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I agree that UK knew who we were getting in bed with, and should have known we would be scrutinized more than usual.  And UK should know because of this it has to do more than typical due diligence while recruiting any athlete.  The problem is that if anyone is on a witch hunt of a program, they could most likely find a recruiting violation --- at most any major university.  And if we are guilty of a major infraction, then we should be penalized appropriately.  What some UK fans don't like, is that the biased witch-hunters aren't also called out for what they are; and the inconsistent and capricious rulings of the ncaa; and the inaccurate labeling/smearings of Calipari that you eluded to ... so that it just becomes assumed that we are guilty any time our name is mentioned related to a normal ncaa inquiry.  Just look at how the ncaa handled the investigation and reporting of cal's wins (compared to other coaches/teams that UK fans pointed out).  Has any journalist followed up on that?  Have those schools made all their corrections yet?  Did they receive letters from the NCAA?


Good article by the way --- well written and objective, thanks Mr. SEC

2 years, 11 months ago on NCAA Looks Into UK Signee Noel; Cat Fans Shouldn't Complain


Great rational and well written response to an obviously prejudicial article from a yellow journalist seeking yet more attention ... anyway he can get it.

3 years, 2 months ago on Fox Writer Takes A Shot At 27-1 Kentucky, Calipari