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@John at MrSEC John Kaput and Walter G fall into the ole "Can't fix stupid" catagory. Thanks 'em for playing and forget about it. Nothing else can be done.

3 years ago on Hogs' Petrino Put On Leave Amidst Scandal; We Find It Sad, Not Funny


John this is kinda an old yawner isn't it?

East is better in basketball. West is better in football? Maybe the SEC should discontinue divisions in football and allow the best teams to play in the Championship game instead of serving up an east team who has no chance? Anyway this is news like the sun will rise in New York before LA tomorrow.

Hook us up with some explanations as to when the APR will catch up with UK basketball and how it took so long to do so!

3 years, 1 month ago on Cats, Gators Win As (Old) East Beats (Old) West Again