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I will not respond to you after this.

Aand if everyone associated ff 13 with a quality brand why were average reviews 84+?

And 13-2 actually sold the most ever for a side game, on a weak system in japan

I was refering to this entire gen. Sony hit a profit record this gen. Maybe not last year

Nintendo has been on fire this entire gen and raking the money. Shares of stock are kind of irrelevant as right now they are pretty even.

Betheda/square is apples to apples as they ar eboth publishers and devs, and this gen bethesda has put out a sliver of what square has.

example last year

bethesda - skyrim

square - dragon quest vi, dq joker 2, dissidia 2, type zero, tactics ogre psp, 13-2, ect

" For example, FF Type-0's estimated sales are less than a million - I'm not suggesting it's not a brilliant game, but that's hardly a huge heavyweight when it comes to software sales."

It was the top selling game at many japanese retailers and it sold out, and it was criticially acclaimed.

If all you care about is software sales than you have to say wii fit is the only game worth playing

3 years, 2 months ago on Is 2012 the year Japanese gaming fights back?