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You are aware that college players can only stick around 4/5 years aren't you??? (That's three question marks right out of the Magna Carta) Why is Bama dinged for being less "stable" than UT when they had 5 or 6 defensive players move on after 2011 compared to Tennessee who only lost 2....makes zero sense


And how does your analysis tell me anything about how hard schedules are? 9 teams have a number with 3% of each other, and many the same.... What ab road vs home. Non conference?? (two question marks, Gettysburg Address).


I like your site, but just because you guys sit around an plug some numbers into a spreadsheet does not mean how your classify your conclusions are at all accurate.

3 years, 1 month ago on SEC Spring Football Stability Ratings


Come on people......So you are telling me that I could return nine out of 11 defensive players but not my starting QB, and be LESS stable than a team returning 2 out of 11 defensive players AND a starting QB???  That is beyond dumb... Why waste time on the rest of it?  Hope no one gets too excited for sportsnight...


How many points did Bama lose the year they switched to Saban from Shula????

3 years, 1 month ago on SEC Spring Football Stability Ratings




But the math doesn't exactly work. The way this calculation is done I can make 1 real, game-action play, which could be a individual three-point basket for example, and it counts as three PLAYS in this formula by virtue as showing up as three points in my point total.  


Three made free throws does not equal three offensive rebounds, if I'm a coach....However, it does in this ranking system.... I'm thinking that the guy who gets three offensive rebounds in three minutes is often times a far more valuable player than the guy who makes one three pointer in minute one but who does nothing the other two minutes...

3 years, 1 month ago on BJ Young Named SEC's "Mr. Offense" By


I disagree with the USC writer. As a Vol fan (and I'm sure many other school's coaches are similar) I have heard Derrick Dooley mention several times that any stop on a kickoff at or inside the 25 yard line is considered a success by the special teams group. When (insert your school's kicker here) is facing whatever speedster a UF, UGA or LSU is putting on the field that particular day for kick returns, a guaranteed stop at the 25 yard line is a deal you take each and every time, no questions asked. The alternative (if you are a Vol fan) has all too often been watching some Olympic-caliber track athlete rip off a 96 yard back-breaking touchdown because someone got two yards out of position on the coverage (especially if it was a Fulmer coached team) thanks....and there is no material difference in asking your defense to defend 70 yards vs 75. 


I think the real story here is what the new rule does to some of these schools who have always been so dangerous in the return game (like a UF). It impacts those schools tremendously, and in a bad way, while it really helps schools like Vanderbilt (who can't put a lot of speed on their kickoff units)or a Tennessee (who has struggled on kickoff distances for the last several years). It also negates the advantage someone like Auburn (who always has a guy who can boom it through the endzone) has maintained...and that sucks because those teams earned and deserved those advantages fair and square..


This is a rule that really hurts the intrigue that the great speed guys have always brought to the game, especially in the South. Even though it probably helps my team as things stand these days, I wish they'd change it back... These people complaining about the injuries need to go play/watch another sport because this crap about the kickoffs is almost certainly the first of many, many changes these wimps have planned for undoubtedly the greatest sport around. And yes, during my illustrious high school football career, I covered and blocked for numerous kickoffs...and no it wasn't always fun, and yes I got my bell rung all the time...but it also made the game the game...


FOOT ball. Kicks matter, or they used to....


Now they will move on to the punt returns....   

3 years, 1 month ago on SEC Headlines - 2/17/12


 @John at MrSEC No, what I read the post as is another journalist trying to create an issue or make a point because he/she needs a story. Not because an issue actually exists.... par for the course these days. I like this site, but rarely agree with the editorial  opinions on it.


And Dooley absolutely is better than ALL the other SEC coaches when it comes to one the field like research so much, find a team in the SEC with fewer off the filed discipline issues since Jan of 2010...I doubt we'll see that research done on here... 

3 years, 1 month ago on UT's Dooley Defends Signing iPhone Bandit


A few points:


1) As you point out, EVERY coach brings up character when he gets to a new school. 2) As you point out, Dooley was coming into a dreadful, sustained, conduct situation which his two predecessors allowed to go on for quite some time. He had to make character a huge talking point...


HOWEVER, as you fail to point out, Dooley has done an INCREDIBLE job of cleaning UT up. Other than one player punching another student at a bar(Austin Johnson), which happens in college from time to time-maybe not to journalism majors, Dooley's 85 players have had virtually zero off the field incidents over the last two years, even Vanderbilt can't say that.


Additionally, Dooley had no qualms about kicking Janzen Jackson off the team when he couldn't perform conduct wise last year (and oh, how much of a difference he would have made against UF and UGA). Dooley clearly bit the bullet there, painfully. You sure Saban or Spurrier would have?


I would argue that there isn't a coach in the country who has made more "character" progress in his program, than Dooley has, over the last 2 years... He is "walking the walk."


Why don't you wait until you see how Bonner behaves and progresses IN Dooley's program before you start forming opinions ABOUT Dooley's program. If every college football recruiting class was forced to kick out every kid who had stolen something in his life (whether they are caught or not...remember it's about character here, according to you) I think ALL school's classes would be a little smaller than they otherwise are. These are generally relatively poor 16-year old kids. It happens.

3 years, 1 month ago on UT's Dooley Defends Signing iPhone Bandit