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Hi Matt, Happy Belated New year to you too. Looks like you have a lot going on. Its understandable that you have to catch up on everything. But Its nice to see your progression and still able to manage your guild very well. And as far as you having your Matt-checkout pad as you say haha looks really cozy especially having that nice scenery overlooking from your balcony and good for you grats! Pizza still edible though hehe.

Anyway as far as podcasting you can always have your previous listeners of matticast to have you invited to speak as a guest in a lot of podcast around the community if needed. Year 2013 sure was full of ups and downs for me.. actually not just me personally but whole world. But im looking forward to read your topics this year and Good luck to the rest of your year of 2014.


1 year, 3 months ago on Happy Belated New Year!