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"Mediocre, Mediocre, Mediocre..."  brings to mind Col. Potter from the old Mash series in one episode where he is saying "jocularity, jocularity, jocularity..." except of course that was funny, and spoken by a character of character in that series. While I continue to ramble...big shout out to his coach for explaining (with a grin) "that's just him..." (would say "him's" name, but you know "DON'T BE TALKIN' 'BOUT ME!")  and could just one parent on the planet step up and instead of saying what a nice guy he is off the field, say something real like, "next time you have a microphone in your face, and the ear of every media outlet on the planet, try not to take that exact moment to make a total rear of yourself. Just a thought son..." 

It really is not whether you win or lose...

Loved your article, and I feel some better myself...thank you, sir. 

1 year, 2 months ago on The Richard Sherman rant: Intelligent, lucid…classless?