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@VTREX i never said the R&D research for lebrons fully justified the ~$300 retail price. read carefully. unlike JB retros, which require ZERO new R&D because they already exist, the lebron/kobe/kd lines DO require R&D for every succession of each product line.

but are you serious about thinking these remastered retros will be handmade? and do you think that nike/jb cares about the quality of life of their outsourced workers, much less care about how many more shoes these workers will have to produce to match nike/jb's corporate projections? i hope you are being facetious...

like i said before, if jb is retailing the jordan shine with premium materials for $ much do you think they will charge you for a handmade-premium-grade-remastered-retro of your holiest jordan grail?

3 hours, 56 minutes ago on Reconstructing Greatness: Inside the Air Jordan Retro Remaster Program



and HOW IS INFLATION BASED ON COST OF LIVING?! inflation IS the rising cost of living. your dumbass is saying that the rise in price of the cost of living is based on cost of living?

inflation is a LOSS OF REAL VALUE of currency. if the currency loses value, the prices of a certain good or commodity goes UP.

your money is not buying what it used to because it is losing value. at the same time, prices for materials/commodities rise because of rising demands and diminishing supplies.

this world has you thinking that you are paying more for stuff because everything around you is getting more expensive...

open your eyes brother.

20 hours, 24 minutes ago on Reconstructing Greatness: Inside the Air Jordan Retro Remaster Program


@DugLast I hope nobody thinks these are being handmade. but the pictures are misleading as hell. you know damn well Chinese workers are going to be putting these together. the remastered program is supposed to be as close to the original as possible. that would mean using their old molds or duplicating the original molds to remaster them as close to the original as possible. either way nike and jb have already paid for the design of the molds. its just a matter of purchasing new raw materials and creating those molds again. plus they are not paying the old designers to recreate the remastered designs. all that stuff is already paid for, as they will be copying the original. thus, subsequent products made from the original designs will always cost less to produce.

20 hours, 34 minutes ago on Reconstructing Greatness: Inside the Air Jordan Retro Remaster Program



the amount of technology and R&D required to come out with a new model every year (lebrons and kobes) in someways justifies the higher costs, in comparisons to JB's retros costs. retros have zero research and development put into them, as the purpose of a retro is to be as close to the original as possible (or so we thought.) the rising costs retros currently have to incur are related to the higher costs of materials, transportation, etc...which all shoes being produced today have the burden of incurring as well.

in theory, since the R&D for retros have already been done years beforehand and JB is continuing to use the same designs, molds, machines...shouldn't JB be paying less to manufacture the retros series in comparison to the originals?

if the jordan shine is any indicator of JB's "premium" price, coupled with the fact that lebron's shoes are currently closing in on $300, a $350-$400 price tag for a remastered retro should not be out of the question. 

the hype is only as serious as we, the consumers, believe it to be. with the way the reselling game has been ever since the kobe preludes/yeezy red octobers, nike is realizing people are tired of their fukcery and simply do not have the money to buy releases week after week. just look at the resell on the WTKD 6 and flops like the LeBron 2k14.

lastly, these ARE NOT HANDMADE SHOES! these shoes will be mass produced in the same Chinese sweatshops that Nike/JB have been operating at since the beginning of time. the best case scenario is that JB sources this job out to NikeID factories that offer slightly better quality control. do not be fooled by a few hipster-filtered photos of the manufacturing process, minus the Chinese workers.

3 days, 2 hours ago on Reconstructing Greatness: Inside the Air Jordan Retro Remaster Program


Question: what is this fukcery? it's like cloning Leonardo DaVinci and making his clone reproduce 50,000 REMASTERED "Mona Lisa" paintings. this instantly devalues most previous OGs and retros. if these new retros are supposed to be as close to the original, what is this crap we bought before...semi-retros? sub-par quality material retros? why didn't JB make retros as close to the original when retros were FIRST introduced?

Answer: the sheep will continue to follow and open their wallets. we all knew that the quality of today's retros were shiet. but now, JB has basically confirmed that notion by doing now what they should have done 10 years ago. 

Lesson Learned: stop investing on coverings for your feet. your precious collection of foot coverings will continue to devalue as nike and jb keep trying to reinvent the wheel.

3 days, 4 hours ago on Reconstructing Greatness: Inside the Air Jordan Retro Remaster Program


the soles will wear out way before the flyknit.

probably gonna be 150 for roshes now.

2 months, 1 week ago on A First Look at the Nike Roshe Flyknit


@SoleSurvivor yea, how sneakernews doesn't proofread any of its headlines...

2 months, 3 weeks ago on A Young Scientist Transforms a Nike KD Sneaker Into A “Smart Shoe” The Generates Power


@JahRemyKluminati your ignorance lies in how you simply believe that MJ is innocent on all accounts because he was not convicted. we are talking about the US justice system here where money prevails. a vast majority of people are like you and will selectively push out the past crimes of your favorite personalities. if your idol is someone who is "non-convicted but charged under multiple counts of pedophilia and child molestation"...then in your case, the adage "ignorance is bliss" seems to be true.

on another note, the shoes are purple because purple is the color of royalty and MJ was the king of pop. enough said.

3 months ago on Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low “Michael Jackson”


one HUGE discrepancy is how if you click on a specific Chinese factory, it will almost always show 0% under migrant workers. that is bullshiet. i'm willing to bet that a huge percentage of those Chinese factory workers are migrants from poorer areas that leave their families for years to work for Nike. cramming them into factory dorms and making them work like slaves. nike always wins.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on A Map Of Every Nike Factory in the World


need that zaku!

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Reebok Insta Pump Fury “Gundam” Pack


@Lurker111 seriously. still lookin nice tho.

4 months, 2 weeks ago on Nike “Genealogy of Free” Black Pack


hufquake rehash.

5 months, 1 week ago on Nike SB Dunk Low “Giraffe” – Available


wtf is this? an old spice commercial?

6 months ago on The Kobe Piano by Foot Locker


jrue is out for season.

6 months ago on adidas Crazy 97 – Jrue Holiday PE


@don dada23 how is this jockin jordan? clearly its a "Glove" ripoff.

6 months, 2 weeks ago on adidas FYW Prime Skin – Metallic Silver – Red



6 months, 3 weeks ago on 510 Skateboarding x Nike SB Dunk High


way better than last years ASG set.

7 months ago on Nike Basketball 2014 All-Star “NOLA Gumbo League” Collection


kobe gifting chinese celebrities with an ipad mini and kb9's? seriously? dude is already planning a retirement...

7 months ago on Kobe Bryant Sends A Special Nike “Masterpiece” Package to Chinese Celebrities


@NickBartzismany would disagree...but i do agree with you.

7 months ago on Diamonds Are Forever: “Tiffany” Returns to the Nike SB Dunk


seriously. shittin on LA. even after melo smashed kobe's MSG record. nike's ass backward ways.

7 months, 1 week ago on Nike Kobe 9 Elite NRG – 21 Mercer & DSM NY Exclusives


@trent11@ekin420 and before asics there was onitsuka tiger. so "whut?"

7 months, 1 week ago on Asics “Lovers & Haters” Pack


@NickBartzis@ekin420super hypebeast here too cool for RF.

7 months, 1 week ago on Asics “Lovers & Haters” Pack


here ronnie, how about you make about 5 collabs with us and we'll copy 2 of the best colorways? -asics

7 months, 1 week ago on Asics “Lovers & Haters” Pack


cole haan x jordan 3 x kd weatherman pattern.

cole haan x visvim x kd weatherman pattern.

7 months, 1 week ago on Reebok Classic Reserve “Reworked” Pack – Grey


thats a chinese factory if i've ever seen one.

7 months, 1 week ago on Nike LeBron 11 Elite