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Comment on Geno Blasting NCAA Men’s Hoops

I'm sure Geno has insights into how the men's game, which is largely awful, if he was queried.

As far as making the game better, as I remarked in a Tweet, soon there will be the hoops equivalent of home schooling. 

You see and likely know all, that AAU ball is little more than players spending much of their summer auditioning for colleges. Intense fundamental work? Gone. Game-only conditioning at the expense of the season-long conditioning needed for a post-high school athlete to play, perhaps, 40 games, go to classes and navigate growing up being a wanted outsider to nearly all of your peers? That's no way for players to spend their summers, if they want to become more proficient at the game they love.

There needs to be a return of something akin to CYO ball for 7-9 year olds, where, by the time you're nine and if you put a kid's love for something amount of time into it, you're proficient dribbling with both hands, know how to run  2-on-1 and 3-on-2- fast breaks, know the correct stance and how to most proficiently move your feet on defense and how to position yourself for rebounds... BY NINE. 

Today players might not learn all of those essential but basic pieces of the game until they're well into college!

From 9-13 most of the better players from that initiation went to local basketball summer camp where, from 9 am to 3 pm you spent your days learning more advanced basketball concepts while you were worked hard - and could attend one or more of these camps during the summer. By the time you're a freshman you're ready to fit right in with upperclassmen.

So, a return to neighborhood teams and positive watchful growth by parents or people who KNOW basketball combined with intensive, local but inexpensive summer camps for 9-13-year olds run by the area's best high school coaches, are what's necessary for the game to be restored and because of the upward spiral in athletic ability through training, surpass where it was when fundamentals were fundamentally essential to every college player's game.

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@adreancdn @dkwilsonisland @Jonhlee01 @david19082 Some of the residents were in office during Hoover's life, during the FBI's creation. 

That you are actively defending a man who was an overt racist is absolutely appalling and shows clearly how you feel about race. You mention Stephenson only after I did; previously you claimed the lower membership numbers were strictly due to the FBI, which is so far from the truth that it shouldn't be mentioned. 

Additionally, I DID NOT say "Hoover never went after the Klan." Attributing that quote to me is a lie, elucidating your need to contrive information to make yourself feel correct when, in fact, you are not. I stated that Hoover moved ONLY at the behest of pressure from the White House which is an incontrovertible fact. Hoover's statements concerning his fear of Black people having any power base in the U.S. clearly shows his feelings toward us... and knowing with certainty that there exists a "Rap COINTELPRO," knowing that ALL Black political groups are surveilled (I have accessed these documents myself) as government and court documents show, the racist practice of surveilling Black people is a thriving and continued FBI practice.

Oh, and "communism" is but an excuse used to legitimize this practice. Karl Marx WROTE HIS MANIFESTO IN NEW YORK CITY. WE created communism, just like we created any other government form that is maintained under the vast umbrella of Western Culture.

As far as Clark is concerned, Hiram Evans set Clarke up to get busted, not J. Edgar Hoover.

You see, your perception of Yourstory is one provided for you by the Culture you work diligently to maintain.

On the other hand, Thestory taught in the 18 is much different; our sister school students didn't know of it until they attended university - and even then, Thestory was revealed to them ONLY if they were became known as young women who were willing to become active participants in perpetuating the Culture; for all the future wives, teachers (professors included, depending on the subjects they pursued). etc. they only know Yourstory. It was tacitly understood that we NEVER engage our sister school classmates in conversations where any piece of Thestory might be revealed. The literature publicly exists to know Thestory but that is part and parcel of the hideous beauty of the Culture - knowing its populace, it can tell you the truth and you won't search it out. You will, instead use the popular edifices created for you - "independent" and/or "public" media included - because it allows you to feel secure in a world that actually looks much, much different than you will ever know, or come to know.

Riddle me this: what does the following statement have to do with the currency in your wallet? EVERY ghetto, no matter its racial makeup, must maintain an underground economy to survive, to maintain its above ground businesses.

Anyone who can honestly face the reality that is the answer to the riddle has the ability to leave Yourstory for Thestory. It's up to you.

I'm done with this conversation, so you needn't reply, unless, of course, you'll do so to ensure you're properly snuggled by the blanket that is the ideology in which you've so invested yourself.

Good luck (and I'm not being facetious or snarky). 

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@adreancdn @dkwilsonisland @Jonhlee01 @david19082 Get off this website... please. You come here and continue to cherry pick information (using some wikipedia bullshit), twist facts to suit your ends without EVER providing full context for what it is you defend.

The 1920s??? Presidents who were Ku Klux Klan members: President Warren G. Harding, President Woodrow Wilson, President McKinley, President Calvin Coolidge, and President Harry S. Truman.

Now, at what point in U.S. history did Hoover EVER go after the Klan - really?!?!

The drop in the KKK's membership was STRICTLY a reaction to the killing, which included partial CANNIBALIZATION, of Madge Oberholtzer on a train by KKK Grand dragon D.C. Stephenson.

Stop bullshitting people here and go away. I was taught the secret history of this place in four of "the 18." I wrote, A History of White Supremacism in America, that included a section on Hoover. It was purchased from my, then, publisher, and used for five years - the length of the contract - by the Alexandria, Va. public junior high and high schools during Black History Month. I know what I speak of.

Go be a pawn and racist apologist elsewhere.

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@adreancdn @Jonhlee01 @david19082 This is the White Way. Deny, cherry-pick and coverup. 

FACT: J. Edgar Hoover was a racist. 

FACT: J. Edgar Hoover ONLY moved against White supremacist groups in the 1960s at the behest of the White House. And even that was a smoke scree. You see "adreancdn," Hoover and LBJ were neighbors in Washington, D.C. LBJ KNEW Hoover, while allegedly protection Black people also began the "Counter Intelligence Program," or, COINTELPRO. The primary purpose of COINTELPRO was to ensure that - Hoover's words - that there would be "no rise of a Black messiah" for Black people. Hoover worked day and night to surveil, jail and kill Black people he felt were a "threat to society," when, in reality, these people were seeking equality and justice for Black people.

Prior to COINTELPRO and forced protection ordered from JFK, neither the DOJ nor the FBI acted in ANY way to protect Black people. Should you bother to look, you will see this reflected in the myriad cases of Black people from innocent boys walking down a street to young Black girls in a church, to Black adults who were bombed, shot, burned, and lynched, where either NO ONE was found as suspects, or where, once taken to court, the suspects were found not guilty.

So adreancdn, your premise of "protection" is, in fact a lie... as this same modus operandi operated within all levels of law enforcement today.

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@CarolParks @CarolParks  I am an anthro major and was a student member of the AAA -and was a volunteer at the Minneapolis AAA conference when it was held there, so I know QUITE a bit more about the subject of anthropology, those who comprise its field, and the agendas of anthropology professors.

To this day I am THE only Black person to participate in a major Mesoamerican archaeology project and be mentioned in a bestselling book on the subject.

Now, as far as what "the AAA says," you don't know a thing, other than to parrot something that favors your racist and skewed world view.

You and yours were born into a culture - Western Culture - made by people who look like you, for you, and no one else. It is YOU and YOURS who are responsible for the maintenance of the Culture and do whatever you can to secure its future.

However, being a woman of ANY color, I find it a sure sign of an abused victim that you would seek to uphold a system that treats you no better than it treats Black people, the ONLY people brought to America against their wills in the hulls of ships, chained to one another, forced to defecate on each other, while being shipped across an ocean... think about that for a second and try to conjure a comparison. Fact is, you can't because there is none.

But back to you. ANY anthropologist worth their salt will tell you the language of sexism and racism are as such to achieve the same ends -  denigration and subjugation of their targets. And the primary targets are women, especially WHITE WOMEN and Black people.

Why, "especially" White women. This is because you think you have a place at the table with White men - it is a patriarchal society - but from the moment you are born there is a concerted attempt to ensure you remain under their thumbs. Think about it, you, "cute little girl, "sexy little thing." "Don't worry your little mind." "What, you want to be powerful to run a business - what are you a dyke? Why do you have to be such a bitch?" And then there are the catcalls objectifying you as you pass by, "Heyyy baby, you sure look sweet today. Give me some of that candy." "Whooo cute thang, you look like you could use a reeeeeal man. Come 'ere and I'll show what a real man is." Then there are the shows at once objectifying you while setting the table for you to know what lies ahead for your future: the dance shows, the toddler beauty shows - mother versus mother battles over which of their little 5-10 year old girls are ----- SEXIEST(!)," already letting these little girls know their only value is their appeasing men with their sexuality and their future is a life of subordination to those men, including those men who run this patriarchy.

If White men could adequately figure out a sure fire way to create baby boys without you, well, it would be "A Handmaiden's Tale," but for real. And you, at best, would be nothing more than another throwaway in a sex house, to be abused at the whims of any White man.

THAT is part of what is privately discussed by anthropologists (the major with the most wide-ranging career choices, particularly after the Masters Degree level is ----- anthropology). Not only discussed, but is quietly a point of interdisciplinary anthropological research.

With that said, it's always sad to see a White woman run to the aid of her oppressors, and seek too protect the patriarchal oligarch authoritarian men who have ONLY come to power through violence, terrorism - be it biological (remember, smallpox on blankets as "trade items" for Native Americans?!), or psychological, and more of the same. NOT ONE culture touched by Western Culture has been able to completely maintain itself without, in some way, taking the form of the West... it's much like cancer. And no wonder, publicly, there is no, "cure" for cancer ---- or the disease called Western Culture.

You see, Carol Parks, if that's your real name, it also isn't just us, Black people. Hispanic people HATE us just like White people. And have been subjugated to the point they call themselves Latinos, Latinas, Hispanics, in brow-beaten honor to the men who beat and killed and raped and maimed their descendants. They hate themselves so much they are the only culture more socio-culturally conservative than, White, Western culture.

Is THAT what you ascribe to, Ms. Parks? Is that what you seek to align yourself with - ally yourself to?! Are you really just a subjugated little girl needing to be cared for by a White Jesus that never was, by White "good ol' days" that never were, and by the promise of love from men who, if the price was right, would turn on you in a heartbeat (of course, not EVERY White man, but enough to be a vast majority). 

Is that you? If so, who you are and your aims have been laid bare; you are nothing but a pale-faced house slave serving your master. But the difference between you and us is, you don't even know it.

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"At the end of the day..." is the key phrase here. And likely the phrase the author, to this moment, has never taken the time to, not just contemplate, but contextualize. Because the author interviewed a candidate after a grueling day of "minding her Ps and Qs," the chance for Ms. Warren to err in speaking was heightened.

Now, a reporter with scruples is ever-aware of context and in this case, given the contextual vagaries of the moment, SHOULD have asked Ms. Warren if that was what she really wanted to say. Instead, in yet another self-serving reporter moment, the author decided this was a "warts and all" moment. Brilliant. 

I'm a journalist and have done the yeoman work that sometimes is reporting - and I hate reporters, too.

Two more items: did you purposely confuse "historical" with historic and, why does speaking in front of 20k people preclude a moment from being historic???

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@sir boxington So that's why Fuzzy Zoeller made his Masters dinner infamous "fried chicken" remark - it was due to Tiger's Asian heritage. I'll remember that joke!

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Hmmm, so I forgot a period at the end of the first paragraph and in the process of formatting the paragraphs weren't separated, and you stoop to the "punctuation" tactic?! How utterly White of you. 

Did that read okay for you?

1 year, 5 months ago on Tiger Woods camp threatens lawsuit against Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee

@sir boxington  2013  viewer call-in penalties, please??? Chamblee's discussions concern Tiger THIS YEAR in 2013 tourneys (remember Chamblee was hyper-critical of Tiger vis a vis Sergio - as if Woods could have somehow waved a magic 65 degree wedge and shut the crowd up as Sergio addressed his shot on the OPPOSITE side of the fairway rough; all Garcia had to do is do what EVERY golfer does when a camera clicks or the crowd suddenly becomes loud as they address their next shot - step back and begin the process of preparing again)
And as far as, "all the golfers are White, what's your point," well, you make my point for me. So, in this line of thinking, because all the golfers are White, save for Tiger and Vijay - wait, do I sense a pattern here with Chamblee??? - it's cool to be over-the-top callous when it comes to non-White golfers... as if all the White golfers are gentlemen of higher distinction and would never, ever make a mistake resulting in an after the fact penalty, or bend/break a rule, or seek relief for their ball unfairly, in the hope that an unwitting course steward might fall for the ploy?!... is that the gist, here - really????

1 year, 5 months ago on Tiger Woods camp threatens lawsuit against Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee


In addition to yet another refashioned offensive line, a seemingly annual occurrence in Foxboro, the rest of the answer is pretty simple: Tom Martinez is dead. Tom Brady now must do on his own what Martinez once did for him. There were hints of today's Brady as last season dwindled down to the run to the Super Bowl. 

I've always liked Brady, who should be considered as, perhaps the all-time best QB (please think before trotting out Montana - played with All-Pros and HOFers everywhere and didn't win anything when he went to KC, or Mr. Regular Seasons, Dan Peyton Marino Manning who won all of one SB between them with fantastic receivers - Rex Grossman, really! that shouldn't even count; name the other QB who started 5 SBs - exactly... and the one season Brady had a wideout you can readily remember, the Pats went 18-0 before the NYG DB mugging was suddenly reintroduced - it's a theme in big games involving the Pats, just ask Ed Reed - for Eli Manning & Crew, and even then it took Assante S. to allow an easy INT to go right through his hands and then break the Belichick DB Golden Rule of NEVER leaving your receiver when the QB scrambles, which resulted in D. Tyree's, One Shining Moment... which is the REAL reason Assante got jettisoned from the Pats the following offseason). However, I have always been afraid of what would happen to Brady if/when Martinez passed; it's akin to the Mike Tyson/Cus D'Amato relationship (IN the ring).

1 year, 5 months ago on 2013 NFL Scouting: What's Wrong with Tom Brady?


Agree with @heidijoy. I have seen other golfers appear to cheat - all White, of course - and watched while NO ONE called the tourney desk or golf Channel or whatever to tell the world what they saw. The ONLY golfer in 2013 to have this occur is Woods. Brumble Chumplee, a PGA player who yipped his way to commentator status, needs to rethink his outlook on Woods - and especially his outlook on Tiger's skin pigment.

1 year, 5 months ago on Tiger Woods camp threatens lawsuit against Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee


@EdwardVoll@dkwilsonisland If the owners wanted to send the fans the message that Black players are okay, fans would follow... "Propaganda is the way elites communicate to the populace." (Noam Chomsky). Why do you think conservative voters, particularly Tea Party members, advocate for corporations and the CEOs who run them when that is completely against their interests? And since I'm not perceived as an "expert" (thought I play one when I write commentaries - lol) here's a great documentary that will explain exactly my premises: Hope you enjoy it (not being facetious).

3 years, 1 month ago on Complications and Liberations from Race


When you make a statement like this, The BAA (and now NBA) owners were deathly afraid of using too many black players, figuring it would alienate fans and lead to the financial ruin of the league," you ruin the entire premise of your article. Owners, i.e. those in positions of power over the general populace, control the message they want to convey to the public, not the other way around. If the owners weren't racists themselves and wanted Black players, nothing would have stopped them from doing so - and certainly not the alleged sentiment of fans.

And the fact that "owners," "the elite," and "those in power" control totally the the overwhelming majority of the populace - wants, hopes and fears, and various ideological stances - is as true today as it was in the 1940s. Otherwise, no one would dare attempt to make such a fallacious and racially dismissive assessment of the relationship between the BAA owners and the fans who lined their wallets.

3 years, 1 month ago on Complications and Liberations from Race