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Makes no sense what you say. and this is again what I call giving the coach and staff all the benefits and allowing them to have it both ways.

Pure enableing.

For IF the rookies are going to be given the minutes so they can show what they have and get the experience...then the playing of Evans is totally opposite of this philosophy.

His being in the rotation shows me he is still trying to win at all is just he has no talent or plan.

And I still say Gray sitting every game is stupid.

And after this season, when both Gray and I are are gone...this city and team will still be stuck with the greatest pouter since Howard in Cousins.

This big cry baby bully of a player would be horrible to play next to. A Michael Jordan wannabe who WANTS to demands team leadership but he himself cannot walk the talk. This big silly pretend bully is in trouble more often than not and gets shut down more than all other team superstars.

Good friggin luck.

2 weeks, 5 days ago on Sunday Musings: Sacramento Kings limp to finish


this is so strange a recap. Is there no real fairness or understanding of the game...or even what it means to play this game? know this team.

But to hit on Gray after you yourselves admit he had 10 straight games where he wasn't allowed to play.

Think about are sat for 10 friggin games...not to mention actual number of days this equals of not playing. Night after night you get to play time.

You get to play time to get in sync with teammates or even the feel for time and plays.

Then you poke him for being out of sync early on.

So again...I ask if you have ever played any competitive sports. I know you haven't seen the floor of an NBA you have no idea how fast it is or hard it is to compete.

But the way to question Gray's ability.

What you should REALLY be asking is WHY this dumb ass coach would sit him for ten games when you know he will be needed.

A player needs to see the floor for a few minutes to even think about playing in a game.

tell many players do you know can sit for even a few games...then come in and be effective?

Really...this is stupid stuff.

1 month ago on Road Reaction Postgame Show: Sacramento Kings at Minnesota Timberwolves