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I use Google URL shortener when posting links on Twitter, and I've noticed that sometimes there can be quite a disparity between the number of clickthroughs reports and the traffic stats Google Analytics reports.  So might report 143 clickthroughs on a given link  in a given time period, but Google Analytics reports only 32 visitors or 46 pageviews.  This happens about once a week: says such-and-such link is getting a huge spike in traffic (sometimes from some random source), but Analytics reports no spike in traffic in the same time period.  


Do you know what's going on?  Is this a dumb question?  (I've been using Analytics for a while now but only at a beginner level.)

1 year, 8 months ago on Google Analytics: 21 Inaccurate Traffic Sources, Setup Mistakes …and Fixes


@Vanessa Yanez I agree with Vanessa - #10 is way off-base.  Communications is one of those areas where 1+1 can equal 5 if every element is working together.  What's more, without knowing what the overall brand strategy is, how on earth can you "build a massive amount of credibility that you can leverage forever"?  If the brand strategy is 'friendly' and you're busy going after PR that makes your client look like a 'serious intellectual', that's a disconnect that no one will be able to leverage.

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@Wittlake I'm with you - when I'm speaking with clients about all kinds of marketing tools, I'm always saying "You are not the target." And of course as the Cluetrain Manifesto told us 10+ years ago, you have to let your audience choose the way in which they interact with you, not try to impose specific a specific medium/method.

(That said, I do tend to think that e-newsletters have had their day - good social media and an RSS button are more than sufficient to reach the people who actually want to engage with your content.)

3 years, 2 months ago on Myth: E-Newsletters are easy to create and send