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Since this is long after the blog post, I doubt many will read this, nonetheless: I haven't followed all the Comments but for me, Danny's post captured a subtle & deep dimension by virtue of Jeremy Lin's recent impressive example. I was born in Asia and raised from childhood here. I've been successful in the typical Asian/American way...good College/education via scholarships & waiting tables, business tech savvy and career. Many years of hard work and resilience honed by a poor background, experienced range of racism (some awful),  I'm small in size  and raised to mollify & fit in, never to be aggressive.  Anyway, I totally understand how affirming (& welcome) it is to see someone,  an intelligent, quite skilled,  charismatic highly motivated & motivating! person beating the odds (coming from obscurity) and performing in the top echelon, the "icing on the cake" is the fact of their non-conforming ethnicity. 


 It reminds me (please resist the urge to flame me for citing a non-sports example) when I met someone who fulfilled much of my romantic ideal however was already married or committed to someone.  I was thrilled to see my idea of what was possible (and what would be awesome) was not an imaginary  concoction of wishful thinking (after plenty of dating) but in fact, existed !! Even if I couldn't be with that person, I felt much more motivated about the possibility and was tangibly encouraged about what the future held.


Vicariously ( Danny also) applauding Jeremy Lin, I am strengthened & jolted out of predictable mindset. It's not making him into someone as super-hero or icon for projecting my scenario. It's umm... feeling less reflexively background or placating and frankly offers a counterpoint to the many times (years ago, but the humiliation for me, lingers like a bad taste) I've experienced ignorant resentment, pigeon-holing/bias professionally...fortunately I was able to deliver exceptional performance, THE way to prevail. How cool that many people (not only sport/jocks) are buzzing about Linsane basketball talent and leading an Asian! So sue me for being Happy about reflected glow.  I felt similarly exhilarated when Obama won...finally, an incredibly accomplished person, who happened to be (half) black, a minority... prevailed with the majority of voters, in my country...America.


It's very moving, seeing the BEST of what we believe we are/have as potential. Jeremy Lin IS changing stereotypes, here and around the World...this is MAJOR!!!  He epitomizes what can happen: supported by his parents, meeting conventionally ambitious  expectations (Harvard graduate) and challenging himself to the utmost, to relish and pursue his improbable Dream. Embrace your innermost Hopes, inventively tackle the stellar journey of Life...if  Linspiration provides impetus, so much the Better, spread it around !


And Thank You Danny for expressing your nuanced sentiments openly & with Heart.

3 years, 1 month ago on What I See In Jeremy Lin