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This guy is a idiot that apparently has nothing else to do but bash Coach Cal! Must be a Miss State fan who wanted to shove Cal out of bounds like Bost did last night to MKG at the end of the game, so show some class..., A coach can be great, and not deliver but a few National Championships in his coaching lifetime. Not everyone is a Wooden, or a Rupp. This writer has no class in the past, and apparently has lost even more of it now, as he continues to blow hot air everywhere he goes & writes, what a joke! Kentucky will do fine, and I won't be expecting a National Championship from a mostly Freshman team, but do think we can get to a Final 4, if that happens, we've got a great shot at winning it all! GO CATS!

3 years, 1 month ago on Fox Writer Takes A Shot At 27-1 Kentucky, Calipari