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I believe that what the Japanese pay is a pittance compared to what the signing bonus would likely be.

The 3 year ban is nothing compared to the potential gain in increased pay if he signed with a MLB team.

The insanity of paying a team millions to let him go and the player is given NOTHING for it is immoral,

especially if he is not under contract.  You would have the Japanese teams paying to get this kid for the

sole purpose of getting the transfer fee down the road.


As long as this kid is not represented by Scott Boras, I'd think he would be worth a gamble on.

They might be able to "draft" him against his will or some such, but I don't think that they can do that

if he does not "declare" to do so.  Now whether or not he could later somehow get signed by a major

league team is an interesting question.  Perhaps if he were to get a scholarship to a state side school

some of this wierdness could go away?

1 year, 11 months ago on Report: Dodgers Interested in Japanese High Schooler Shohei Otani


With all due respect, you really need to take a second look at David Anderson.

While I will agree he is not a superstar, he is far above average. It's like blaming

Jeremy Lin for his getting released by those other teams before the Knicks; if you

don't make use of the player, you don't get the benefits of that player.

(Yes, that was a bigger mistake, David is never going to be Calvin Johnson)

You have a guy with just 1, one! career fumble.

You have a guy who averages 11 yards/carry.

You have a guy who gets along well with his team mates.

You don't see the big mouth, the drugs, or any of those issues with him.

Frankly speaking, he knows the system, has a great humble attitude, and

he is a very inexpensive insurance policy for the injuries every team suffers.

I believe if they expanded his role, you would be surprised at the results.

People tend to forget that in college Anderson was number one on the Colorado State Rams all time receiving lists for career yards (3,634) and career receptions (223).

2 years, 7 months ago on Previewing the 2012 Redskins: Offense, part 2