventure."

The story behind what made the Doctor leave Gallifrey to start his adventures.

Yes, it would be a different Doctor than Capaldi, but that's okay because it would be looking at a younger version of the Hartnell Doctor, so there would be no competition.

The drawbacks? It can't feature the monsters that were introduced in the TV show, like the Daleks / Cybermen , because the Doctor won't have encountered them yet (although the Weeping Angels are a possibility since the Doctor knows them as a legend, and a younger version of the Master is also possible). Also, it's a backstory on the Doctor, and producers of the show are never eager to show off backstory.

1 week, 5 days ago on Capaldi: A Doctor Who Movie Would Be Great


I'm thinking: how about a 2- or 3D animated episode? That would allow for a story unrealizable with live-action FX.

1 week, 5 days ago on Themed Episodes For The Future


Here's a thought: why not assign the "13th Doctor" moniker unofficially to John Hurt's War Doctor, and let Capaldi's successor be known as the "14th Doctor"? (Because some people are still superstitious about the number 13 ...)

2 weeks, 3 days ago on 5 Candidates for the 13th Doctor


I'd put Trevor Noah on the list. Seems like he's gonna need a new job soon ...

2 weeks, 3 days ago on 5 Candidates for the 13th Doctor


Uh-huh. The irony of it is, Doctor Who *was* in the same situation as Top Gear nearly 30 years ago.

In both cases, you had top executives hostile to the show for essentially ideological reasons, seizing on an excuse to take it off the air, followed by fans rallying to protest the decision and taking the BBC brass completely by surprise.

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Doctor Who Future in Doubt After Capaldi ‘Fracas’


Hm. Looks like he's bringing back the Troughton trousers ...

2 weeks, 4 days ago on 12th Doctor Costume Change for Series 9


Huh. I wonder why BF isn't using the costume from Night of the Doctor for the cover art?

2 weeks, 6 days ago on Doctor Who Presents… Doom Coalition


Day of the Doctor. Death in Heaven has no moment that has the emotional impact of this:

"I didn't know when I was well off. All twelve of them."

"No sir -- all THIRTEEN!"

4 weeks, 1 day ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #12


Frankly, I do have one problem with "Talons," and that's on the production side: the lack of effort in getting more Sino-British involvement with the story.

The "yellowfacing," I can semi-understand. Sure, it would have been much better to get a Chinese actor to play a Chinese character. But that said, the producers were more familiar with a more experienced actor from their own past work with him, and experience trumps "political correctness" in those days.

It's Tom Baker's attempt to bluff the viewer that I'm not happy about. In an effort to show that the Doctor understands Cantonese, he simply spouts a whack of silly syllabics. It's a lack of respect for the culture that could have been avoided simply by diligence in translating and phonetically rendering the dialect for Baker's Doctor.

Fans might be tempted to dismiss this as nitpicking in an otherwise compelling story. They shouldn't. Imagine Capaldi's Doctor trying to pretend to speak a different language in a future episode, like Vietnamese or Bantu. He and the production people would be crucified by the critics and viewers, and rightly so.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Tom Baker: The Beginning, End and In-Between (Part 1)


I'm sorry, but before the return of Gallifrey, I think it's much, much more important to see an episode or series arc dealing with Gallifrey's reputation in the universe.

Remember, in "The Night of the Doctor," the venom that Cas spewed towards the Time Lords because of their involvement in the Time War? There are bound to be planets and systems which feel the same way, and even though the Time War ended, the surviving planets aren't likely to be in a forgiving mood.

Rather than Gallifrey coming back, it would be much more productive from a storytelling point of view if there were episodes featuring the Doctor on planets or cultures where the Time Lords are hated, condemned, etc., where he has to try to repair the reputation of his homeworld.

1 month, 2 weeks ago on Will Gallifrey Return in Series 9?


Oh good. Maybe the Toby Whithouse two-parter will have Missy in it. That'll be something to look forward to.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Moffat Confirms His Next Two Stories for Series 9


What I get from Davison is that most of the actors playing the Doctor took "maleness" as a given and therefore not something they had to think or worry about in their portrayals. Whereas the first actress to play the Doctor will have the burden of proving that a gender change either makes no difference in portraying the Doctor or is actually a strength. That's a tall order no matter what side you're on in this debate.

2 months, 2 weeks ago on Davison Wants To See Doctor’s Daughter Spin-Off


If we're talking about "made for cinema" movies, then there are drawbacks.

The big one is, the inevitable improvement in production values that a movie could afford will translate to raised expectations for production values in the TV show, something that BBC accountants are always reluctant to embrace.

The second one is a bunfight between the TV production people and the movie production people. In TV, the producer calls the shots; with a movie, it's the director.  And the director may have ideas on the story that the producer would have to try to reflect in subsequent TV productions, and said ideas might not work. Case in point: a Dalek redesign (assuming the movie people *could* get rights to the Classic monsters).

And finally: who are you making the movie for? The show may have a built-in fanbase, but that's no guarantee of an audience. And the movie would also be competing with new and past releases of episodes on DVD / Netflix / whatever, for the fan's viewing dollar.

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Why A Doctor Who Movie Is A Good Idea


@divya12 To answer your question: Capaldi brings a fair amount of the Malcolm Tucker brusqueness (if not the language) WRT relating to the people he meets, as well as a fair deal of abrasive wit. He's also a lot more facially expressive than Matt Smith, but tends to use those expressions differently than Pertwee or T. Baker. Bear in mind that expressing the Doctor's persona is as much the function of the writer's script as the actor's interpretation.

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Is Twelve Really So Different to Previous Doctors?


I can guarantee one thing: if they do decide to give the Doctor a male companion, his name will *not* be James. Or a variant.

Why? Because the temptation would be too great for a lazy writer to conclude an argument between them with the line, "Dammit, Jim, I'm the Doctor, not a ..."

3 months ago on 9 Predictions for Doctor Who Series 9…


What we got in NiS was the Cybermen as Cyberzombies, or the "mindless horde vs small survivors".

This is one of the things that was corrected in "Death in Heaven." CyberDanny is exactly the kind of potential that the Cyberman concept represents: a beloved character "converted" to a superior body but a lessened soul.

3 months ago on Neil Gaiman on Nightmare in Silver Reception


@The_Doctor_ They haven't shot in the California redwoods (aka Forest Moon of Endor). They haven't shot in New Zealand (aka Middle Earth). They haven't shot in the Orocopias (aka the Apollo astronauts' geology training ground). And they haven't shot in Patagonia.

3 months ago on Series 9 Filming in Spain


@Ocean Geek Because Almeria, Spain, has lovely production facilities. They shot Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy there. They shot Indiana Jones' Last Crusade there. They're familiar with the local production people, they've shot two episodes there, and the landscape is more interesting than a Wales quarry, so why not?

3 months ago on Series 9 Filming in Spain


Oh good. I'm planning on seeing the DWE in February and I'm planning on visiting the set. Since set visits are scheduled for whenever the production isn't using it, it'll be a plus. ;)

3 months ago on Series 9 Filming in Spain


Gallifrey return? Nope. Too soon. Best year to bring it back would be AD 2063.

3 months, 1 week ago on 9 Predictions for Doctor Who Series 9…


@allons_ywibblywobbly Done before. See Dead Ringers Christmas sketch.

3 months, 1 week ago on Russell T Davies on New Who’s 10th Anniversary


I do see where he's coming from. If the 2005 revival is, indeed, a continuation of the 1963-1989/1996 series, then there's no need for a "10th anniversary" because it's all one show.

People do move on. It's simply not reasonable for RTD to do an encore performance, any more than it's reasonable to expect Terence Dicks to submit a new story for the current show. Far better to encourage production staff to get new writers (i.e. more new people who cut their teeth on Big Finish, more mainstream fantasy authors, etc.)

3 months, 1 week ago on Russell T Davies on New Who’s 10th Anniversary


@Planet of the Deaf @Typo42 "Magic Carrots" No. Part of the charm of current Who is that "life outside the TARDIS" adds a dimension of portraiture that's necessary for fleshing out the companion's characterization. You needed Rose's mum and estate life to know why she traveled with Doc; you need Coal Hill school to know how Clara applies what she's learned from traveling to her lifestyle.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Mission Impossible: Clara Oswald in Review – Part 4


Does anyone know if Moffat's got an OBE yet?

3 months, 2 weeks ago on Sir War Doctor of TARDIS


10th Anniversary special? That already happened in 1973 with The Three Doctors.
Frankly, unless Eccleston's willing to come back for a story, there's no real reason to do one.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on 2014 – A New Dawn (Part 1)


1. Another companion would be a good idea, a chance to alter the character dynamic. But, realistically speaking, I'd suggest we'd get someone who is (a) male and (b) someone we've never seen before, i.e. a brand spanking new character. There's no real need to recycle.

2. I wouldn't mind seeing Michelle Gomez's Missy again for one story, but after Series 10 I think it wouldn't hurt to see another actor or actress present a new take on the Master. (Another regeneration sequence for the Master would be nice; so far in the new series we've only had the one.)

3. Honestly, it's time to lighten up. It won't hurt the Doctor to have more wit and sophisticated banter in his give-and-takes with other people. When he was joshing with his comrades in the takeaway meal scene in Time Heist, that's the Doctor that people are comfortable seeing.

4. Classic monsters? No. Give the writers a chance to create their own monsters, and not just Moffat ideas assigned to staff. 

5. Yes, recurring characters are a nice idea, and for that reason I'd suggest keeping Clara's status as a part-time traveler while also working at Coal Hill School. It's be nice to have the Paternosters and UNIT appear, but since they're the Doctor's associates and not really Clara's, they aren't really as necessary.

6. No. Absolutely not. Gallifrey is the equivalent of the Whoniverse's Krypton, or Uncle Ben or the Waynes: a backstory that informs the Doctor's character but does not require revisit after revisit after revisit to affirm it.

However, there *is* one type of story I'd like to see: a civilization or planet that's been ravaged by the Time War and has developed a hatred for the Time Lords as a result. Landing the Doc in a situation where he's hated no matter what he does is a story that hasn't been explored that often and is therefore fresh.

7.  No. There is only one Doctor, and it's too soon after the 50th anniversary. If there is a past Doctor that should return, it's the Eccleston one, and it should be a story where different Doctor tackle the same situation without ever meeting.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on 7 Things I’d Like to See in Series 9


@supermoff  @Notsosmartguy Excuse me, but you already know how she's going to go. You know it because you saw it in Bells.

Simple. That book of things to do that her mother gave her. Best reason for her to leave: to complete that book without the Doctor's help.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Rate & Discuss Last Christmas


The best way to make the Daleks menacing again?

Have an episode where they're actually the good guys.

As things stand right now, the Daleks' role is as a mass enemy, it doesn't take much effort or imagination to beat a mass enemy.

But what if Doc found a small squad of Daleks actually defending a human settlement from another menace?

If the story is written right, and the Daleks become regarded as heroic, then future Dalek stories will have Doc thinking twice about how to deal with them. And it's this touch of doubt that will add the menace.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on 51 Years Later: 5 Ways to Make the Daleks Menacing Again


The Wholock talk really started in earnest when Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith presented Moffat with a special Bafta (I think). The interplay between the two was entertaining enough that mainstream pundits started taking the idea seriously.

Personally my mind-canon has Clara as John's ex-sister-in-law. (Why else would that name appear on his phone?)

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Gatiss: I don’t see why people are so obsessed with ‘Wholock’


@The 4th Doctor And I say it needs to lighten up. Doc's at his best when it shows the absurdities of modern life, which sci-fi is perfectly placed to do and which comedy is very good at.

4 months ago on Last Christmas Allegedly “Too scary” for Kids


I picked The Next Doctor. I *like* the idea of reinterpreting Doc's mythos in Victorian terms, and Morrissey does a great job.

4 months ago on The Christmas Conundrum


Top 5 reactions:

1. Tardis control room gets overrun by hundreds of brooms with water buckets. (Secondary: return of the Half-Face Man.)

2. Peter Capaldi grows beard, channels Lord Sugar to Clara: "You're fired."

3. Peter Capaldi puts on wig, channels Donald Trump to Clara: "You're fired."

4. Guest appearance by Colin Morgan.

5. Clara duels Ewan MacGregor and Liam Neeson, gets cut in half and falls down shaft.

4 months ago on First Series 9 Title Revealed


Actually, what would be better would be to get another established writer in to do a Who script. Like Mark Millar. Or Gail Simone. Or Alan Moore. Or Sebastian Faulks.

4 months ago on No Series 9 Story for Neil Gaiman


New companion for the Doc? Actually, that should be companions, plural. Ideally, one female, one male.

If you have two, it takes the temptation off the writers to make the Doctor more flirty; that sort of behaviour can go to the companions instead.

You also don't want the Tardis to have an all-male crew because if there's one companion, they're duplicating the Sherlock dynamic, and if there's more than one, you get the Red Dwarf dynamic.

One of the companions (doesn't matter which one, male or female) should be the super-physical type, along the lines of Leela or Maxil, that Doc has to teach to be more, er, civilized.

The other companion should be the argumentative type, the one who can challenge the Doc on any course of action, whom Doc feels compelled to explain himself to.

4 months ago on 4 Different Types of Companions Doctor Who Should Consider


@Gustaff @VictorWong1 @YaelMoise End of Time was a payoff for the RTD / Tennant run, so of course all the important supporting characters would come back. It's been too long for Capt Jack. River may be a different story since Clara has met her.

4 months ago on “Jack & River Returns Would Have to be Seismic” – Moffat


@YaelMoise Oh yes it does. Both are characters who had major effects on the Who mythos, and Jack also headlined shows on his own. There is no point in having them pop in for a cameo because (a) cameos don't pay a lot and (b) fans would complain that they were just there and gone.

4 months ago on “Jack & River Returns Would Have to be Seismic” – Moffat


@TheBlueDiary Well, bang goes the idea of Jenna Coleman appearing in Sherlock as John's ex-sister-in-law, then.

4 months ago on Moffat Explains “Clara Who”