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I couldn't agree more with most of this piece. 

However, one must not dismiss that the idea of trading Ovie is somewhat insane. The fanbase would be in an absolute uproar. Talk about pissing off an entire city.. that's a good way to do it. I don't care if the Caps get 3 solid players in return for him. He is the only legit superstar in Washington, D.C. ( Yes, I have heard of RG3. He sucked last year. Not a true superstar. Ovie is a beast every year. ) 

Mike Green is a liability to the Capitals blue line. He has been for a couple years now. Sure , he gets a goal every now and then... but more often than not, it is Mike Green in the background of the other team's goal scoring highlights. He just isn't a true lock-down defensive player, and I would trade him in a heartbeat if the offer was right. 

Erat and Neuvirth need to be shipped away ASAP. If they don't want to be here... trade them for something... absolutely anything. Cut bait. 

Joel Ward has a lot of potential that isn't being realized. I would not trade him... unless we were getting someone very solid in return.  Oates needs to figure out how to get this guy the puck more often.

As far as trades go, I would focus on obtaining young prospects and developing them. This team needs more than 2 or 3 veterans to get it over the hump. The Capitals have a lot of holes to fill. I want to see them build through drafting and trading for young talent. Let the coaches get these guys NHL ready, and make the Capitals a team to fear once again.

Excellent read. Thank you for posting these ideas. Forward them to McPhee, please.


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