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Thanks for this write up on the Spurs Danny. Your talents are much appreciated on this subject. I've been a Spurs fan since I was just a kid. I was born in S.A. but grew up overseas and such. Still I had a team I could identify with as part of "home", so I made sure my parents bought me reminders such as Vinny Del Negro's, Avery Johnson's, Sean Elliot, The Admiral, even Alvin Robertson's jerseys. David Robinson represented what I always envisioned the athlete to be: humble, smart, kind, and powerful. It was with great pleasure that they kept the tradition going with Tim Duncan. Admittedly, I was one of the fans who detested Coach Pop when he first took over as coach replacing Bob Hill. But from the start you could see that these Spurs teams were going to more team-orientated than the rest of the league. But while my Spurs were winning, the rest of the Nation was complaining. Words like: Asterisks, boring, slow, dirty, even the phrase team basketball was given an extra bit of spite when it pertained to them.

Ii seemed as if I never saw them on Sportscenter unless it was the Western Conference, or Finals themselves. They were hardly discussed, and the media seemed more than willing to accommodate the franchise which seemed to pride itself on anonymity. While, I'm not a member of this team, as a fan I'd just like to say thanks.

3 years, 1 month ago on Things Make Sense Eventually