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I remember reading an article a while back about a single elimination tournament for the 8 seed (Top 7 locked in) by the bottom 8 teams in each conference. I thought that would certainly be exciting, but how they would work the draft lottery around that to prevent teams from tanking would be interesting.


I'd imagine the Bobcats wouldn't sacrifice a lottery pick for the opportunity to be swept in the first round. But it would be really exciting in my opinion, and most likely give a more interesting 1-8 matchup since the 8 seed would be coming in hot.

3 years ago on Trading playoff formats?


And for once, Glen Davis had a decent game (he still needs to quit with the deep jumpers, but he's getting better at putting the ball on the floor). It was interesting to see how well our bench did at times even with Dwight off the floor (Duhon and Redick were both +10). And that SVG stuck with them late in the fourth until Telfair and Brown started making some jumpshots.


Jason Richardson struggled yet again as well, although he did get 5 assists.

3 years ago on Recap: Orlando Magic 103, Phoenix Suns 93


I know the backup always looks better, but when Ish Smith and DeAndre Liggins came in late, their speed was apparent. Smith's abilities to penetrate to the basket really collapsed the defense. He really facilitated more than Duhon has all year.


Particularly against a team like Chicago that's more about size than speed with guys like korver and brewer playing the 2, I think Smith and Liggins can help this team with their speed and athleticism.

3 years ago on Recap: Chicago Bulls 85, Orlando Magic 59


I say go the free agency route in 2013. Granted this depends a lot on Dwight's feelings about that. Simply put, is he going to be Wade and convince others to come to ORL or is he going to be Lebron and leave. I think the difference is ORL will have the cap space like MIA had, but CLE didn't.

3 years, 1 month ago on 3-on-3 roundtable: The ramifications of “The Indecision”


I have been advocating for that rule change for years! In what sport is it ok to break the rules and gain an advantage? Especially in the most important part of the game!

As it currently stands, the only punishment for a team fouling on a shot is that player gaining a foul. Players don't foul out often, so that's not much of a punishment. Best case scenario, the player makes both free throws and gets what he should have had all along (2 points), but has to earn them at the line.

On intentional fouls late in games, how is it fair that a team like ORL (who makes a lot of threes) only get the opportunity for two points on their possession due to the other team breaking the rules?

I'm really surprised this is not brought up more often, simply because "that's the way it is" /rant

3 years, 2 months ago on Magic Basketball Weekly: Superman I vs. Superman II