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@mzFinFanJust found this article after searching for First Takes ratings, which are at an all time low. The reason why Jemele Hill is in the spotlight is simple, ESPN is targeting an entire new audience lately, using race as it's main resource to do so. They have gone the "hip hop" route just turn on First Take and look at the rappers on the show, the music, the new host.....everything. Notice anything about the new faces vs the old ones? 

Yeah, the hashtag should be "embrace hip hop and urban african american culture". Out with the boring white people, in with the controversial screaming  black voice. I mean just look at Jemele Hill, one of the most racist black journalists out there. She has had many incidents of racial indiscretion, yet she is the one they hire to host a show? Why? Because she is "down" as they would say with the "hood". Exactly what they want.

Today I happened to be flipping on the channel, and they had Joe Budden on "debating". Do you know who the hell Joe Budden is? Of course not, and neither do 99% of white people, but you can bet almost every black knows who he is,....a rapper!! What the hell does a rapper have to add to the conversation really? Nothing, here is there to draw a certain audience and nothing more.

Many companies/show are targeting that "new" demographic, the young african american viewer and person in general. I don't know why, but you see it everywhere.

1 year, 3 months ago on How worried should ESPN be about declining ratings?