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I've been watching the cats since way back when and I remember when you expected to have five or six losses in a season. These losses made the teams better and the close games gave them the confidence to stick in when it got tough. Us UK fans have been spoiled lately. We never expect to lose anymore. The haters never expect us to lose either or they wouldn't pick on every close game and loss we have. It's hard to win in the tourney and one hot team can ruin your run. But if we have a great year every year and go deep in the tournament then that's quite an accomplishment. How often does the best team win the championship nowadays. I love Butler but last years championship game was the worst I've ever seen. Anyone who thinks Uconn was a better team than UK would have to be nuts.

3 years, 2 months ago on Fox Writer Takes A Shot At 27-1 Kentucky, Calipari