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Those who are interested in a factual account of the saga of the unraveling of the B12 would do well to steer clear of Trammel and the other BevOU crowd. Other than the occasional recognition that OSU has been a part of the PAC lookyloo fest, you won't get much out of them that represents factual matters regarding conference realignment. TB Picker was NOT one of the first to sound the alarm of the LHN, however Mizzou's Gary Pinkel was, at the conference media convention in Texas, Pinkel all but said it was folly to believe that the LHN would not be a major recruiting tool for Bevo. In light of the fact that Mizzou was the 4th to leave, you will still hear the likes of Picker and Trammel blame Mizzou for starting the mass exodus, the glaring reality of them being the fourth program to leave is more than their biased self interest, can admit.

Wolfman you would do well to understand it was not the inequity that caused teams to leave the 12, it was the instability of control from the Texas and OU aristocracy and their willingness to listen to Larry Scott. When you have conferences making overtures to Bevo and see them responding with interest, it does little to promote stability. Then of course there is the OU last minute flirtation with the PAC that failed in landing them an invitation that only furthered and emphasized the schism that was readily apparent. In what is left of the 12 it is clear who runs the show, and what their agenda is and the lesser conference members are just that, the back shelf voices who have no real voice in the direction or decisions affecting the 12.

For the Trammels of the world to ignore the fact that the second largest fan base and TV market left for the SEC and at the time the 3rd largest, Mizzou (2nd media market)saw fit to follow, is nothing more than willful ignorance of the most intrinsic components of what creates the value of a sports conference to begin with. The best deal in the world means nothing if the future is so vague and uncertain that your conference partners may have all be scattered in the wind in just a few years to come.

While there may be much to learn about the way schools view motivation and interest in the way they align themselves from the saga of the Big 12 disintegration, to understand it you will need to look past the jaded views of the remaining schools who will grasp at air to defend the indefensible.

3 years, 1 month ago on Oklahoma Writer Projects Movers’ Regret For Missouri And Texas A&M