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Funniest thing is he retired 2 years ago, you guys just didn't notice that he wasn't the same old Avery.


How do you guys know he got a raw deal? He acted like a bitch when he got sent down. Perhaps he told Sather he wanted to collect his cash and stay in NY to work in fashion for all we know. Tough to be on Bravo!'s "Watch what happens live" when you are in Phoenix or Columbus.


Reality is he sucked this year and last. Kid had no heart left, and that's all he really had to start with.......

3 years ago on Avery to Retire? | March


The Rangers are doing better without him. Why do you guys continue to insist that 2012 Avery = 2009/2010 Avery? He's not the same, he takes dumb penalties at the worst time (see last years' playoffs). The guy is a joke, if the Rangers could get anything for him they would. Don't believe the smoke you see about Calgary and Florida being interested. If they were truly interested he would be busy not playing for those teams.

3 years ago on Avery Instructed Not to Report to Whale Practices | March


For years we have wished for a team this good. Duby was our best player in the playoffs last year. Why shake up the team chemistry? And those talking about Wolski - why would any team take him???  They'd need to buy an extra tub!!!!!!

3 years, 1 month ago on Nash to Rangers Could Be Done By Tomorrow | February


Why do the rangers need to make any moves at all? Top team in the east, great chemistry. Why mess with it. Duby built this team. This isn't fantasy hockey, chemistry accounts for a lot.


Best trade so far this year was with the whale to get Hags for Avery. I know you guys have a soft spot for Avery but he is nowhere near what he was 3 years go.


As for Nash? How are Nash and Carter on the same team yet the team stinks? I'd stay pat on this fellas...... something doesn't smell right with Nash......

3 years, 1 month ago on Carter to King Makes Rangers Favorite for Nash; Interest in Brown? | February