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I see why you love the material in this dress.  I think the problem is the gathers right beneath your bust.  Your ribcage down to your waist looks like the skinniest part of you.  If you played that up with a dirndl ( type of bodice of bodice you'd be more balanced.  I don't know where you get that sort of bodice by itself (maybe crochet one?), but at that website you'll get the idea.

3 years ago on 365 Ways to Wear Crochet: Blue Fingerless Gloves


I absolutely love these mandalas!  Can't wait to try this myself.  The idea of using yarn reclaimed from old sweaters is perfect.

3 years ago on 10 Amazing Mandala Crochet Creations


Seems like everyone I know is crafting these days~  Especially, my grown up children and their friends.  

3 years ago on Has Crafting Actually Decreased In Recent Years?


Love that little sweater!  So glad you rescued it!

3 years ago on How to Wear a Crochet Sweater That’s Too Small


I love this hat!  I'd wear it to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (which is today!)

3 years ago on Etsy Crochet: Summer Hat


I'd go with the purple if I made it (and I might just take a crack at it). What I might shift the chartreuse color in the leaves a little more into the bluey shades. Greens and purples are some of my favorite colors together, but you have to have the shading right. Beautiful piece of work!

3 years, 1 month ago on Etsy Crochet: Lariat Scarf