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are you kidding me? this is the play that led to them winning the game. what was extremely embarassing was michaleks high stick. not how i'd want my team to play it, but you can't take a dumb penalty at the end of the period

3 years ago on VIDEO: Claude Giroux is a baby | March 2012


 @stapler like they have the disclaimer at the top that they're ideas, but they are absolutely god awful. the kostitsyn for niskanin one was just one of the most poorly thought out pieces of shit i've ever read. just embarressing

3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


 @stapler well then don't start talking shit on it without reading it ya dig? you can post a video of some sort of played out thing from a movie that's 20 years old , or some lame gif that took ya 20 minutes to find, i'll be sure to break up my points into things that cater to your attention spans in the future.

   sorry its just that last trade proposal really set me off my rocker.  it really makes everyone look really stupid

3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


apparently..... alot of you missed the joke part of this trade proposal..... 25 years of living in pittsburgh and I still haven't caught on to how slow people are here

3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


 @stapler the point is... thats how retarded all the other trade proposals on this website is.... and everything has to do with how people say this trade works well for both teams... states how it works for the pens, and completely shits all over the other team. how about you point out how the post is wrong rather than how long it is?


3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


 @stapler hey cocktard don't u realize the sarcasm in that?


3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


How about Penguins send

Paul Martin $5mil

Tyler Kennedy $2Mil

Pascal Dupuis $1.5

Richard Park $0.55

Eric Tangradi $0.33

$9.38 Million


Los Angeles Kings Send

Drew Doughty $7mil

Dustin Brown $3.175mil

Conditional 2012 1st Round Pick

$10.175 Million


"This trade would be awesome for both teams"...


-The Penguins would get arguable one of the top 3 defensemen in the league.  While I wouldn't mess with the L'Orpik pair, if Michaelik had Doughty sharing the blueline with him instead of that assclown Martin, the Pens would clearly be set.  Dustin Brown would also bring alot to the Pens, since he has been their captain for four years he has shown alot of leadership, and is workin' on his fuckin' 5th straight 20 goal season.  And thats on the Kings who didn't have Crosby or Malkin.  The Conditional 1st Round Pick has the terms that if Paul Martin can raise his plus minus to a minus 7 or reach a season goal total to 3, the pens will get the Kings first round pick.... so its not likely.

The pens also get to dump Martin, Kennedy, and Tangradi onto the Kings roster, who have are trying to collect a group of completely unlikeable players to match their dynamic duo of Richard and newly aquired Jeff Carter. 


-The Kings as mentioned before get to solidify their new image of doucheness with their duo of Richards and Carter by adding jaggoffs like Martin Kennedy and Tangradi.  Tangradi will give the Kings a major boost to their powerplay*.  This trade also is very advantageous for Tyler Kennedy, which as a little known fact by most of you hockey fans, shares the same modeling agent as Anze Kopitar


*-Minor League

3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012


hey guys... first time, long time (hate it when ppl say that)


you guys have got to stop doing this.... it is fucking terrible.


at first it was simply mathematically possible penguins trades, where it'd be a player with actual value like patrick sharp, for a underachievers that nobody would want like johnson and martin!?!?!?

paul martin has been the absolute worst signing of ray shero's tenure so far and any team would be out of their fucking minds to pick up his retarded contract. brent johnson has been probably the worst backup in the league this season. not to mention you inexplicably threw in a conditional 5th round pick, for no fucking reason but to put more words on the screen.


the chris stewart trade shows signs of autism as well. the reader's logic behind that is that the blues would desire paul martin.... who has a 5 year 25 million dollar contract and has registered a meager 18 assists.  St. Louis has 3 blueliners that have produced equivalently or way better.  then he proceeds to toss on jeffrey and tangradi!? that amazing 6th rounder dustin jeffrey and eric tangradi who both share that same characteristic that all idiot pens fans love to think make guys have trade value: good AHL numbers. 

 Dustin Jeffrey has taken a step backwards in his nhl development this season, and for some reason people think he's doing well!? he's played two good games this season, the one against montreal where he somehow had three points and the one against philly a week ago where he netted one and knocked some traffic cones around.

 Eric Tangradi on the other hand... is the Milan Kraftiest player the player have had since... well.... MILAN FUCKING KRAFT!!!!! and unfortunately i think thats kind of a knock on milan kraft.  yeah kraft didn't have the size that the big dog has, and yeah, tangradi doesn't have half the shot accuracy that kraft did, but they both shared the same amount of pedigree a hype and god damn ahl numbers and just absolute goose eggs in the nhl.


THIS ONE IS ABSURD! you honestly think that colorado's best offer for milan hejduk would be Dustin Jeffrey!? yeah read that paragraph about dustin jeffrey again........  seriously i'm sure the best offer colorado got was dustin fucking jeffrey... i'm sure if shero called him and offered dustin jeffrey he'd say just give me a 6th round pick that didn't regress in his development. kthanksbye


Now this one may be the worst:

Why would you post the one sent in by Joe S? Pittsburgh gets Sergei Kostystyn and Nashville gets Mats Niskanen..... yeah although that would NEVER FUCKING HAPPEN. the poster fucking says later that it works well for both fucking teams..... because the future is in question for shea weber and ryan suter. WELL IF YOU GO BY THAT LOGIC THE SAME AMOUNT OF FUTURE IS IN QUESTION FOR SHEA WEBER AS FOR MATS NISKANEN because their contracts are both up..... other than that.... the fact that Nashville's captain is a RFA next year and maybe they want to add another restricted free agen that wouldn't get any fucking playing time at all, EVEN BEFORE THEY TRADED AND GOT HAL GILL (which was the case when this was posted i believe). Nashville has BY FAR the best defensive corps in the league, and a tope 5 goalie. so yeah when Joe S. says this works for both teams, I completely sarcastically agree when he says it works for both teams when he says Nashville should trade their 4th highest scoring foward (6th on the team since 2 blueliners are ahead of him) for a puck moving defenseman who's contract is up next year because Suter and Weber's future are in question in a year where Nashville is a clear cut cup contender.


I"M NOT CRITIQUING ANY MORE!  you get the point, these are absolutely awful nonsensicle GOBBLEDY GOOK! who the FUCK from thepensblog is deciding which of these getting put up on the website!?!?!?!?  How bad are the trades that you are rejecting!?  Like this is bad for you guys at the pensblog n'all, but it actually makes me embarassed for the city of Pittsburgh.  This is right up there with the empty seats in the third period (especially that one game when fleury had a shutout) and when they play Renegade at Steeler games.  It's pathetic. People from other cities come on this website, read these, and think Penguins fans don't know shit about hockey, and although more and more every day I start to believe that, I know there are smart ones out there, so stop showing these absolute fucking jokes.


what the hell are you people thinking... its really just shot your credibility down the toilet. it's sad but the blog has gone downhill in the past year.  be less like Steeler fans and be more like Penguin fans. Be less like and be more like, for christs sake, its hard enough to find quality hockey sites, stop ruining the only good ones with shit like this.


Go Pens

3 years, 1 month ago on Proposed Penguin trades: Milan Hejduk | Feb2012