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In December we're thinking of taking the Coast Starlight from Salem to SF. After stopping a few days, on to LA, staying overnight because of the late arrival. Next day on to Disneyland to enjoy the Christmas festivities. On our return, we might stop over in Santa Barbara, before arriving back in Salem.

Last Spring we took the Coast Starlight from Salem-LA, then Sunset Limited to Houston. On our return, we boarded the Texas Eagle, stopped off in St Louis, continued on to Chicago and then Empire Builder from Chicago-Seattle, with the final segment being the Amtrak Cascades.

In the Fall, our travels took us to PA & NYC, riding Amtrak Cascades, the Empire Builder, Capitol Limited, Pennsylvanian, & Keystone Service. When we have enough points accrued with our Amtrak Chase card, we travel in a sleeper, which is especially comfortable on the long routes.

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